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  1. Wonder if I will just pop the trophy since I have over 1k, and it's tracked in the player's profile. Or they will just reset the counter.
  2. Hello. So for a couple of days I've been playing CENTURY AGE OF ASHES and I have some thoughts as someone who is just coming into the game on PS5. Let's get the good out of the way, because while there are great points to the game, they are very few in comparison to the negatives. Since I saw dragons, I thought I would jump in...because DRAGONS, and this part does not disappoint. The game is fun. Combat is great, I like the classes, although they are only 3 available, the 4th one you have to play to unlock or buy. Now for the negatives... A) This does happen often so I have to mention it. Sometimes you get matched with players with bad internet connection. This happens a lot in multiplayer games, which usually comes to a slow start of the game, basically everyone is stuck waiting for 1 player to load. This however is not the issue. The issue is when you die and that player decided to either disconnect or leave the game. During this time if you are dead, you get a 5 sec re-spawn countdown, which turns in anywhere from 20 to 45 seconds for a respawn, and this is a fast paced game where rounds last from 4 to 6 minutes. I have no idea if this is a connection issue with the game/servers or players but it does happen very often and it's easy to make the connection because when you finally spawn, you see at the bottom right of the corner who DC'ed. B ) Playing ranked matches is an absolute abysmal experience. In order to unlock ranked mode, first you have to play 14 unranked games. This I like, since players have a chance to get familiar with the controls before jumping into ranked mode. The problem is, from what I can see PC players and PS5 players have cross play. So...someone with 100 hours, gets matched with someone with 5-6 hours, and people don't like that so during the loading phase of the game, they DC and the ranked match starts anyway. So far 6 out of my 10 ranked matches have started where we have fewer players than the other team, so it's just a loss. Last match, the game started 6v3. If there is a DC before the game even starts, while it's loading and it's a ranked match, I believe the devs should implement a system where the match is cancelled, and I hope there is a penalty for the leavers. C) This is where the free to play model comes in. In order to unlock the 4th hero, you have to get 20 000 points of the in-game currency or buy him. I haven't checked the actual cash price, but you do get daily quests, 4 daily's to be precise and each gives you 25 points, and you need 20 000. I might be missing something here...but you do the math. Trophies: So we have 33 trophies in total, but the devs couldn't bother to put in a platinum. What what I understand, this is a financial issue since it costs money for your game to have a platinum trophy. Please correct me if I am wrong, but this just comes across as the team is not committed to the platform and support of the game. As for the trophies themselves, they aren't as bad as you would first think looking at them. And this is the most disappointing part. The trophies come naturally as you are playing, rounds are quick so you can jump in and out and the combat and gameplay is fun. Unfortunately the lack of a platinum, proper matchmaking, balancing, rewarding F2P players, leavers and disconnects, issues with re-spawn.... I really hope since the game has been out only for a few days, changes and improvements are made, because despite all this, I will continue to play. I am having fun as a F2P player, but A LOT of improvements need to be made before I would consider being invested in this game. As for the 100% completionism, you might be able to do it now in the start while there are players, but if you cant bother, I would suggest playing on a guiest profiles or w/e and give it a try. Sadly...the game is fun. These are my two cents, hope it gets better. Cheers
  3. Same here, stuck at 127 and on my profiles I can see that I have 272 Wins tho count.
  4. I would like to know the above as well and are there people playing it, how are the queues?
  5. Hi there, So, I've gathered all 8 legendary talismans shows on the internet pretty much everywhere, but the trophy didn't unlock for me. Has anyone else experienced this issue or is aware of a solution? Example for all the talismans I've gathered: Radagon's Soreseal - Greatly raises certain attributes (+5) but also increases damage taken Radagon Icon - Shortens spell casting time Godfrey Icon - Enhances charged spells and skills Moon of Nokstella - Increase memory slots Old Lords Talisman - Extend spell effect duration Marika's Soreseal - Greatly raises certain attributes (+5) but also increases damage taken Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman - Enormously boosts physical damage negation Erdtree's Favor +2 - Raises maximum HP, stamina and equip load
  6. just made my day! Radagon's SCARseal...I have the same. Well on my way to get the actual talisman then. I can't help but feel someone from FROMSOFTWARE is having a laugh knowing they designed this lol.
