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  1. Well I haven't actually really trophy hunted, so my opinion will probably be different if I ever start. That said the games I've played that are difficult (Wipeout HD, Dark Souls) I always feel like I'm improving in, so even if I still get my ass handed to me it's not frustrating. I never feel like unable to reach some goal if I continue to see improvement... skill plateaus are tough to push through, but I think I could get passed those easier than I could get through a really long grind. It's worth noting that I haven't played any truly tough games (SF4, NGS, etc) yet so that opinion could also easily change... I guess it depends how brutal the game/trophy requirements are. If Beat Zico involved beating 28 seconds... it's possible I would fully plateau before I got there. Oh and when I factor in luck I include trophies like Fort's jackpot, but also include the online ones where you have to get so many people together, etc. Fundamentally those are luck-based trophies too. Even if you organize it there's a good chance something will screw it up, and it will be totally unrelated to any player's skill. Basically it's a grind for something, and those always feel pointless, except there's no visible progression and if you get close (you almost set something up) it can be screwed up a lot easier than an item grind can. Quite painful...
  2. Top 5 is rough... Allegiance Final Fantasy Tactics Bioshock Demon's Souls Timesplitters: Future Perfect #1-3 are set in stone, but #4 and #5 would probably change from day to day. In a fair list they'd usually be FFVIII and FFX, but that's boring. Demon's Souls felt much more polished and immersive then Dark Souls did for me (I played Dark Souls first). Timesplitters: Future Perfect has the best offline multiplayer I've ever played and was a huge part of my highschool days. Speaking of the past, anything Isomniac or Naughty Dog produced prior to this gen is also a favourite. Spyro and Crash got me into gaming and I fell in love with J&D and R&C. I haven't played the new R&Cs yet so I can't judge them, but I doubt Isominac screwed the winning formula up more than Deadlocked did. Uncharted was honestly a bit of a let down, I'm hoping 2 and 3 are better. But yeah, a longer list and both companies would be well featured.
  3. Hell yeah 10.02%! Is % based on point total or factor DLC trophies differently? I have less than 10% of my possible trophies, but over 10% completion so something has to count for a bit more.
  4. Well, most difficult goes to the impossible ones of course. Glitched trophies and online ones for games that no longer have servers up. Barring those it's all down to time consumption. A trophy that takes 100 hours is harder than one that takes 30 hours is harder than one that takes 10 hours and so on. People often differentiate 'skill trophies' vs 'dedication trophies'... but really skill is just another form of dedication. Put enough time into the game and you'll eventually play it well enough to earn any specific trophy. If the average player can get good enough at a game faster than they can collect 1000 pieces of crap off the ground then it's more difficult to collect 1000 pieces of crap off the ground. Of course if you say a skill one is still fun, there's improvement, whatever where as grinding is just tedious and multiplayer just frustrating... then you're measuring difficulty as how long you have to play the game without enjoying it. That difficulty should never really exist since if you're not having fun earning the plat you shouldn't be going for it. Now most frustrating trophy, that's a different story altogether. Luck based ones take the cake for that because they usually involve repetition of short segments, no visible progress until x actually occurs and feel incredibly unrewarding when they do occur.
  5. The hardest trophy I have according to my profile is Beat Zico. But... I think the rarity with the WO:HD trophies is because so many people got it as a welcome back game and then didn't really play it. Second rarest I have is Zone Zeus which there isn't much to. The one that was the hardest to get for me was Pilot's Wings - Mid-air kill Got a mid-air kill using the Jet Pack in any multiplayer mode I'm not very good at fps so it was probably close to 20 minutes of play in a level with jetpacks before I got one midair kill. If you've played Killzone 3... you know how long 20 minutes of multiplayer is >.> Edit: All the RDR online ones are near impossible since the online is so dead, so if I manage to find anyone on that game then any trophy I get as a result will be the most difficult one. Man online DLC trophies are terrible.
  6. Yep, it's easy to misunderstand the timestamps on the time dependent ones. Filtering by date and seeing what started the clock is a good start, but if you don't know the game well it can still be tricky to tell. What you posted is a really interesting example actually. None of the 100%s for Crysis 2 look intentionally fast, so they all seem to be accidental. They're probably the players who played some online first, couldn't get into it, left the game on their shelves for months and then finally gave it another chance... and as a result of not playing it for so long, they got the fastest 100% times. Kind of ironic really I checked a few of the top times for Crysis 2 and each one had 'Dedicated' (6 months between first and most recent online match) as their first multiplayer trophy, which is to be expected of any clean sub-6 month clear. For future reference the general rules seem to be: Anything ingame - part of the game, part of the online, whatever - is okay. Ingame cheats are fine. Glitches are fine. All forms of boosting is fair game. The only things that count against you are earning the trophies without actually fulfilling the conditions. This includes using trophy hacks, messing with game saves, or using cfw trophy unlocking programs. I believe in spirit it might also include paying someone to get trophies for you, but that would be impossible to enforce.
