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  1. I try to plat all the games I enjoy, so twisting a bit your question, is there any game I played for fun knowing I wouldnt get its platinum or wouldnt care at all its trophies? Hell yes, and the last one is Street Fighter V. I love the franchise and I still play it almost every weekend, knowing it has trophies for having a good rank that I will never achieve, as I'm quite bad playing online.
  2. I bought the three ps3's Disgaeas. And found some time after, I just loathe the saga. I kept them for some years, thinking I would like them in time. In the end, I sold them for way less than I paid.
  3. This is something Tecmo Koei does all the time, new versions of their games... in this case is a 'GOTY' version of the previous. I'm quite sure it has been done since the 8 bit era or even before! nothing new but a few tweaks here and there (not appliable to this dx version as I've said, is more a full pack version)
  4. These threads are looking for some redemption through penance. Like 'guys tell me please I'm doing fine'. Let's be respectful as they are after some attonement.
  5. Surprise, another SE sale without drakengaard 3's multiple sister dlcs. I guess I can wait for 5 more years.
  6. I tried but couldnt redownload the game with the url in that text. It just failed. Maybe they deleted the old versions πŸ€”πŸ˜Ÿ it's my first time downgrading a game tho, so if anyone else wants to try, be my guest.
  7. Sheltered ' CORRECT CODE ' became unobtainable ever since a december 2018 patch thus making the Plat impossible to get.
  8. For me is the dreaded Tactical Challenger from Vanquish. I lack reflexes, patience, luck, stamina and whatever that thing needs.
  9. I thought I was good playing FPS, and this Wolfenstein's last boss in Über is kicking my ass 😀

  10. Driveclub right now is stressing me lots. Just the feeling of doing the perfect career and crashing the last moment, and watching your 11 rivals taking your position, UGH. I wouldn't have that feeling if I just wanted to play, but ofc I need to get stars to get the trophies.
  11. Two great problems this console had, were the extremely high prices of memory cards and the absence of multiple accounts. That was entirely Sony's fault. I hope sony never ever does another handheld, they don't know how to manage them without being too greedy. In the meanwhile, I'll keep enjoying this little marvel of engineering...
  12. What we know... They haven't said anything about how much have they sold afaik, but I hope they release it before BL3. Or not, well, I do really want BL3 before anything else 😁
  13. In case someone is after the moonstone chest trophy, I'll post this. Go after Iwajira (lv30 in normal, lv52 in TVHM), you can repeat it all the times you want with no fees. You'll get 20+ moonstones each time. He is right after the beginning of the 1st area, so it's quite easy to find once you get there.
  14. I forgot how to do them, care to remind me?