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  1. Is fond of some of that whip action too
  2. Knows that metal is the answer. To hell with the questions
  3. Now knows that daddy is home.
  4. Fluffy wish yo a nice evening before tommorow mister nasty ^.^

  5. Slayer? Sugar I am too old for Slayer. I seen them live in 1989 and 92 as far as I recall and they had a good ten years on me so they have got to be old men too. Well apart from Jeff Hanneman who is now ageless. If anyone is getting on their knees in this relationship Mark, its you. Now take a deep breath...............
  6. I love f***ing stoners. Stick on the best of the Doors and you can do what you want to them. Isnt that right Marky Mark?
  7. Just thought it was another of those daft American team names - Clippers, Buccanneers, Felchers, Nicks, Heat, etc etc What they actually do is of no consequence to me. Is it true you like fried egg sandwiches?
  8. Has found out my true calling in life. (I didnt even know the Nicks were a basket ball team.....)
  9. Encourages swift subject changes due to fondness for the Nicks....
  10. "....I give you this ring.... I give you this gold & silver...tokens of all I possess" sounds like a business transaction to me....
  11. Unfortunately the triangles are spaced out now so the bars weigh less but cost the same. I knew you were fond of Switzerland as you seem to keep 2 Alps with you at all times. Some one with snow capped peaks?
  12. Arn't they all?
  13. Cant talk as busy eating?
  14. Always valid. and fond of swiss chocolate I see. Someone who isnt happy with the new toblerone bars?
  15. Thats my girl