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  1. this easy to self-boost with a ps5/ps4?
  2. I was using the guide posted above (Maka's guides) for this and it was definitely bugged on ps5 version back when it was released. It was fixed with latest patch I believe as I was able to move on to platting the game. Thanks for the reply though.
  3. You should check on that, my code would not work at first, but for some reason I was able to redeem it not too long ago
  4. Getting this error too, did you by chance find a fix for it or no?
  5. Bummer on this, looks like its been delisted already, was thinking of picking this up to try and plat but guess I'll just play it on pc. 🤡
  6. I'll give this a try, my PCG currently is 45, would definitely like to get it to at least 50 maybe even 60 by end of year. Cheers!
  7. I think lens aligner in Chapter 2 is bugged, literally tried for a good 30 minutes, mine looked exactly as it was in guide but still nothing happened. I don't know has anyone else gotten this or is it just me?