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  1. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4) - Platinum Trophy Wolfenstein master (18.77%) Like both Doom (2016) and Far Cry Primal, I completed Wolfenstein: The New Order for PS4 that has been uncompleted and in this games case since 2016. This game is about alt history of the nazis winning WWII and fighting in a resistance against them. It was a very enjoyable experience with great gunplay and varied locations. I did the uber exploit where you only finish the last level on this difficulty, it still was very difficult due to enemies killing you very easily if they sneak up on you. So, kudos to the people who completed the entire playthrough, it would be nail biting and a bit frustrating depending on the gamer in question. Glad to have this platinum in my collection! Just ordered Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and will play that soon as I enjoyed this game a lot. Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  2. Far Cry Primal (PS4) - Platinum Trophy Apex Predator (27.57%) In starting the clean-up of my profile, I gravitated towards this to play after only earning one trophy back in 2016. I have just completed the platinum journey for this title and overall, I had a very enjoyable experience. It was refreshing to play an FPS that didn't have a lot of guns or was a walking simulator. The caveman combat using many tools such as fire and wood to create powerful weapons in the times of the caveman era was enjoyable. It was a bit grindy in the end through in terms of exp but mainly getting the last 34 upgrade tokens for abilities. Forewarning through, I played on my PS5 and had occasional freezing issues mainly when teleporting back to base camp, resulting in the game locking up and I needed to shut down the application via the PS5 menu. I don't know if it is an issue playing on the PS5 but I thought I should mention it just in case, it also happens on PS4 as well. I do recommend the game to anyone looking for a unique FPS experience!
  3. Sorry for the post after a very long time, I have bought this game from the US playstation store as it is unavailable in my home countries PSN store and I want to finish it. I am wondering if I can still do the online trophies for this game despite trying to earn them on my Australian PSN account linked to psnprofiles? It is just something I want to confirm, as looking online doesn't give me the exact answers I needed about whether playing a US PSN game online would still work in my region. I have just recently finished the 100% for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels for PS3, so I want to finish out the series. Thank you
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels (PS3) - 100% Completion Number One (Gold) (12.03%) World Duelist (Silver) (8.62%) In my journey to complete all the remaining Yu-Gi-Oh! games on PlayStation consoles, I have finished the 100% (no platinum sadly) for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels with the completion of expert mode. It took me 1 month and 1 week to finish all of the trophies. Unfortunately, I had to spend a pretty penny on many of the DLC packs as getting cards in this game is tedious and time consuming. The game even locks some cards behind the DLC! In terms of decks I used, I first built towards a rank 4 deck got up to midway in the GX duels, but I realised it wouldn't be enough to complete the rest of the game and even expert mode, which lead to slowly constructing an turbo Exodia deck done as fast as possible. This meant I had to buy certain DLC to get specific cards I needed and many hours of grind on easy opponents. Eventually, I built a burn deck as I had many of the cards to make a inconsistent yet solid deck, which I used both this and my Exodia deck to get me the wins and this expert mode completion. This by far is one of the most grindiest trophies I have ever done. Don't even get me started on the scattered information of what each DLC pack contains being spread across many different links. I and a fellow trophy hunter have consolidated this information in one thread on this website to help others who need this information as well. I thank them for their help in finding the other two DLC decks I missed. The online was difficult, not because of what you need to do, which was 15 wins and 30 games in ranked but finding someone as not many people play the older yu-gi-oh titles. I had my session up on this website for days and then finally found someone, allowing me to get the online done in a couple of hours for both of us. It was also very laggy but at least it was still playable enough to get the games done. I also must thank the fellow booster who helped me with the online trophies I am going to start Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D Decade Duels Plus for the PS3 very soon once I get the online trophies done for it, which will be even more annoying than this ones in this game as I will be needing three other people and it has an even more dodgy server, with known connection issues. Also, another 100+ hour non platinum game but I still want to do it. Good luck to anyone attempting this 100%!