  7. DLC should have separate trophy lists imo. That way if you get the plat for a game and DLC comes out later you don't lose your 100% or feel obligated to buy another pack. If you look at all the 'very rare', or 'ultra rare' trophies they are 95% DLC as well because such a small % of the original game's purchase base gets the DLC. If you have a separate list for DLC content (and treat it as a separate game), then these %s are actually based on how many people can get the trophy which makes a lot more sense than how many people own the original game. It'd be nice if something similar with mp trophies could be done because they eventually become unachievable, but that's probably less important and more difficult to implement than the DLC thing.
  8. Good addition Sly. For the people going mark-happy -> Some things to look out for: 1) Does one trophy supercede another? Comes up a lot with difficulty modes, very few games force you to play on each separate difficulty for each trophy. For this reason you can beat hard a few seconds before you beat normal or easy. That said, some games require you to unlock the highest difficulty by beating the second highest, or normal, or something. In that case if the hardest difficulty was beat first then cheating did occur... except if DLC or different versions of games allow you to start on that difficulty. Basically don't mark this stuff as impossible unless you know it's impossible. You're just wasting mods time othewise. 2) Is one trophy a subset of another? Much like Platinums themselves, some trophies are required to unlock other ones. If conditions w, x and y need to be complete for trophy z to pop, and a trophy for completing x exists then a player can get z a few seconds before x (because only the platinum always gets its ordering right). 3) Similarly if a trophy can be unlocked by the same event as another one than seeing both unlocked within seconds is not indicative of cheating. In WipEout HD you can get the trophies for completing the last grid, completing the campaign, completing the campaign on gold elite, unlocking all ship skins, and the platinum from the end of one race. It doesn't mean that the player cheated. 4) Is the game easy to avoid unlocking trophies for or fast to plat a second time? For people marking based on 'wow I couldn't get the plat in that time', please look at actual timestamps. Most 100% fast clears seem to be intentional, the player is probably replaying the game and could be getting boosting help (which for some reason seems okay here). If there's no actual problems with the timestamps, then there's no grounds for calling a player a hacker. Players can also avoid unlocking any trophies in some game while still getting close to a lot of the more time consuming ones. This allowing for a much faster 'first trophy to last trophy' times. Someone recently mentioned a game with a trophy for playing 100 hours. You could get the plat in less than 12 (even though intuitively that seems wrong) if the first trophy you got was the one for playing 100 hours. 5) Do certain glitches allow players to get trophies out of order or more quickly then should be possible? Glitch use doesn't seem to be considered hacking here either. If you're going to file a report look into what's possible first instead of making the mods do it for you. TL;DR: If you don't know a game inside out, you don't deserve to report about it. If there aren't any actual unexplainable contradictions in timestamps, there is no grounds for marking someone as a hacker. This is an excellent feature, please don't allow your ignorance to abuse it. The people who will care most about who has a plat are going to be the ones who know a lot about the plat or have already gotten the plat anyways. This feature isn't automated, don't treat it like it is. Mods are volunteers, they don't deserve poor descriptions or vague cases. I also think there should be a repeal feature, especially for established players who haven't shown any cheating previously. In those cases it's much more likely to be a misunderstanding than it is a legitimate offense. Edit: oh gawd the typos
  9. "Are you sure there's no way to check when someone first played a game or the trophy list was added. Doesn't psnprofile use information from Sony's official trophy pages... I thought that info was posted/feed'd?" All I'm really still wondering about. Thanks for the info so far.
  10. I don't really see it as wrong, I just wanted to know if it was against the rules... I planned to do a run like that myself, but I was just making sure it wouldn't come back to bite me. Are you sure there's no way to check when someone first played a game or the trophy list was added. Doesn't psnprofile use information from Sony's official trophy pages... I thought that info was posted/feed'd? Yeah this could be what happened. Unlike Demon's Souls where you get trophies for each boss, Dark Souls only gives you them for the 4 Great Lord carrying ones and the final boss (and maybe a secret one or two)... at any rate you can do a lot before unlocking anything in that game which explains why someone managed to get 100% in 7 hours... well it would except some of them seem to be physical impossibilities (player getting all prayers, magic and pyromancy before reaching Anor Londo, or discovering Dark Moon Covenant). Edit: Nevermind, a trophy pops just for reaching Lordran (finishing the tutorial) and they get all pyromancy before that... unless you can disable trophies I have no idea how this run was completed.
  11. I see some impossible plat/100% times here but was wondering if they are still considered legit. As far as I can tell the timer starts once you earn your first trophy, not when you first play the game (and when the trophy list is added). 1) Is that correct? 2) Is there any way you can check when someone first popped in the game? For an example of what I'm talking about look at Dark Souls. The fastest 100% time was achieved by getting really close on a lot of trophies, but waiting as long as possible before earning any. Is getting a fast clear time that way fair game? For those who don't care, don't post. Thanks in advance for the help.