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  1. Nice job on the questions @Dreggitand also on the answers too, @Stardroid. This made for an interesting read this afternoon. Good stuff.
  2. I understand your anxiety. I have 2 games right now that were from the PS3 actively on my recent list. I have both of them on physical copies and when I started these games...they were on PSNow. Both of them are pinging off the original trophy lists. Game 1: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Game 2: Wheel of Fortune. See my list as total proof.
  3. Terraria for sure.
  4. It will eventually be entirely possible. It might be 10 years down the line..but definitely. So much so that when A.i. gets developed enough...the A.i. system will be able to emulate all old systems using nearly zero saved space because it will all three: write the preferred system for every individual use nearly instantaneously, write the game in question essentially as you're playing it and also be able to translate your information instantaneously to storage systems and trophy ping systems. This is the part of A.i. that I'm actually really excited about.
  5. Actually, I'm 99.9 percent certain I saw your list on PlatinumBro's reviews. You're right on the money from what I know about those games (I have a ton of indies and arcades on deck myself after I'm done cleaning up my list and getting things respectable)'ve got some serious bangers on there.
  6. I think you should start a Youtube series called "road to 80 percent" with your old account and go back in and slay some old games. You could do videos on your progress and review a ton of titles while you're at it. A lot of people are in the same boat. You could be their huckleberry and inspiration to get back up on the horse and ride one out to victory.
  7. The developers are really starting to be immensely effected by the virus known as the "corporation". I completely view the entity of corporations as a means in which to suck the meaning out of anything. These groups aim to be as accessible as they can in order to maximize profit. In order to do that...they have to take the quality away from everything they touch. If they don''s not affordable to everybody. It's the same thing as difficulty in trophies. If everybody can't achieve's therefor not maximizing profit. God forbid someone comes to the realization that they have some work to do in order to achieve something. It's a wrecking ball for standards. The easy trophies are undermining the core idea of an accomplishment. The notion of the trophy in general is going to go away directly because of this. It's meaningless shell will still be in tact...but it's actual meaning will be killed off. There's nowhere else for it to go in this kind of climate. The corporations goal is to reward mediocrity over and over...because that is the most profitable consumer type in an entertainment industry. Corporations are in two types of business: 1. Manufacturing and selling a product, products or service. 2. Shaping the perception of the consumer in order to create the most profitable climate for their sales. They have a built in need to actively antagonize and undermine standards in the individual. A skilled and knowledgeable society is a death sentence for todays corporations focusing on the widest markets possible and planned obsolescence. Let's be real for a minute...nobody who has been trophy hunting for any length of time is impressed in anyway by a profile that has 500 platinums and most all of them are stacks of 5 minute games outside of the dedication that it takes to build those numbers. There IS something to be said about that aspect. There are some exceptions of truly skilled stacked lists...but they are few and far between. The only people impressed by that number are flat out people who don't know any better and are borrowing from the old definition of platinum trophies being "hard" to achieve. That's it. That's the straight up truth. Personally, I don't care if someone decides to elevate their stats by ez plats. Have at it and I hope you are having a blast doing it. For real. I've also been gaming since 1985 and pretty hard on and off since 1987 on consoles and P.C pending on my career demands. In my gaming today...I require there to be a very hard challenge and goals in a game. It's straight up to keep my interest. I've pretty much played most of the "huge" console titles in all of console history...and most of them pretty close to day/year 1. It takes a buttload for me to turn my head or even blink after that much controller time. Trophies for me are also a way to document what I've done. I also love what these developers have done, do today and what they're capable of doing...and trophies for me are a way to explore a game in ways I probably wouldn't normally have done. My normal stance is "use what works"...and these trophies take me outside of that comfort zone which is great and expands my skill sets a lot. There is one thing I can say though...if you decide to go after the easy platinums and reward the market for doing so exclusively...that is what you are going to get...and you will eventually be completely killing off any actual meaning of a trophy and undermining your own lists....rendering your entire trophy hunting experience a devalued waste of time especially when they start hooking monkeys up to cybernetic brain implants and they start passing you in numbers when they're doing full stacks of My Name is Mayo 1 through 45 in the future. (See Elon Musks latest chimpanzee demo if you think this is hyperbole).
  8. I had to kill a LOT of deer in order for this to pop even with lock ons and the visual ability. Not that big of a deal though. Girlfriend even walks in and asks "'s my Bambi slayer doing?" That's how long it took to register 15.
  9. I like you.
  10. Beautiful example of what you're saying. Really. The sound, lyrics and also the feel really grabs at what you're saying. 43 years isn't a feeling of jealousy for the young cats. It's more of a sorrow that what I believed at that age with all my energy and heart wasn't reality. It's about me wanting that disillusionment taken back entirely...and for life to be as altruistic and fair as my young heart envisioned. I don't want to be in their shoes....I want their shoes to be reality.
  11. First, I commend these young entrepreneurs for understanding a market that was not exactly obvious. Secondly, the people buying this service need to be monitored by the strongest we can offer in terms of mental health.
  12. Bert Kriescher has one of the most interesting stories of all time. I know that's a platitude...but if you haven't heard his Russian Mafia "The Machine" really cant understand Bert Kreischer or humanity in general.
  14. I laughed way harder at this part than I should have given the nature of the discussion. Sorry, I'll turn my adult back on now.