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  1. Minecraft PS4 100% gotten again with another list?! Whatever Floats your Goat (94.59%) The Healing Power of Friendship! (69.55%) Wax on, Wax off (58.42%) As I was working on another game on my list, when I noticed on the forums that people were posting about Minecraft getting new dlc trophies, which I expected as the PS4 version is the main one on Playstation consoles at the moment. Alongside, that the 'cave and cliffs part 1' was coming soon to PC soon. So, I expected the PS4 version to get the update in the future but not for a while but surprise, it did and a new list as well for some reason. Which is confusing as it should have gone under the main list, but I assume since, Minecraft on PS4 has 127 trophies in total, Mojang reached a max trophy cap that is mandated by Playstation. Regardless, I have all the trophies in 'Minecraft: Set 2' as it is called and 100% completion for Minecraft on PS4 again. I assume they will add more to this smaller list later in the year when part two comes out. Also, I just hope with these new trophies that when they gear up for the PS5 version, that they rid that version of the multiplayer trophies, they are annoying, especially after getting them 3 times in total.
  2. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Platinum Acquired! Bye Bye, Xenoverse (6.83%) (Platinum) Over Here, Slowpoke... (9.80%) (Gold) Taking a break from sonic all-stars racing transformed, I have gotten the platinum for a game that has a lower platinum percentage compared to Minecraft on PS Vita platinum trophy. After nearly 5 years of this game sitting on my profile unfinished before I started trophy hunting seriously, I have finally platinumed this game. The title for the platinum trophy is ironic in the sense that I still have dlc trophies to complete. Alongside, the meme of this game having floods of dlc pack being released since its launch in 2016, thankful dlc trophies stopped at the end of 2019. I still enjoyed many experiences getting the platinum, the game is still grindy but you don't have to grind for every skill in the game like the first one. Being able to purchase levels for zeni through a feature from one of the updates that came in after I stopped playing the first time, made getting the ‘Over Here, Slowpoke’ trophy take less time than it would have done on launch. If you want to jump into this game now, at the time of making this post, the dlc extra pass is on sale for a few more days, which is what you need for some of the dlc trophies. I still recommend the game, a fun dragon ball game with an easy enough platinum trophy once you get used to all the mechanics of the game. Not looking forward to two of the dlc trophies though.
  3. Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed PS3- Yokozuna Trophy (2.23%) Finally nabbed this trophy after, any attempts on sunshine tour mirror, using the glitch that made it so you only have to do one time trial on this specific track. Even through it made getting the trophy take less time, it still took over 50 or so attempts at this track over the past two days to nab the trophy. Unfortunately, for me, this isn't the last time I will be clashing with expert ghosts to get that coveted triple-star license trophy. Working on world tour mode now for this game, not looking forward to traffic attack and the tank mission on expert though!
  4. Minecraft PS3 - Passing the Time Trophy (33.82%) Finally, after many hours of leaving my PS3 on during the day while during work at home unrelated to gaming, I have finally finished the PS3 version of Minecraft as well as all currently available versions on Playstation systems. Until a PS5 version is released, which is not surprising that it will at some point be coming, and further dlc trophies potentially from the new updates coming later in the year. Personally, across all three games, I wish there were a counter somewhere to determine how many days you have done across all your worlds as from my understanding, it may exist in the PS4 version, but I do not know as I got this trophy in that version a while back in that version. When determining how long it could take, I got mixed answers online as while I was able to find that sleep does not affect the trophy, other posts have said that it does not count the hours slept. It also said that it is counted in hours, not in Minecraft days, even though the trophy is playing for 100 days. This made this confusing for me to understand the time frame. I also encountered some crashing issues, a few times from saving the game but mainly from just leaving the game running for at least 4-ish hours, and it just randomly booted me to the main menu of my PS3. I do not have autosave on and my PS3 hard drive is fine as well with all my save data is not corrupted on my PS3, so I do not exactly know what the issue is. I read that there were crashing issues with autosave turned on with versions of updates before the current one on PS3 and Xbox 360, but I cannot find any evidence suggesting that it still affects the PS3 version as of now. I also do not know if it is another issue entirely causing this. It is something to keep in mind if you do go for this game and do something like this for the trophy as well. It did not crash for me when I went for the platinum in Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 on PS3 as I had to leave the game on to reach 30 hours of in-game time for one of the trophies in that game. Overall, despite the many issues I encountered with getting the 100% every current version of Minecraft, I still enjoyed my time with all three of the games. Still working on Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed on PS3 as it is 75% now, going for Yokozuna next, wish me luck!
