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  1. Got my log 9 yesterday after maybe a dozen runs, but I would not skip because of lockdown room, you can easily kill everything with sword in biome 1.
  2. Are you online? Also check media gallery and see if there is an image and video of you getting the trophy, if yes, the trophy will eventually show up in your list.
  3. Can anyone confirm that log 9 is always behind open blue doors room so I don't need to grab key each run? Nvm, I found log 9 the very next run, took only like 30 minutes and it was behind open doors, plat is mine
  4. My friend got log 9 on his first run after killing the final boss for the first time. So I guess there's no trick to this only rng.
  5. Will test this today, also missing log 9.
  6. I got the trophy on a new save, thx for the help.
  7. I'm not sure but I think I sold large amount of very valuable material at once, and went from 900k to above 1.3kk. I will make sure that next time I will unlock every milestone step by step.
  8. So today I unlocked The Diamond Age and after checking my trophy list I realised that The Space Merchants never unlocked. Did I locked myself out of platinum or will attaining 1kk units on new character unlocked the trophy?
  9. Rise of The Tomb Raider (125 trophies 😲)
  10. It's always some monster that is giving me trouble, pure RNG have nothing to do with your research level. This week got 7/8 crown within an hour and another 10-15+ hours for large crown Legiana
  11. OMG i hate RNG in this game, worst game ever. Got every crown within 1 hour in this weeks event except large Legiana, and after 5 hours still missing it. This also happend in first and second event, killed 50 giant jargas before getting small crown and 40 rathians for large crown.
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was pure coincidence, remaining 9 Elder Dragons crowns came from normal investigations.
  13. Got one Vall crown from normal and one from tempered, i'm not sure if I got large from normal or tempered but i think it was from tempered.
  14. Large Nerg was the worst for me, it was 8-10 hours of only measuring his size, fought him maybe 5 times. Finally after really struggling with every Elder Dragon I got both Kirin crowns in 90 minutes. I'm done with measuring monsters for a while, gonna wait for events and finally play the game again
  15. Has anyone ever got gold crown from bronze, silver or bronze/silver only investigations?