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  1. Didn’t think you could do that I’ll have a look (yep they are thanks mate)
  2. Live events still up?
  3. Ok cool thanks for the reply I’ll be grinding then
  4. I’ve done all my trophies so far in solo fpp (majority) and with the new update the mode seems to be gone? I wouldn’t care but these games trophies are super glitchy and don’t want to risk them glitching again. Also the game cannot connect to psn 9/10 times so I have to restart the game which is annoying. So I’m just asking if they removed solo fpp. Thanks
  5. I’ve won a round with every operator, Didn’t pop so I won a round with every op without dying and it still didn’t pop, any help to make sure it works would be appreciated Thanks
  6. Sadly none of these methods work is there any other way?
  7. Thank you I’ll try this out
  8. Rogue is private on my account even though I haven’t privated it. My alt account and one of the people I boost with also have this problem. Any help to unprivate it would be appreciated. Thanks