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  1. There was some blood effects in old sf2 editions, not just that... they even puked sometimes when you punched them in the gut!!! call me names but I'd love if they puked again hahaha loved it
  2. The leaked roster, with a better resolution:
  3. PS3 lover... with no PS3 left ._.

    1. Baranov_925


      So it's time to get into women :PxD 

    2. MidnightDragon


      Get another?

  4. My sslim died on 2020 ._. bought a used sslim after that and soon after its br reader broke as well ._. RIP those physical gaems I wish we could buy *new* consoles, sadly Sony stopped making them a long time ago
  5. NEVER forget that private companies are greedy bastards that only want your cash. They will only support your "cause" if they feel that's going to be supported by most of the population in order to get the big numbers. They are not your friends. I'm sure Aperture Science is with me in this regard!
  6. Yep, and the game doesnt work on a PSTV, sadly. There's a trophy where they ask you to use some goofy AR option so I get they didnt make it compatible, but besides that, the game is almost like the PS3 version. A really good port.
  7. Haven't started the game yet, but I think I'll play it in the end. Maybe this solution provided by xbox players can be used on ps4? https://www.trueachievements.com/a321427/promotion-achievement
  8. Umm I definitely want to play two games https://images.lukiegames.com/t_300e2/assets/images/PS2/ps2_mister_mosquito-110214.jpg and Vagrant Story!! that game BROKE me back in the day. I need to get my revenge some day.
  9. I think is a safe bet they will implement trophies for Sumeru, I wonder if with that they'll add trophies for Chasm/Enkanomiya too at the same time when they do it, iirc they added trophies for Dragonspine at the same time they added the trophies for Inazuma
  10. One of the developers said this on steam: I brought up your question on the Discord and the general consensus seems to be that the best way to achieve Mayhem is playing deathmatch where you can hoard marines longer before going into battle. Well, even so I haven't been lucky. GL for anyone trying, I'll finish the campaign and call it a day, the lack of guides for this game is real.
  11. Same here, Civilization 1 (miss that angry Gandhi lol) and Might & Magic IV & V in my case. Edutainment FTW!
  12. I want to play the game, but it gives me motion sickness too. A bit surprising because you barely have to move in its world.
  13. I did, two more times. Telltale's new style of narrative was still fresh when this game came out, so I wanted to see the 'other' paths. While I was not disappointed back then, as I was kind of hyped with the story, it became stale enough to make me play Telltale games the next years just once. And yeah, " The story is tailored by how you play", my ass.
  14. you're supposed to push two buttons that are close to each other with the thumb, yeah and being a caveman you're supposed to have big thumbs so there should be zero problems
  15. Two of my biggest nightmares: Cross Edge (aka XEdge) https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/588-cross-edge/24-the-hikikomori if you play JRPG games you know the deal: high end, farming, alchemy, etc. Hundreds of items to farm and create. I'd rather platinum Star Ocean International twice than do this tedium again, even if it takes way more hours. Mafia 2 https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/372-mafia-ii/42-card-sharp Find 189 wanted posters. The problem here is they are posted at such insipid and boring places that it makes you feel like an idiot, thinking wtf are you doing with your life every 10 or 20 posters as you go with your slow ass car from the sixties around the city, definitely the game makes you think about what you are doing with your free time and not in a good way.