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  1. What we know... They haven't said anything about how much have they sold afaik, but I hope they release it before BL3. Or not, well, I do really want BL3 before anything else 😁
  2. In case someone is after the moonstone chest trophy, I'll post this. Go after Iwajira (lv30 in normal, lv52 in TVHM), you can repeat it all the times you want with no fees. You'll get 20+ moonstones each time. He is right after the beginning of the 1st area, so it's quite easy to find once you get there.
  3. I forgot how to do them, care to remind me?
  4. They are no longer worthy of my love so they end deleted and sold - go away you served your purpose you now useless geims
  5. Tittle of the thread updated 😞
  6. So you're ashamed of that Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue trophy that makes you 😥 and you have decided to ... hide it!! under the psn's rug. But, oh, alas, sites like this tell others about your very dark secret with that blue square with a 'H' in it... and you feel both amused, conflicted and weird. Because, hey, having secrets is fun. Or not. Well, it's in our human nature. Do not worry, we are not here to judge you. Well, I won't, at least. Feel free to expose yourself and tell us how many trophies do you have hidden rn, with (or w/o) some info about why. Or, if you haven't any (you lucky dogs!) just tell us if you feel dirty about that certain trophy that you would hide... if you didn't feel that confident (duh!!). In my case I've hidden 542 trophies. From, like, 100 games. Why? I like to use my psnprofiles account as an agenda, and can't stand looking to so many games that I won't play in... years. Yeah, I've plenty of games I know I don't want to play anymore. But theres an special case, Rogue Legacy. That game destroyed my self esteem. I don't want to see it any longer. Ever. Too hard. Damn it!!!! Feel free to open yourself and confess your sins, or brag about how you don't hide any trophy at all 😤
  7. I find it funny to look at, as the stat is there when you watch your profile, but nothing more. There will be always people with more money, more time, more skill, and less shame to buy pointless platinums, so I can't care less about it.
  8. I've sent a message to their blog, let's hope that, if it's a patch bug, they can fix it 😐 EDIT - nothing... no answer. Zero, zilch, nada. Looks like right now, the platinum is unottainable unless you got the trophy from before... or had the game from before the 1.02 version. Damn.
  9. King of the Jungle Survive 100 years in SURVIVAL. 12 minutes ago in Tokyo Jungle
  11. Vaya 😮 no sé, la gente ve el juego como facilito... pero tienes razón, los controles son muuy artríticos y mediocres. Con mando algunas pruebas son chunguísimas, y al revés con otras pruebas y move. Lo que sí es verdad es que ahora que en ps4 hay tantos platinos que mas que fáciles están tirados (little adventure on the prairie, Nubla, Midnight deluxe...) no recomendaría este juego la verdad, ni para añadir el platinete.
  12. Most of the platinum is easier with a regular ds3 controller, in fact. If you're lucky yes, you can achieve the platinum Ya dirás algo cuando encuentres el nivel de composure (no recuerdo ahora como se llamaba en castellano, ¿"circunferencia"? hay una guia en Laps3 que lo pone) me hartó tanto no encontrarlo que dejé el juego casi al final, pero es simplemente cosa de persistir.
  13. I was one of the ones that thought this version was more than playable. However the last 6-7 levels have a lot of action and each frame of stealth counts, and you will hate the framerate there when that happens. Stay away from the ps3 version and just play the ps4/one/pc version instead. Besides, the doors that need load times to open take some more time than in other ports, while that doesnt matter much at the beginning, later you will be escaping from androids and aliens and the damned doors will give you some cheap deaths 😒
  14. Seriously 😮 for any fan of rpgs, building things, micromanaging, zombies, with a grain of sandbox, and solid couch coop with 2 players, this game is fun as hell. From the beginning you are in despair with almost no water and food, fighting with a stick. Soon you find the kovak bunker's trip to find as much water as you want, you create your base, make ranged weapons, traps, improve all the mentioned allowing some more diversity, with a lot of missions to do. Maybe its not an AAA, or beautiful in any sense. But hours go by and, alone or with a friend, I'm enjoying it a lot. It's like Don't Starve with less things to build and more action. And I love Don't Starve as well. If they announce a sequel, I will be hyped!
  15. Binary Domain, its a pain to get