  5. Doom (2016) (PS4) - Platinum Trophy Thy Flesh Consumed (11.31%) After 5 years and 1 week, I have achieved this platinum trophy and have the game currently at 89%. Overall, an extremely fun FPS about slaying demons on mars and hell. The multiplayer trophies in the base game were simple enough but I am still chugging along getting the exp need for specific armours on this mode for its DLC for that 100%, making it tedious. The hardest trophy was by far: 'A Toe into Madness' (13.34%) for completing The UAC on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty due to dying in just a few hits from any enemy. Going to try aim for the arcade trophies and the remaining multiplayer trophies that I have left. Good luck to anyone who wants to go for the platinum and especially the 100%!
  6. Thanks for providing any information that I missed as certain parts of either game’s DLC isn’t documented too well, being spread across many different websites and such. I want this thread to provide as much information on the dlc as possible and for it to all be in one place, so any help is appreciated.
  7. Hello fellow duelists, In the past month or so, I have been playing through this game on my quest to complete all Yu-Gi-Oh! games on PlayStation and while navigating through the hell that is horrendous card RNG and incomplete DLC lists for this game, I have found some useful information that should be helpful for my fellow trophy hunters. I hope this post is helpful in avoiding the same hassle I went through to find this information. In total from what I have read online, there is 6004 cards in total including DLC and 4000-4700 without it. When you win duels, you get up to 15 random cards depending on your performance in the duel but unfortunately, you can get duplicates that you have 3 copies of, making the grind longer than it should be to specific cards you need. So I hope you prayed to the RNG gods because you are going to need it and be prepared for a long grind. In terms of the DLC, all the DLC from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS Decade Duels Plus are compatible with this game. The two links below both cover the deck lists for this DLC from two different sources. This link:!_5D's_Decade_Duels_Plus And this one as well:!_5D's_Decade_Duels_Plus Also, you can transfer your cards and deck lists from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS Decade Duels Plus if you have save data on your PS3, lessening the grind for cards to a degree but that option was unavailable to me as the game is delisted in my countries store. My only option for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS Decade Duels Plus 100% is to play the US version, which is my plan for the future. Below is a playlist showing all 37 deck lists that are exclusive to Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels if you want to see which ones you might want to buy in the future or to see if certain cards are DLC exclusives. Credit to YugiohLOTDCentral on YouTube for having these videos up. Hope this helps in your duelling endeavours when going for this game’s 100% and I wish you the best of luck when going for this game! UPDATE: Thanks to maneater2016 for his reply to this post on listing the two DLC packs from 5ds decade duels plus that I missed when originally making this post. Those being the: Returning to Mist Valley Deck and Ritual Victory Deck which the full decklist are in their post below. Its great we can make this thread as one-stop guide for this game's DLC content.
  8. Hello again, I managed to find a playlist on YouTube showing what cards are in each of the DLC packs exclusive to this game in English. I will be making a post linking both this and a link for the DLC from the 5DS game as well that also works with this game as well. To make it easier for newer people coming to this game. I can also confirm that hand destruction is not in any of the DLCs available for this game. Good luck for when you go for this game as well!
  9. As the title states I am looking for 'Hand Destruction' Spell Card to complete my exodia deck to get through the rest of the game. Currently, I am up to just over 3500 cards in total. Does anyone know if it is in one of the dlcs or if I am unlucky? Also, the youtube video where I get the decklist from is in another language, so I can't listen to them to find out for myself if this card is dlc. Unfortunately, there isn't a list online that says what cards are exclusive to the dlc packs and which specific dlcs that they are apart of for this game. Also that Konami have added a few more dlcs after the post on gamefaqs that listed the dlc card lists for this game was made, so I ask if anyone knows here. Thank you.
