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  1. Demon Souls (I just hope the Bluepoint Games rumor is true) Persona 3 & 4 (as the P3-4-5 director is now gone, I would be more hyped for remasters of his old games rather than a P6) Street Fighter. The whole saga. Because its canon is so messed up and convoluted, I'd be fine if they want to rebuild it from zero. Resident Evil 4 (in the works they say 😍) Parasite Eve. Because Aya Brea is 2nd best waifu. Chrono Trigger, as I couldn't play it back in the era Final Fantasy VI, same as CT Haunting Ground. Because Fiona Belli is best waifu (sorry Aya) FEAR. I'm fine with only the first of the trilogy. Swat 4. This game was awesome, addicting, and hard in a good way. Dead Space. I just want anything from this saga. A sequel. A remaster. A remake. Anything. Even a 2nd rail-shooter spinoff would be fine. Please, I'm that thirsty. Damn EA. Rule of Rose. I think this is the most improbable remake ever, on this list. Nier. Wait, this is sort of happening. Well, more like an enhanced port, but I'm fine with it. Suikoden 1+2 Shadow Hearts FF Tactics / Front Mission 3. Both great TRPGs from Square. Blade the Edge of Darkness (souls genre' spiritual granpa) Silent Hill (rumored to be happening with Sony Japan) Legend of Dragoon. Never played it and everyone who did say its awesome. Golden Axe. I just hope the guys that did SOR4 can get that license as well. System Shock. In the works, I think. There's a demo on Steam. Drakengard. Nier made me thirsty for more Yoko Taro, and couldn't play his ps2 games.
  2. While I love RPGs and farming/grinding (yeah believe it or not, some people actually enjoy it!) Cross Edge took most of my sanity. Its platinum required to do a helluva lot of combinations and farming with a really awful interface that made even harder to keep on with the whole process. PTSD trigger: Nowadays I don't have the patience for this kind of games any longer.
  3. You provide us with just a binary option of 0/1, when the array of what is considered cheating exceeds way more that range. If life was that easy, all of us would be prime ministers.
  4. I'd say online fighting games. The hit confirming patterns make the difference between regular players and real beasts.
  5. The combat is a bit weird, it has some nice touches though. Try to throw your enemies to the shops lol, is awesome breaking their glasses in the ruckus. While this game takes some risky decisions regarding gameplay, I've loved every moment of it.
  6. Nice! thanks for the info, Mat.
  7. We all here are SINNERS for having this thing in our profiles, you hear???? S I N N E R S !!!!!!! And I'm the main sinner here with both plats mouahahahahahahaaaaaaa moahahhahahahhah moahhahahaa *runs naked down the street laughing*
  8. Just wondering about three trophies related to collectables and maps, if they're missable or not 🤔 Winter Hunter All Hunt maps complete. 8.90% Very Rare Unless I'm wrong, I understand this is NOT missable, right? Gotta Find 'Em All Find all Artifacts. I'm not sure about this one... maybe some artifacts are in maps that you just do once? 11.24% Rare Ultimate Challenger! Complete all Challenges on all maps. This one is missable I guess? for example the introductory mission asks us 3 iron skulls, and you cannot redo it unless you begin anew. And that would be a challenge, rite? 6.54% Very Rare
  9. IIRC the game was mainly done by one person. While the graphics look almost from the atari era with a VGA palette, the game and its narrative are quite solid. On pc was an episodical game and the first chapters got me hooked, left it unfinished though. I'll wait for a sale, and buy it.
  10. Thanks for this, couldn't have had Sheltered's platinum otherwise.
  11. For the Shura boss, shadowrush is your BFF 😬 it went from "omg this guy is even harder than the saint" to "wait, already??" in minutes!
  12. Word. But I admit I had so many things now that could heal me, poor Genichiro couldn't be a big deal this time 😁 In the end I got the platinum! I got gud. ... and I cheesed a bit 👻😳 the umbrella can be uncannily awesome for last boss' final stages.
  13. Bown down you uneducated brutes, as you are in front of the great Ekir Darkmoon....'s trophy 😤
  14. I knew about that software some days ago (saw a guy bragging about cheating and having the platinum) but, is that huge of an issue? I thought they werent that many. So in the end is a lot of cheating and cheesing what explains this high of a percentage... damn 😥
  15. Like, for real. Platinum is now uncommon and an outstanding 35% got already 10 lapislazulis, so the rarity is going to drop even more. Meanwhile, that sasuke-wannabe Genichiro kicked my ass and I can still remember his breath on my neck. Oh, the feels. 30 times I felt his thrusts. Wait a minute, this is getting weird. Is this the land of the pros where the rivers flow with milk and honey? Lords, give me your skills. I want to git guder 😟