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  1. Yea man, everything I said was about PS4 version.
  2. Just came to this thread to see if it's just me or the game is broken. I guess it's not me. "At times", he said. Oh friend, it's not at times, it's almost every goddamn time. You select an object with RS, you press X or R1 to interact, you see some indication that the interaction is supposed to happen but nothing happens, and you have not only to press the button again but to choose an object as well. So annoying. Hope they will fix this very soon. Or maybe I misunderstood your "dropped inputs", but anyway this is the problem I have. And FPS on PS4 isn't satisfying. The way the game looks, it just doesn't have right to run under 60fps.
  3. So I expect somebody to share an opinion about the game. The trailer looks awesome, but is actually fun to play? Does the game stand out somehow, or is it yet another walking sim with nothing remarkable within?
  4. Well, if you are still thinking about buying it, this is my thoughts. I am also not that great at online stuff and I'm not a big fan of it either, but I got this game two months ago and have been playing it almost nonstop. I know people who says "I don't like multiplayer games" and still they put hundreds of hours into Hunt. I became obsessed. I watch a lot of western movies, videos about guns of that era and I'm dreaming of having a good old Winchester 1873. That's what this game did to me. The best video you can watch about Hunt to decide if you wanna try it or not is from Skill Up and it's called "You have never played a game like Hunt, but you really, really should". This is so on point! Hunt is the most unique game I've ever experienced. And the platinum is just a matter of time. If you like the game, it will pop eventually.
  5. If you've managed to get to the last stairs then the hardest part is behind. Last gap is very easy if you use wallride instead of trying to ollie the whole set. So don't grind before stairs, do manual instead.
  6. Guys, see the description in this video. It can help you land that gap.
  7. Also, listen to what the protagonist says in the begining of the run. If he says that he feels some of his friends is near that means there is Righteous soul on the first level and there is a high possibility to find also a blue one. If he says overwise I immediately start new run.
  8. I don't know why LegendaryPound69 says 100 souls. Maybe it's because Righteous Souls don't count? Because I killed 53 souls (three of which were Righteous needed for the ending) and got the trothy. So I was counting souls and when there was 50 and no trophy I remembered that there were three Righteous, so then after three more kills of Blue Souls the trophy popped. That's how it worked for me. And RuancarloSilva, I didn't even bother to go to the portal, I killed soul, outlaw, waited for saving skull logo at the bottom right corner, pause, main menu, new run. It worked fine.
  9. There was a trophy in Rocket League required to travel 500 km. And then they reduced the amount to 50. Pretty much the same situation.
  10. Weird. Maybe NA version IS glitched.
  11. The thing is that blue souls doesn't count for the trophie since they are Righteous Souls, not Lost Souls. So you can never have 2 Lost souls in the first level. Also maybe this is why you couldn/t get the trophie in NA version.