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  1. "Win the Super Bowl in an online league." Big oof if it has to be public There is a great Giant Bomb interview from that E3 that went like this GiantBomb: So what are you going to do when its 2024 and Madden 25 should be announced but you used that name already? EA Dev: *laughs hard* I won't be around for that, that's someone elses problem *continues laughing*
  2. How did you play the Shenmue arti? Step by step guide I'm guessing? If so was it still fun that way?
  3. Plat 100 is GET The Platinums I'm most proud of, easy or not these were great experiences#1 Madden 13 Vita#3 Rayman Origins Vita#4 Jak and Daxter PS3 (Before any debug codes)#5 Tales of Xillia PS3#11 Minecraft PS4 (Good multiplayer memories)#13 Lego Marvel Super Heroes PS4#17 Yooka Laylee PS4#23 Gravity Rush Remastered PS4#32 The Sexy Brutale PS4#51 Ratchet and Clank HD PS3#57 Mega Man X Collection 1 PS4#60 Spider-Man PS4#67 Timespinner PS4#72 Spyro the Dragon HD PS4#84 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom PS4#85 Assassin's Creed II HD PS4#87 Yoku's Island Express PS4#90 Spyro 2 Riptos Rage PS4#100 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night PS4
  4. #100 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night As a lover of metroidvania who began his achievement hunting career back on x360 with sotn....this seemed perfect for 100 on Playstation.
  5. I've been whoring out to 99 this week simply to pop Bloodstained as my 100th platinum. I have three main concerns next after that 1.Telltale Games marathon, I don't like company delisting issues and this is kinda massive for me. So I'm alternating thru eps after Plat 100 pops to kinda stagger these telltale games a bit Guardians of the Galaxy (2 eps done) Game of Thrones Walking Dead S1 Minecraft Story mode S1 Walking Dead Michonne Wolf Among Us Tales from the Borderlands Walking Dead Next Episode 2.My vitas health isn't doing great but I do own a vita tv. I'm compiling a list of games I need to address and attack 3.The growing concern in the back of my head of ps3 eventually shutting down always weighs on me. I want to get this list done as well.
  6. Sorry for not updating, forgot By An Independent Dev Square = Celeste With multiple endings = Bloodstained Online features = toejam Anthro animals = monster boy and cursed kingdom Designed in foreign country = jump force first letter in your psn id = shakedown hawaii Retro rerlease without trophies before = spyro 3 Players choice = mk11 Non gaming ip = power rangers battle for the grid Everyone but you has played = monster hunter world meaning to get to = guacamelee cult classic = overcooked
  7. I'm in if you'll have me Went off the trophy advisor pages to get rarity right Madden 18 Monster Hunter World Dust An Elysian Tail Lego Marvel 2 MK11 Secret of Mana Game of Thrones Telltale Spyro 3 Reverie Sly 1
  8. Missing enemies and rare demon drops will be the only issue in this game. If your a CV veteran you know both of these can and likely happen
  9. I think I'll join this, it sounds like at my scrub ability
  10. You ever see Mt Everest? Its sitting at 1844
  11. Looking for help with On the Rail, The End, and the Ender Dragon. If you can help me please send a message ID: StingX2
  12. Unless I'm insane you only need to -Collect all yarn in 1 single level -Beat each level with each character collecting the three medal pieces -Reach the end of every bonus stage -Collect enough for Bubsys costume (literally world 1) -Beat game Am I blind or can I get away with missing perfection?
  13. "First, Sony's been absent, or at least distant for a while, not engaging their community in a meaningful way. They're pulling out of E3, cancelling PSX. Their State of Play is underwhelming." This can be attributed to Adam Boyes leaving. Remember the FF7/Shenmue reveal? Tales of Hearts on vita? All those great 90s adventure games like Day of the tentacle? Adam Boyes was a huge pusher of that fan outcry and serving the fans. But he left the company and thats when Sony went right back to their ps3 state of things, of heres some exclusives. later dog
  14. Only happy I'll get to play overcooked with my cheap friend lol, otherwise ugh
  15. Guys this happened with messenger and toejam a month ago, just hasn't been properly synched.