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  1. I like you.
  2. Beautiful example of what you're saying. Really. The sound, lyrics and also the feel really grabs at what you're saying. 43 years isn't a feeling of jealousy for the young cats. It's more of a sorrow that what I believed at that age with all my energy and heart wasn't reality. It's about me wanting that disillusionment taken back entirely...and for life to be as altruistic and fair as my young heart envisioned. I don't want to be in their shoes....I want their shoes to be reality.
  3. First, I commend these young entrepreneurs for understanding a market that was not exactly obvious. Secondly, the people buying this service need to be monitored by the strongest we can offer in terms of mental health.
  4. Bert Kriescher has one of the most interesting stories of all time. I know that's a platitude...but if you haven't heard his Russian Mafia "The Machine" really cant understand Bert Kreischer or humanity in general.
  6. I laughed way harder at this part than I should have given the nature of the discussion. Sorry, I'll turn my adult back on now.
  7. I get what you're saying. Difficulty ratings on a primarily trophy hunting website should be mostly related to the difficulty in obtaining the Platinum. However, I see value in having two categories for difficulty. A general trophy difficulty rating and a Platinum trophy difficulty rating. That way the user could easily infer when they see a general rating of 5/10 but a Platinum rating of 9/10...that there are one or two trophies that require a ton of extra work and may help the person on the fence at least give it a shot. I think the overall rating should remain with the Platinum...because that is the main reason most people start hunting in the first place and come here to formulate what they're going to play next on their own lists, get ideas for new and challenging games to play, reflect on their progress and have something to show friends. A difficulty rating is a very hard thing to come up with accurately. First, each game usually has a difficulty setting inside the game itself...which vastly changes the gameplay experience in a ton of games. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an excellent example of this as hard mode is nearly a completely different game altogether than the easier runs. Also, Mein Leben is also really a sliding difficulty pending how much time the player has invested in the FPS genre...especially concerning high level competitive play. If I were to have written the guide...I would have put the ML trophy at an 8 or 9...not a 10. But the thing you don't know is that I have over 5,000 private competitive matches played in Halo in 4v4 vs. other 4v4 competitive teams, another 5,000 matches online at max lvl 50 in Hardcore/Arena, Team Slayer and Doubles along with placing top 50 in a season of Game Battles on a 4v4 team that was just doing it for fun. My rating would not be a fair representation to the general hunter or even the experienced hunter that just usually stays away from or occasionally flirts with FPS. The same thing is happening with me right now with Super Meat Boy. I haven't played a proper platformer in 30 years...and that game is listed as a "9" in difficulty. It feels more like 12/10 for me right now because I'm back on the learning curve. It wont feel that way in a month...but the Platformer freaks out there probably think the game is more like a 7 or an 8.
  8. Black Ops 3 and Wolfenstein 2 would like a word with you.
  9. Very interesting post and topic. Yeah, nav systems in games pull me out of the immersion unless they're a central mechanic. (I.E. the only example I can think of at the moment is the Alien Isolation style mechanic) I've been noticing this getting progressively worse. In order to combat it...I straight up set the difficulties as high as they go right off the bat. It literally forces me to pay attention to everything going on. It's a good counter weight to the "look for dot on mini map..go to dot" thing. It's more of a "good luck getting to dot unless you pay attention" kind of thing. This opens up a whole other discussion about technology in general. Technology has a dark side. You can see it in the "spell check" phenomena as well as navigation. The spell check phenomena is where someone actually gets worse at spelling if they have spell check at their disposal. The brain tends to always look for the most efficient way to do something...and this can actually work against us if we do not understand the source of the utility. When it comes to navigation...this can lead to someone living in an environment for several years and they will not become accustomed to landmarks because they are following the directions to everywhere on a phone. Especially in major metropolitan areas. The brains memory centers will literally atrophy because something is replacing it's survival need to recognize it's environment. This is a huge reason why I actively teach my 8 year old traditional methods of navigation. He knows there are three Norths (Magnetic, Map and True)...he knows how to adjust for magnetic declination whether on the East Coast or West Coast...and most importantly...he knows navigation by landmarks and the United States Highway system. Even numbers run East to West. Odd numbers run North to South...and he understands the localized county road system and highway system and can tell us how to get where we're going just by reading the numbers on the signs. This is a very important topic of conversation that extends well past gaming...but is there as well. Great post.
  10. The trophies you get there are the same as what was released on the PS3 except in very, very rare cases. If you look at my trophy list...your proof is the first Uncharted (Not the remaster) that I played with the PSNow but didn't come anywhere near finishing...and now I'm using a hard copy and a PS3 to clean up my old games that I never cleaned up when I switched to PS4 exclusively and used PSNow to get a feel for the system after XBox completely s*** the bed with XBoxOne. It's not creating a new, separate list.
  11. I would say it's only worth it if you aren't too married to the idea. I'm in the process of really getting my percentages up. Close to the beginning of the year I was at a whopping 47 percent. Now with a little work...I'm sitting at 63 with a goal of 85 by the end of the year. Two things: 1. 100 percents cost more in DLC money. 2. A lot of the profiles I've seen at 100 percent seem to dodge tougher games that are also really good. I'd say if you can do it and not become a headcase...go for it....but I'd focus on having a good time first.
  12. Cool. I'm not trying to be perceived as undermining guide makers at all with all the different aspects they have to deal with...not just a segment of all hard boss fights. That's where I'm coming from....and I've been around the block enough times to understand that's exactly how stupid sh** on the internet starts.
  13. Sweet!! I have not checked any of your guides...any of the guides I checked were after I went through the game (After every Plat I try and go back to the games threads and post something among other places like Youtube. For instance I just Platted CoD Bo3 and dropped a post about how to cut down upgrading time and getting camos for all weapons in the campaign by 2/3rds with a great farming location) and the guides I was referencing were the video guides on Youtube in terms of FF7. There's often a ton of people in the Youtube comments that still need help when the people doing the guides were basically just "white knuckling" it in order to post vids first. I'll check yours out for sure. Super cool.
  14. See my response to "me is caveman". There's your answer.