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  1. Pro Tip: Save Assist looks like its unrelated to Casual Mode. These games were brutal with checkpoints back on GBA and NDS. I'd actually suggest casual mode + save assist first to do everything then run the game again simply to beat it in Save Assist mode. Pretty much the setup I used for X Collection 1 The Andrew Patience is a Virtue trophy is just talking to the old man and hearing him out. Do this before and after every mission. Honestly this list could have been absolute hell asking for 100% cyber elves, we lucked out
  2. The game itself is great but then you hit this post game cleanup and I have to keep reminding myself that I enjoyed the game. No Fast travel, no ability to mark locations on a map, and easily the worst map I've seen in a game since Fez.
  3. It took me about 4 hours to do it, and while frustrating I was fine with it. Except when I fell thru the floor (like the solid ground) around 80% and just got trapped under it...losing all my bees and dying. I wanted to quit bad there.
  4. There are new trophies in two expansions that were on xbox marked as Bedrock Only. This site has not picked them up yet but will soonish.
  5. Got super excited as I love game dev story, clicked without seeing the trophy numbers and I'm just bummed out. Looks like they are gonna churn out bad trophy lists as fast as they churn out games. Hard pass
  6. Hate the art style but looks very much like roguelike rpg
  7. Entry 1: The Black chocobo from any Final Fantasy 9
  8. This is game 10,000 on psnprofiles. Its not Ratalaika but it looks just as easy. I cant find much serious info on this game
  9. Bioware is kinda void on employees atm, and Dragon Age 4 is the current project at that studio. Gamble is trying to get interest back in Mass Effect but your gonna wait a long while. EAs next plan is remaster the original trilogy for either late ps4 or early ps5, if that sells well thats when EA would greenlight. Your looking at 2023/2024 and by that point Bioware may not be a studio
  10. These trophy names and descriptions have me in tears Luftballons - Drop a nuke with a bomber launched from a base on the Nena continent with 9 Observation Balloons. Pizza Party! - Activate Leonardo in New York City with a sewer and art from Michaelango and Donatello. I missed whacky trophies/achievements, havent seen quality like this since early x360 days
  11. 2012 - 1 (Madden 13 Vita) 2013 - 1 (Walking Dead Vita) 2014 - 2 (Rarest: Rayman Origins Vita / Most Common: Jak and Daxter PS3) 2015 - 4 (Rarest: Tales of Xillia PS3 / Most Common: Sound Shapes) 2016 - 8 (Rarest: Madden 11 PS3 / Most Common: Goat Simulator PS3) 2017 - 15 (Rarest: Yooka Laylee PS4 / Most Common: My Name Is Mayo) 2018 - 44 (Rarest: Lego Avengers PS4 / Most Common: Jak N Jill DX) 2019 - 68 (Rarest: Monster Hunter World PS4 / Most Common: Storm Boy)
  12. Trophy list big let down. Game looks awesome being in the RCR/Kunio franchise and a proper one
  13. This is the most laughable thing I've seen. here is what you'll get for PS5 2 Sony Launch titles Madden NBA 2k NBA Live...maybe NHL 2k WWE 2k....maybe You might get an EA golf game 1 Fighting game that likely launched this year or next thats a definitive edition Need for Speed or Ridge Racer, systems launch with one or the other And 1-5 3rd party titles that were recently released on ps4 or will dual ps4-ps5 or were projects moved to ps5 Launch lineups are never really exciting aside from a game or two. Whoever wrote that initial list needs a lot of traffic on their site
  14. Put my money down on Watch Dogs 2 or an Assassins Creed. Ubisoft is itching to give one away
  15. MP trophies kept me from completing this on 360 so good riddance