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  1. Let's wait to the Inazuma continent. I bet they will put some trophies there. They are adding a big content patch every 6 weeks or so, and they plan to expand this game for years. If they wanted to add trophies for every one of these patches, it would be the biggest trophy list in no time.
  2. Not a fan of the new Demon Souls online trophies, I've always played offline all the soulsborne games, and considered online an annoyance 😒

  3. I don't like it. Easier for whoever enjoys online no doubt, but I loathe it. Beyond playing some SF5 this generation, I've avoided online as much as I could. Damn, From Software knows a lot of us hate online, and that's the reason that in their games plenty of resources are often quicker to get if you like helping others or do pvp, but with the alternative of farming offline if you aren't into that. But Bluepoint misses the mark here. Also I'm already missing the weapon trophies, it made you memorize npcs, enemies and lizards you had to hunt in order to get everything. They already said in an interview that pure bladestones now will not be a pain to farm, so they got rid of the main complaint with the old platinum, and yet, they still remove those trophies... not sure that I like it. The new "kill the boss this way" trophies don't look bad, even if they're a bit stupid (killing dragon god punching him? wtf... a Saitama homage?)
  4. I didn't try my luck, and before I tried my first trophy (resting on the hands of the big statue) with the NA version I was playing with, I continued playing with the EU (my PSN region) version, so I can't help in that regard. I could jump from one version to the other with zero problems and keep my progress, though. Thing is, I couldn't use the Paimon store with the NA version. Looks like playing with a version from a region that is not the same as your PSN account, can break certain things. Keep this in mind in case you want to dedicate too many hours to a different version of the game.
  5. I don't like The Witcher saga because I think their combat suck. I'd like to enjoy Disgaea, but the more I played them the more I felt they are done for edgelords in the closet. While I appreciate TLOU, I feel nothing playing the 1st and 2nd part. I just loathe stealth mechanics, and I didn't fancy their stories. I played all GTAs, until 4. I'm so burned out of them that I didn't even play 5, or RDR2, or more sandboxes from Rockstar. I find new Final Fantasy games a complete boredom, played FFXIII-2 ten minutes and since then I can't touch that saga. Zero hype for FF16. I like fighting games, but find Mortal Kombat animations absolutely atrocious. Done, for now.
  6. - SO4 platinum (around 650 hours) the same summer I was preparing for the university's admision test that September. It went fine! - 1st worldwide in Sims 4 with no tricks. I love the franchise and even if I think the 3rd is funnier, the 4th gave me fun as well. And nowadays I see constantly people playing it for a quick platinum (using the server exploit) while they rant that the game sucks and they can't stand it 😒 looks like is the new Hanna Montana, Ratalaika aside.
  7. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they are retroactive. For example, I did around 10 domains before its mission unlocked in the BP (and did many of those before even AR 20), and now being AR 23 I have 10 out of 15 after the weekly reset for the first time I'm having domains to do for BP XP. Same with many other things they will ask you for the first time. Things you made at the blacksmith, Mona spent, etc. A lot of these things I did between the very beginning and AR 20 counted as a task done when I first opened the BP interface. I don't know if it's done on purpose, or if they will fix it some day. p.s. in your case even your kleptomania helps, some missions are about grabbing specialties (herbs, fruits included) from each land
  8. I'm fine if they add more trophies about chests. At least they are rewarding, they give AR XP, money, XP items, sometimes weapons or artifacts... imagine instead if they asked us to look after collectables that are worth shit, like the 150+ wanted posters in Mafia 2, my god, that was AWFUL and TEDIOUS. Serious PTSD flashbacks incoming 😢
  9. MaWaifu Because with no waifu there's no laifu 😍
  10. It's a remaster that combines both games stages in one, with slightly revamped graphics. You can even use the ps3 video guides if you play the ps4 game.
  11. Judging how easy is to get the first 200 levels, looks like it's been done to give casuals a more accentuated feeling of... satisfaction? however after that goal has been reached, the system asks wayyy more trophies to level up. It wouldn't amaze me if more than half of the player base is in the 200-300 range. Is quite dumb though, even most trophy hunters don't think in their player levels, but achieving new platinums and 100%s. Or that's my perception.
  12. What's next, are they going to put the old store in the same server where we choose the trophies we want to hide, or the one rarely used for crossplay saves? Because they fail tons lol Besides, the ps3 and vita store apps are slow and just suck Terrible news indeed
  13. I know, I played Mercs on Amiga and it was amazing. That's why I said half the games they did, because as much as I hate them *ahem* some of their games were good. Did you play their Street Fighter 2 port though?
  14. Wait what? you don't have to spend money for a "level", you are supposed to play and enjoy your games. And after that, there's "that number" people should care less. Dude if it's just suffering just don't go for it, is not that hard!!!! I'm quite completionist myself, and I've played some awful games but even My name is Mayo gave me some fun, as stupid as that game is. I played way worse trash back when I was a teen, with a 8-bit computer. There was a game company, US Gold (ironically they were british), that half the games they did/ported were the absolute worst. And even so, I'm not going to play Ratalaika games if I see they are trashy and made mainly for trophy hunters as a cash grab.
  15. Sad thing is, when the game went out, ragequitters were a common thing and were rampant with no penalty. So it was way worse back in the day. The info is quite outdated, from Super Bronze onwards if you are from the same division, you lose (more or less) the same points the other guy wins. Until Gold at least, I don't know in upper levels. The info from the guide nowadays only apply to Rookie and the basic Bronze League, where if you lose you barely lose points and your victories account for much more. If you lose against someone from a division one level lower than yours, you will lose a lot, and the risk&profit diminishes the bigger the gap is. For example imagine you are a 2995 LP Silver, that after winning against a 1505 LP Ultra Bronze, he goes to Super Bronze and you go to Super Silver. If you do a rematch and you lose against him, you will lose a lot of points, more than 90. If you had won, you'd win around 25 points. And yeah, the opposite applies as well. I love doing rematch against guys that just rank up after our first match, as that means If I lose against that player the penalty would be lower than before, and if I win I would win way more LP.