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  1. Ray-Tracing performance fixed in consoles, that's also nice. I tried when the next-gen patch was released and RT was an absolute fps killer. It's a very nice news to see that also they fix the Axii puppet thing, it will make the trophy much easier from now on for the people who still need it. The only thing I don't see any mention is the sound bug of the Grandmaster Feline set. I suppose that is never going to be fixed.
  2. I think it always worked like shit. I have lots of games that I played 60-70-80hrs and the tracker says 10. O even the same game split in 2 tracking 2hrs and 30hrs... things like that.
  3. Yep, exactly like that. In fact is almost mandatory to do that in the Risen saga, because in none of them there is 2k monsters in a single run, so you will have to do it in this way.
  4. Seems the same that the rest of the saga. They still keep the uber-grinding "kill 2k monsters" trophy. But I suppose that save-scum will work, as R2 and R3.
  5. I played the last 2 PB titles (Elex and Elex 2) and they were good, with the exception that they keep the same outdated melee combat system. I only hope that, if the remake finally happens, they really improve that and keep the rest the same. It would be a nice point to play such nostalgic saga again.
  6. I read months ago that PB is working in a Gothic Remake, so is just a matter of time. This Risen just seems like a port.
  7. I romanced Yen twice many years ago in PC and a few weeks ago in newgen PS5 version and Triss is always in Kaer Morhen for me.
  8. I always was a PC gamer person, until 2018 that Red Dead Redemption 2 came out. I bought a PS4 pack that includes RDR2. A shame that RDR2 plat needs so much time in MP... is one of the "thorns" in my list.
  9. I'm playing this game right now and definitely, this one jumped to the top for me
  10. The Witcher 3: WIld Hunt - The King is Dead Welcome to 2023, Eredin.
  11. IMO I find the NG+ trophies anoying, unless they came in a separated list. I find them a very artificial way of increasing the length of a game.
  12. The games that I want to play the most (this ones goes day 1 yes or yes): Like a Dragon: Isshin Like a Dragon: Gaiden Final Fantasy 16 And there is a lot of other games that I want to play: Jedi Fallen Order Lies of P Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Persona 3 & 4 Risen 1 Wo Long Forspoken Sword and Fairy 7 (the physical version is going to be released this year) Hogwarts Legacy Black Myth And there is a lot more for sure, and another ones like DLCs, mostly interested in Horizon Burning Shores and Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. For sure, 2023 is going to be a sick year for videogames.
  13. Is not even close to be a souls-like... But I suppose that you can apply your own words to yourself. And chill out a little bit. Btw, if only difficulty sets the bar for the rarity of a platinum, I suppose that following your own logic, all Souls/BB/Sekiro/ER should be ultrarare... and none of them are. Ultrarare is a mere percentage, nothing else. Below 5% is, above 5% isn't.
  14. Under 15-20 hours, for an RPG, yes, it is short. Technomancer or Greedfall are games that ask around 40-50h for platinum. And the platinum is ultrarare because no one played it, not because it's difficult. There is a lot of ultrarare platinums that the reason for that is unpopularity, not difficulty.