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  1. idk if it got asked somewhere before so i drop it here ... if i buy the physical version of borderlands 3 ultimate edition for ps5 are the dlcs downloadable for the ps4 version aswell? since im missing the season pass 2 on the ps4 game
  2. i thought so would be too good to be true so i will sit now on a uncomplete 91% trophy stack forever because of rng sad
  3. sooo i had a rant talk with the support about im one of the unlucky ones the legendary pattern did not show up in shop since months and he answered me this " Your achievement progress will follow you over to the new launcher and the old launcher and list will be retired so you should just be left with the one list." am i correct that the fallguys OG trophy list will ge gone from our playstation profile and there will be only the new one? havnt saw someone mention this before
  4. Demons Souls PS5 7/10 will get it tomorrow have work now
  5. share play on ps5 works also played a few lvls with my friend yesterday who dont even has the game
  6. is there any way to finish a royal rumble match without glitching out of the ring and loose? happend 5 times in a row now not even 2k20 didnt had those game breaking bugs
  7. thanks alot that should help
  8. hey is there a complete list of all rooms items receipes hidden chests etc somewhere on the internet? cant find any after looking for awhile for dqb1
  9. they are not xbox exclusive i preordered from amazon for ps4 and the preorder bonus says germa early unlock + 2 costumes
  10. sooo i have the game laying arround here ... should i start before the ingame shop closes or just leave the game alone? im not confident at all they will fix a broken game they make 0 money with
  11. sitting on borderlands pre sequel ps3 atm. after this i play dragonball Z kakarot ps4 and starting Battleborn ( if the servers wont be shitty again )
  12. nevermind found it theres a baloon on laws sky island
  13. yea hello everyone as the title name says i cant find the 2 law challenges there is one on the map which say go to the sky island... but neither on luffys or laws sky island is the guy i need to go to. i finished the story and are back on chapter 5 now since theres absoloutly NO video on youtube showing someone doing those challenges i may ask here thanks for your help
  14. so since borderlands goty is free to play this weekend on ps4 have they fixed the underdome crash yet?