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  1. Still working on the Overcooked 2 Campfire DLC. Almost finished.
  2. Okay, My Overcooked 2 Campfire DLC guide is on the review. If it's not ready, I will edit the guide.
  3. I end up deleted the guide, unfortunately. I need to redo the guide and try again.
  4. I didn't noticed that! Thanks for the advice.
  5. Yet another game with all gold trophies and a platinum. The first game with all golds and a platinum was Terminator Salvation. This is going to be from the Ratalaika shit game or maybe I was wrong about it.
  6. I love making games, especially When I was playing Dreams. I have that game and I played it and it looks like fun. The list looks easy but very typical and grindy and takes about 50 hours to platinum.
  7. I'm very shocked about this... It did not have a platinum.
  8. The game had two stacks. I heard it's going to be the NA and EU versions, another very bad game with two stacks, just like Orc Slayer and Whiteboyz wit Attitude (Please don't rage at me over this)
  9. #1 Ready Set Heroes ReadySet Hero Obtain all trophies for ReadySet Heroes. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Very fun and very enjoyable dungeon crawler game with an easy but very annoying platinum because of the two stupid challenges.
  10. Both Switch and PS4 and it was on JP region.
  11. I have played the demo. This is why it was 4-5/10 because some of the songs that can be difficult on Hard. I did played one song on Hard and it was tough.
  12. It's finally here! Mat Rat Dead is finally here! I will love to see the western version of the game that comes out this year of October. The trophy list looks a little bit challenging but not too bad. You have to S+ every song on the hardest difficulty. Probably around 4/10 and 30+ hours. I find it to be easier than Crypt of the Necrodancer.
  13. Probably 3/10 and takes about 75 hours. Very easy platinum but very grindy.
  14. 36 Fragments of Midnight. I find that game very very difficult! Probably one of the hardest Ratalaika shit games to platinum because getting 36 fragments under 6 minutes was hard to obtain. At least it was for me.
  15. Same here. lol