  7. Yep +2 the one you get after the big event happens
  8. Hello all, I am looking for some advice regarding the recently released Nioh 2 Remaster for the PS5. I am having a bit of trouble with the trophy Kodama Leader, which requires you to collect 150 kodamas (the game's collectible). When checking the progression of the trophy in the trophy list of the game (the new feature that PS5 has that shows you how far you are from earing a trophy), I am at 149/150, however at the same time, there are 6 zones in the game and I can see that in each zone I have collected 25 kodama and in the game menu records/ other for Kodama found I have 100.0%. So this is where roughly 7 hours of searching on the internet and forums comes into play, sadly without any results. I haven't found anyone else that has encountered this issue, but then again the remastered version for the PS5 came out just recently. I have tried deleting the game / re-installing in case of corrupt data or something - didn't work and I am all out of ideas. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very greatful. Thx!
  9. So is this a kid of naughty christmas list
  10. Hello there, So, I've been seeing around a lot that the most popular method that worked for years was patched. I found a video on Youtube, recently posted (8 months ago) that worked for me. I followed the steps exactly. Played on PS5, the PS4 version and for the 2nd controller, like my others I do not have a 2nd PS5 controller so I connected my Dualshock to the PS5, logged in as a 1 time user and it worked, poped the gold trophy once I already had the silver, after doing this 100 times. I am also going to throw this out there because I've seen it discussed in other threads, about legitimacy of the's a damn video game, play however you want and enjoy it. I like Jak 3, but I do not like collecting 600 orbs, so I prefer watching something on Youtube for 20 minutes while doing this. Instead of people talking positive things about the games, they are just focusing on "legitimate" digital trophies and in order to have the platinum you have to waste days getting the orbs legitimately.
  11. Hi, has anyone had the chance to start NG+? I am curious if stats transfer over? For example if you are at 290 skits, do those 290 carry over to your NG+ save and you can re-watch the one you have already watched (ofc they do not count towards the total) and have the chance to see the ones you've missed which will count for the 300 trophy?
  12. Just come back to it later, I think even the NPC says he needs time to make / get an outfit for Shion to judge.
  13. Issue has been resolved. Now if you have a Nioh 2 physical copy of the game and upgrade from PS4 to PS5 having previously purchased the Season Pass, you will now be able to go to the store and download the 3 DLC's for free. Keep in mind you may have to refresh your license as well (follow the path above on PS5) and you are all set.
  14. I can't download the DLC, it says it's unavailable. I was able to find a few other threads with people having the same issue, so I'm hoping it will get fixed sooner or later. Currently waiting for a response from PS support
  15. Update: @Playstationsupport suggested that I restore my licenses. This can be done from Settings / User and Accounts / Licenses / Other / Restore Licenses. Unfortunately this did not work for me so I've sent them pictures of the trophy issue, as well as the DLC not being available and they will investigate and escalate this further. I will keep the thread updated once I receive a reply from them in case anyone else comes across this issue in the future.
  16. Just tried downloading my save file, unfortunately it doesn't work for my specific scenario. I got the following message: "You do not have the rights for the add-on required to resume the game with the downloaded character date. The character data was not saved." Since I have the season pass on my PS4 save, but on PS5 the DLC is currently unavailable, it thinks I don't have license to the software at all. I guess if you do not have the DLC's the above solution would work. In my case, guess I'm stuck waiting for a patch since this issue is not only blocking me from getting a platinum, but also play a lot of content from the DLC.
  17. I just uploaded my save file to the backwards compatible PS4 version of the game and the trophy poped. Later I will try the same but from PS4 to PS5, hopefully it will work. Guess I have to complete Nioh twice now, but I don't mind, it's a good game. Edit: If you are in my situation, upgrading from PS4 to PS5 and you have the Season pass, currently there is an issue where you cannot download that content on PS5, it's unavailable on the PS5 store, but you can download it on your PS4. It's an issue with the PS5 store, not your license so...hopefully it will get fixed sooner or later.