  5. Minecraft PS Vita Platinum Trophy - (7.09%) and 100% (0.72%) Overall, I am proud of this platinum because out of three versions of Minecraft on playstation consoles, this one has the most technical issues across the entire game, which does bring down the experience more so than the PS3 which both have the same updates. The passing the time trophy was annoying as there is no way to speed it up, which is what held off the platinum from being gotten a few days ago. I must thank one of my boosting partners from the PS Vita multiplayer boosting session for the trophy world, taking care of the more annoying trophies in the game. I am glad to add this platinum to my collection, but I am not looking forward to getting 'Passing the Time' Trophy to finish off the 100% on PS3 but I will do it soon.
  6. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3) - Team Sonic Trophy (4.05%) Wasn't expecting to have my next post to this thread immediately after my last one but here it is. I ended up starting this game shortly after finish rocket league and helped two fellow boosters get the team sonic trophy. This trophy feels very unnecessary difficult to set up, either offline or online. Glad to get this done now and thankfully, the other online trophies are easier in comparison to this one.
  7. Rocket League 100% achieved finally! Best of the Bunch (9.12) New Challenger (15.68%) Finally, with some help from some nice people on profiles, I have finally achieved the 0.94% club for the 100% for rocket league. I will keep this brief as I posted about the platinum for this game previously in this thread, it was a somewhat long and annoying journey at points, but I still enjoyed my time overall. Regardless, I am glad to get this 100% done on my profile. I also must thank the people who helped me get the more annoying trophies, such as item trophies and the ones above. I am starting Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed as my next major game, so wish me luck!
  8. Minecraft PS3 Platinum Trophy (12.51%) I have done the Minecraft PS3 platinum trophy while I was working on the PS Vita version, alongside many of the other extra DLC trophies both versions have. Honestly, I prefer my experience of the PS4 version but that makes sense as it has the most updates, making it the best version. Still, I wanted to get this platinum trophy as a fan of the Minecraft series and I am working on finishing the 100% for this game but the passing the time trophy will be my main annoyance in completing it, due to the time and no way to track your progress towards this trophy in-game. Overall, using the tutorial world made most trophies easier to acquire than in normal gameplay. There were some technical issues with texture pop in and a bit of lag but was still miles better than the ps vita's performance of this game. I must thank one of my boosting partners from my Minecraft PS Vita multiplayer session for letting me use their trophy world to get the remaining trophies that are time consuming to get, even in the tutorial world. Still if you want to play just one version of Minecraft on playstation consoles, please play the PS4 one, it is the best version in my opinion overall not just as a game but also to trophy hunt. Fingers crossed for a PS5 version at some point in the future.
  9. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue - 100% Completed See you in the Movie (30.62%) That was quite a fall. (34.55%) I just wrapped up the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue from the Tekken Hybrid Disk for PS3. Overall, the demo was fine and most of the trophies were very easy but of course, the 'See you in the movie.' trophy was a long grind for such a short demo. I also had trouble with 'That was quite a fall.' when using two controllers, which he seemed to be the easiest option to get this trophy. Instead, I had more luck trying it in the arcade mode as you do not have to juggle between two controllers. I will be also getting the platinum for Tekken Tag Tournament HD as well in the very near future, which will be good and alongside this, wish me luck for Tekken Bowling as I might need it.
  10. Rocket League - Platinum Trophy: Virtuoso (19.96%) This is my 70th platinum trophy. The game was quite fun in the early game as facing people in this weird fusion of soccer and RC cars was fun. Unfortunately, you eventually encounter players who seem higher skill level compared to you and toxic players, which makes the online less fun overall. Since the game became FTP within the last year, it became harder to level up and the trading system was locked to an online level of 30, making the Stocked trophy a huge grind when starting now and this problem still applied to my platinum hunt for this game. Regardless, I still enjoyed my time online playing with a friend. Still working on the DLC trophies but I am very close to finishing the game overall, which is great. I am happy to add this to my platinum collection.
