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  1. they are not xbox exclusive i preordered from amazon for ps4 and the preorder bonus says germa early unlock + 2 costumes
  2. sooo i have the game laying arround here ... should i start before the ingame shop closes or just leave the game alone? im not confident at all they will fix a broken game they make 0 money with
  3. sitting on borderlands pre sequel ps3 atm. after this i play dragonball Z kakarot ps4 and starting Battleborn ( if the servers wont be shitty again )
  4. nevermind found it theres a baloon on laws sky island
  5. yea hello everyone as the title name says i cant find the 2 law challenges there is one on the map which say go to the sky island... but neither on luffys or laws sky island is the guy i need to go to. i finished the story and are back on chapter 5 now since theres absoloutly NO video on youtube showing someone doing those challenges i may ask here thanks for your help
  6. so since borderlands goty is free to play this weekend on ps4 have they fixed the underdome crash yet?