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  1. It's fine just treat her well wait what's that thing you're talking about... scaling? underpowered? what are you talking about? wait, is this psnprofiles? wth? oh sheeeit time to plug off the router and run away again
  2. I felt exactly like that when I ended Sekiro. I was like... ๐Ÿ˜€ aw yeah!!!! ... ๐Ÿ˜Œ ... ๐Ÿ˜ hold on... but... but what now... for some reason, all the games I played the next year made me feel still void of ambition, I wasn't enjoying half of what I did with Sekiro. When a game connects with you is great but man, sometimes you really hate when it's over.
  3. Thinking in doing a guide about this game... it would be my first one.
  4. It was my first 'hardcore' console after being a pc player for 2 decades. With 'hardcore', I mean that I had ps1, psp and x360 before but, somehow, I played them quite casually, from time to time. But somehow I felt really masochistic. I prayed to the old and new gods. - oh gods pls gimme pain in vein. Hardest game evaer but at least AA budget looking, with a gameplay I can enjoy. - ... - pls gods - ask and will be given. Play demons souls. Ppl say it rox. Grab a ps3 u masterrace loser, pcs are for word and excel lol - wait aren't you the sony president...? shuhei yoshida: it doesn't matter besides you're a friggin' agnostic aren't you!!!! And so I played and played and the PS environment left my ass broke because I played too many games. But my old ps3 broke. And I bought a 2nd hand... and its lector broke. So now I can't play it's physical games. Why. Is this because I was a pc gamer?? Is this why life is punishing me?? I'd like a new one. A NEW one. Not another 2nd hand one that breaks because the guy that fixed it used chewed gum in order for it to resist a few hours more. Shuhei you damn b*stard I hate you. But demons souls, the original one, rox.
  5. Wow, the memories. This platinum is hard as hell, ngl. I usually don't hunt platinums that are aggravatingly hard, but I fell in love with this franchise so much, I told myself I wanted to 100%/platinum all of them, at least until the 6th included (I love brawlers way more than rpgs, so I'm not so interested in Like a dragon). I think this could be a 7/10 in difficulty, the minigames will hunt you in your dreams and will devour your heart and mind until you get it. Some people meet their pain in golf, others in billiards, in my case it was baseball, I swear this was the game that made me think if I wasn't already too old for this crap. But I love so much these games... in the end, it paid off. This is the ultimate experience in plat hunting in the yakuza saga. If you can get this platinum, you can get the others.
  6. wrong thread ๐Ÿ˜…
  7. Hard to say... FromSoftware don't care about Bloodborne, they did the dlcs and after that they said byebye to the franchise, they didn't even bother to improve it when PS4PRO went out... and the game still looks incredible if you're not really demanding about the framepacing and ocasional stuttering. If I had to bet, I think Bluepoint will do a remake... on PS6. Even so, by then og bloodborne will look way better than og demons souls nowadays.
  8. Wow, this is impressive. When I 100%d Don't starve, I was 'starving' for more survival games, got this game and it was sooo frustrating and hard that I left it be, it's been some years since then. I want to think that one day I'll retake it.
  9. I haven't bought it because of fear, yes. Fear because the last FS game I bought, Sekiro, made me lose interest in the whole hobby, for many months after I platted it I felt I wasn't enjoying videogames so much, all except the yakuza saga (which I love) felt so bland and dull... the 2nd half of that year and the 1st half of the next one, I barely played. I fear when I end playing with ER I could even completely stop having fun with other games, when I finish playing FS games I have a void I cannot cover it even with other soulslikes, I feel they are bland imitations, including Nioh even if I consider it a decent game.
  10. I thought we were not going to have the next hanna montana for PS4 and PS5 now I can go to sleep peacefully with tears in my eyes, were are blessed
  11. "Strength of Our Alliance Slay one enemy together with 2 other players. " From LOTR: War in the North. The trophy isn't even really hard, but is glitchy as hell and forces you to play with more people until it just wants to pop. In the end I was like f**k this shit this isn't even worth the hassle. ...oh. And that challenge 6 from Vanquish. Screw it.
  12. Are you serious...? I've been playing since 2011 and I've played 'just' 550+ games... your proclamation reminds me of Luffy when he begins his show saying he will be the king of pirates I mean i'ts going to take time and dedication! You should just have fun and choose whatever you find you can enjoy, with trophies or not. I mean, anything can happen in your life, you don't know if you are going to keep this passion in 5 or more years, or even if you are going to end playing more on Steam, Xbox, or Stadia2TheRevengeOfGoogle...
  13. Aw shoot I'd love if that superhot was the superhot vr version, but doesn't look like it. Not interested in these games then.
  14. Signs in the Sky Defeat 13th Colossus Great game and its platinum (the ps3 remaster, not the ps4 remake) was the one that made me swear the most. Sooo painful but such a good experience to get in the end.
  15. Yakuza 4 after that I had to play all the yakuzas I could find... in this order: 3, DS, 5, Zero, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 6, my trophy cabinet is my personal sanctuary to the saga.