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  1. It’s unfortunate, cause I really enjoy this game. I’m going to try to play it offline at a later time to see if that works. Near the end of the game seems to just fall apart, stops recording progress, and you can see through walls, gets unplayable to we’re the player can not make any progress to proceed forward everything stops working. Have been waiting close to a year for a topic to be made about this, so I decided too. Be nice to get it fixed but thats not going to happen. Still worth playing it’s fun and just enjoyable but no ending as of yet. Just because you can’t get a solid 100% complete by any means don’t let that make you turn away because there’s still trophys to be earned! It didn’t stop old happy from having a swell time 😀 but I know some players seem to like to run a tidy ship and just get a 100% or it’s a no GO! This is a friendly heads up topic for all.
  2. Killzone series is what started an interest in getting challenge’s/trophys. My very first platinum came from Killzone 2, and it was that very first online game I played and when them servers closed I was still ranked top 15 all time and I retired years before they shutdown . That was many years ago….now there is no more KZ on any online platform, it’s all shut down. The killzone series opened my mind to play other games and spark interest to other paths. Thank you for all the memories that I will always have and still reminisce with old friends and clan mates from KING & HAT£. Rest in piece old friend 🥲
  3. Not into ranking up on the forums with chat status LOL

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      I use this site for game/trophy info and this is a good site for no cheaters. Not talking so I get member status as warlord or some vet of talk award on the forums..... I like this site two thumbs up from old happy :D