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  1. I’m debating whether or not I should grind to level 55 in multiplayer. The problem is everybody I fight is pretty much max prestige or very good at this game lmao. Obviously it doesn’t play the exact same as MW2, but how the hell do I even get good at the multiplayer in this game? Just keep dying against sweats and tryhards? :/
  2. I just got the game yesterday and I was trying to figure out what’s the best way to tackle this grind. I’ve never platinumed a sports game before but I am familiar with the NBA 2K games. I’m just trying to figure out if I have enough time to grind to level 40 and Prestige before the season ends. Would it be better to complete MyTeam first and then MyCareer?
  3. I have platinumed GoW 2 and GoW 3, been working on this one, the 2018 game and the ‘05 one. Chains of Olympus seems very difficult on hard mode (at least for me) in comparison to the starting hard difficulties for GoW 2 and GoW 3. Plus, on this game you do not receive full health when you restart from the last checkpoint, unlike some of the other games. Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve been playing this game on PS5.
  4. Sounds fun. I’m in!
  5. I was going to try to play some online matches. Once I connected, I noticed that the leaderboards were up and running. They’re still up right now. The trophy for playing 200 matches immediately popped up for me. That’s a part of the grind done, thankfully.
  6. Did you win 16 sets or 16 individual matches? I’ve tried to grind this trophy for hours since I’m terrible at PvP. I won 10 individual matches, but the trophy didn’t appear yet. If it’s 10 sets, then that’s brutal. I’ve been running into spammers nonstop.
  7. I completed the Discovery event at night then won a heat 5 race. I went back to the garage, but the trophies didn’t pop. Are they glitched? I unlocked ultimate+ parts, but no trophies. I was playing online and on medium difficulty.
  8. Does the cheat still work? Sith Master is a pain. :/ Edit: Yes, it still works.
  9. I’m gonna go ahead and add these to my list then: 9. God of War (2018) - 8% 10. Horizon: Zero Dawn - 0% 11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 0% 12. Astro’s Playroom - 0% Gotta make sure I have enough games to choose from smh.
  10. Guess I’ll post my lineup. 1. Crysis 3 - 1% 2. Crysis 2 Remastered - 28% 3. Detroit: Become Human - 10% 4. God of War (2005) - 48% 5. Batman: Arkham Asylum - 21% 6. FIFA 22 - 0% 7. Tomb Raider: Underworld - 1% 8. Resident Evil 0 - 3%
  11. Do the games have to be in my trophy list by the time the challenge starts, or am I able to pick up a game I own but haven’t played yet?
  12. Oh okay, thanks!
  13. I’m not sure if this has been asked here before, but to receive the Immortal Fame medal, would I have to complete the entire campaign (Veteran + no deaths/no checkpoints) in one sitting, or am I able to quit the game after completing a mission and then resume the campaign later on?
  14. I died so many times in this game, especially in Persephone’s temple. There were so many enemy encounters and very few chances to fully replenish health and magic, as restarting from checkpoints doesn’t give players that liberty in this game. :/ I enjoy the game though, but it seems way harder than some of the other GoW titles when played on the similar hard difficulties. I agree. I can’t even remember the amount of times I had to fight through waves of enemies only to survive an encounter with next to no health only to enter another room and fight more waves of enemies. The PSP ones are definitely harder than the console games.
  15. That does make sense. I’ve learned the hard way that parrying is incredibly crucial in this game, probably even more than in the other games. I do appreciate your advice! I love a good God of War game and this one has been nothing short of challenging to say the least.
  16. I’m trying to decide if I should go ahead and get those online trophies out the way just in case, as the game has been sitting on my shelf for months and I haven’t played it yet. I’m already working on NFS Heat though. :/