  11. Minecraft PS4 Multiplayer MinigameTrophies from Expansion Pack 2 & 5 ...has become the Master (16.50%) Cupid (11.92%) Back from the Dead (9.96%) I have finished all 13 trophies that the PS4 of Minecraft has and above are three examples. Overall, the Battle minigame trophies from expansion pack 2 were alright and easy to boost if you know what you were doing and you can kick people out of your public match, alongside them not being able to join mid game. Unfortunately, the trophies from expansion pack 5 were mostly fine but were annoying as due to needing to do them in a public match, giving randoms a chance to join a lot and they can join mid-game. This makes the tumble game trophies a bit of a hassle and rush to try to get them done before randoms make the boosting take longer. I do have to thank my two boosting partners who helped me with the trophies as unlike on the PS3 version, you need Playstation Plus on both accounts to use the multiple controller method. I will be attempting to do the vita version of these trophies soon, which I hope will go well when boosting these again for the third time. I also hope that if we get a PS5 version of Minecraft at some point that these multiplayer trophies are banished from that version of the trophy list.
  12. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4) - Platinum Trophy (If You Show Me Your Courage) (3.40%) Been a while since I have posted anything to this forum, but I come back with a very rare platinum that is even rarer than may Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Platinum. I played this game previously before I started trophy hunting seriously, with only getting the online trophies dealt with back last year. Recently, I decided to break up the online grind from going for the platinum in rocket league, by getting this done. Overall, from all of my experience in this game, it was a solid game with quirks that made parts of the game annoying, but I still had fun overall. If I were to describe my experience finish this game, it would be an RNG Fest, as for two of the trophies requiring you to get all the ultimate and super attacks, sometimes it would not even drop anything, even when I did ultimate finishes on most runs. The platinum list was mostly straightforward and easily achievable with time aside from the two trophies mentioned above. Sometimes, despite within the required time of 10 minutes for many of the later missions, it would still not trigger the ultimate finish scenario. I would recommend Xenoverse 2 despite the additional dlc trophies, it is more polished in my opinion which makes sense but if you want a rarer platinum trophy then go for this game, its still fun despite it being less refined and the RNG aspects in move collection. I am glad to add this game to my platinum collection! You might be wondering whether I will do the same for Xenoverse 2 alongside its dlc soon, not at the moment but I will probably do it when the dlc goes on sale.
  13. Tekken 6 Platinum Trophy - Tekken Fanatic (11.93%) This has been a long time coming, mainly because I have been busy stuff outside of gaming, so I had less time to play than usual. Regardless, I have finished the Tekken 6 platinum journey and overall, it was a fun game as well as an easy enough platinum. The only real tricky parts where in scenario mode as even through it was a good concept being a 3D styled beat-em-ep, it was mostly fine until the nightmare train level as you can easily get backed against a wall and lose instantly with no recovery. The gallery completion was obviously a very tedious grind, especially dying repeatedly for the character endings. I still recommend it through despite the scenario mode issues and the early ps3 jank.
  14. Astro's Playroom PS5 Platinum Trophy: You've Only Done Everything (63.14%) and Run Astro Run! Trophy (54.06%) While this game in comparison to other games I have done, was very easy, it was a fun romp and a good introduction to the PS5 as I got one recently for my birthday. I recommend this to anyone who has a PS5 and has yet to play it not just for the easy 100% and platinum but it being a good short game underneath a tech demo for the console. The only annoying trophy was from the DLC being the 'Run Astro Run!' trophy as the final level needs you to control the ball while using the touch pad, which made this level very annoying as I found these levels more annoying to complete compared to the others, and the same goes for the ball levels in the main game. Regardless, this makes my 60th platinum as well as my first of many PS5 Platinum’s to come.
  15. I am trying to get many of the trophies as possible using the tutorial world from the Minecraft aquatic update for the ps3 to go for the platinum and 100%. I can't find any accessible nether fortress as I have tried used a pre-set portal from the update itself and created my own far away from each other and they both put me in similar spots of being in netherrack caverns where I can't find nether fortresses or ghasts. Can anyone provide me with coordinates for this tutorial world in order to find a place where a portal will spawn me near a nether fortress and a place to find ghasts? Thanks for the help