  10. Killer is Dead (PS3) - Platinum Trophy Perfect Killer (7.20%) The Mass Murderer is Dead (7.52%) After 4 years and 6 months of this game sitting on my trophy backlog with only two trophies, I have finally gotten the platinum for Killer is Dead on the PS3. Overall, it was a fun action game with a nonsensical story, very censored nudity in some cutscenes but also having an enjoyable combat loop as well. The grind to 100 million being held at one time for one trophy was very annoying as it took over three days as it was dull and boring but it helped buy costumes that were needed for trophies, including the Ulti-Mondo and Dark Booster which made most of the game very easy. I do recommend the game as a very obscure Japanese game that isn't available on any other PlayStation console other than the PS3 if you don't mind the nudity.
  11. InFamous: Festival of Blood (PS3) - 100% on PSNProfiles (33.18%) Fangs For Playing (67.25%) Blood Junkie (54.16%) Bleeder's Digest (48.91%) With the 100% completion of InFamous: Festival of Blood for the PS3, I have completed all InFamous games on the PS3 and only have InFamous First Light on PS4 to do before I complete the series tag. Overall, this was a fun, short but sweat game about vampire Cole facing other vampires with some cool abilities, such as the shadow swarm ability, which is my personal favourite. I recommend it playing through it if you enjoyed the PS3 InFamous games and want another short adventure with some vampire-based abilities.
  12. I am interested in playing this game but I am wondering if the game and its dlc are still available from the PlayStation store in 2021? It is not available in my PlayStation store region atm but i don’t know if it still available in other regions. In the case that it could still be purchaseable: 1. Is the online still working atm? 2. What are the best dlc packs to buy to help obtain the 100% for this game faster?
  13. InFamous 2 (PS3) - Platinum Trophy Acquired! inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy (17.57%) Pain Builds Character (22.15%) Forging Your Own Path (36.62%) I have acquired the InFamous 2 Platinum Trophy for the PS3 and I was surprised that it only took me a day as the hard mode playthrough in the first game took 2-3 days to complete. There were a few tricky sessions overall but even through the enemies took more punishment and was able to deal more to Cole, it felt easier than in the first game. One thing though, the final boss on the good ending is a lot easier with cluster bombs in comparison to the evil karma side that was trickier to do. I am happy to add this platinum trophy to my collection. I recommend the platinum to anyone for both the first and the second infamous as they are both enjoyable platinum trophies even with the tricky parts in the hard playthroughs for both games! Onto InFamous Festival of Blood 100% to round out the PS3 InFamous titles, no platinum unfortunately but I still want to play and 100% it. This game should not take too long as it seems others have beaten it within a day. Wish me luck!
  14. InFamous 2 (PS3) Fight the Good Fight (54.38%) Just One More (32.87%) I have completed the main story for the good karma side of InFamous 2 for the PS3, alongside many other trophies in the game. The 'Just One More' trophy was a lot easier compared to its counterpart in the first game as due to the User Generated Content feature within the game, many people have created auto collect levels to get the shards in seven minutes or so. Making this trophy easier and less time consuming. One warning if you use this method, it did freeze on a black screen after the 93rd shard was collected but by pausing and saving before it freezes, you still keep those shards. After booting back into the game, you can just do the mission again and it should work fine. This seems somewhat common problem as I have read that other people have had this happen on the 88th shard for example when using this method. I found this method out through an older thread on this website concerning this. Overall, I had a very enjoyable time playing this game and watching the story unfold but I can tell many sections will be tricky when attempting the hard mode run. I still have to get all of the dead drops, finish the last few side missions I have to do and purchase the last two abilities for the all skills trophy before the next playthrough. Wish me luck for the hard playthrough!
  15. InFamous (PS3) - Platinum Trophy inFamous Platinum Trophy (11.00%) Hard Finish (20.59%) Hard Finish (29.21%) I have finally platinumed inFamous on the PS3 and I am glad to have finished this amazing game. Despite a few close calls, the many deaths on hard mode and annoying enemies, I have finally conquered this game. Overall, it was very fun despite the jankness of the controls and some annoying sections on hard mode. Looking forward to playing the sequel which I will start very soon!