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  1. So there are a few trophies that glitch while playing online. I was doing a 4v4 Elimination match and at the end unlocked the trophy for completing story on normal.. at the time of this post I've only beaten chapter 1 lol. I've heard from others that they got higher difficulty trophies in a similar fashion. Hopefully this gets patched, I'd like to actually earn the trophies rather than glitch my way to the platinum.
  2. Awesome news! I look forward to the costumes! Also @Gokai Yellow, you can get it on the PSN store. Just search for Final Fantasy XV and you should be able to find it, or just go to the game's page and it should be there too. Its the one with a picture of Gladio, Prompto and Ignis.
  3. I got this. There was no hardcover art book. Only a flimsy soft cover one. It wasn't nearly that big either. But it doesn't matter. It came with everything else listed. You can actually still buy the day one edition online if you want.
  4. I like the look of it. Searching is stupid now though. I feel like it takes longer to search for something.
  5. One Piece Pirate Warriors Bleach Soul Ressurecion Infamous 2
  6. I have 15. I only game with 3 or 4 of em' though. The others are people who I met playing BlazBlue or met over on DissidiaForums. If anyone has One Piece Pirate Warriors (EU) feel free to add me since I need to get those coins.
  7. Damn. The US gets King of Fighters XIII for PSN+! EU doesn't.
  8. I would like a code for my friend please. If possible of course.