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  1. The Order: 1886 (PS4) - Platinum Trophy The Grail (35.14%) (Uncommon) After getting the platinum for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, I decided to platinum something easier. I decided on The Order: 1886 for the PS4 as something easy but still a great game. Overall, it was an amazing looking game as expected and the gunplay was excellent, with it running well on my PS5. The stealth sections I found weren't too fun, but I got through them. Also, the game was very short with it ending on a cliff-hanger, indicating a sequel we may never get. I still enjoyed my time with it overall. I recommend the game to play and platinum if you find it for a very cheap price!
  2. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (PS3) - Platinum Trophy Does whatever a spider can! (5.78%) (Very Rare) Well, I did it. I have gotten the platinum for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for the PS3 with a platinum rarity of 5.78% (Very Rare) on PsnProfiles and 1.4% (Ultra Rare) on Sony’s side. This game was a something I have played multiple times many years ago on both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 but never went all the way, seeing everything the game has to offer and 100% completing it. I tried playing this game around a year ago after trying to find a working disc as the first copy I bought froze the game after the tutorial but fortunately, the second disc worked fine. After that hassle, my long time PS3 controller started acting up so I stopped at 2 trophies out of 43. Overall, I had a lot of fun replaying the game over again with each spiderman offering different enough gameplay. The noir sections were fun but annoyingly it forced you to rely on stealth as trying to fight enemies in the stealth sections led to a quick death. It even had normal fight sections controls even if the character felt weaker than the others. This made not being able to fight enemies normally a pain, as it is more difficult to skip sections for getting under the specific times for platinum medals on hard. For the Amazing spiderman sections, they were fine, but I felt despite the web combat being unique and fun, I found that the combat was fun and worked well on normal difficulty, but hard mode made it feel not very fun to fight enemies. The 2099 spiderman was very fun with fast movement attacks and the accel vision was very useful in picking on enemies and guiding missiles into others. The first three freefall sections were fine but the ones in the Doc Ock and Mysterio levels had very little window to dodge many of the obstacles in those freefall sections, making them not fun on hard difficulty. Finally, the ultimate spiderman was my favourite, due to being very combat focused with the rage mode and fighting the three more interesting story bosses, including Deadpool and Carnage. The difficulty stated by the guide being a 5/10 and around 30 hours is correct with it being very helpful in my platinum journey. The hard mode trophy was difficult as expected with careful dodging needed but the ‘Spectacular!!!’ trophy takes the cake, needing the to get 12 platinum medals on all levels in hard mode except for one of them. This should be the final level as it is harder to find the very few emblems and complete the level overall in comparison to other levels. Carnage and Doc Ock were the two hardest levels outside of the final one, but they are easier to do. I recommend the game as it is a very fun spiderman game and the unique flare of the four spidermen made it a treat to playthrough and platinum. Unfortunately, it was delisted years ago, making it still fetch a decently high price online as it is only available physically. I have Spider-Man; Edge of Time for the PS3 as well and I will be playing that soon! Glad to have this platinum trophy in my collection! Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy! Another thing to speak about as this is only thread I could, is that with this game I have hit 100 platinum trophies and 100 games completed on my account. This is a huge milestone as I had less than 20 platinum trophies when I started trophy hunting seriously over a year ago with the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series on both PS4 and PS3, along with Persona 4 Arena for the PS3 that I still have to attempt to finish. Even if there are PS3 and PS4 games, I could never platinum or 100% on my list, I am happy with my current progress on my trophy hunting journey and hope for the next 100 platinum trophies to be just as enjoyable as these 100!
  3. God of War 3 (PS3) - Platinum Trophy King of the Hill (15.46%) Glad to have this platinum done. Overall, it was a pretty fun experience, and the trophy list wasn't too bad, except for Challenge of Olympus for obvious reasons. The titan mode trophy glitch made getting the last gold very simple but long. I am going to finish off the remastered version next as this is fresh in my mind and it’s been sitting on my trophy list for a while. Glad to have this platinum trophy in my collection! Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  4. God of War 3 (PS3) - Gold Trophy Up to the Challenge (21.28%) I will make this quick, I have completed the challenge of the gods in GOW3. 'El Matador - Olé' and 'Get Stoned' challenges were the hardest of the bunch, especially the former as it was very easy to fail the challenge. I am moving on to my titan playthrough after I finish this post. Hope to walk away with a new shiny platinum today!
  5. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS3) - Platinum Trophy Wolfenstein master (15.31%) I have completed Wolfenstein: The New Order for the PS3 with the completion of 999 mode that helped in unlocking the uber hero trophy. First, the game is still fun, it runs surprisingly well on the PS3 with less stuttering and technical issues than I expected. Secondly, although I had two technical issues; the graphics weren't great, looking washed out and blurry but understandable as porting a PS4 game to the PS3 console was difficult for the cross-gen games. My other main annoyance was the freezing on a black screen when the game enters the cutscenes at the end of chapter 3 and in chapter 4 except for the final cutscene where it worked as expected. It was odd as every other cutscene aside from those were fine. The 999 mode was easiest way to get the uber hero trophy as the uber trophy glitch didn't work for me this time, but this mode made the final level much easier to accomplish. Regardless, in 2021, for your first time playing this game, just play the PS4 version as it runs better, looks nicer with the same octane gun play you could find in the PS3 version. I am still glad to have this platinum in my collection for still an amazing game! Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  6. God of War 2 (PS3) - Platinum Trophy Here is another game I started but never finished before, this one is from 2018 as it was the first time, I tried a trek through the whole series after playing the third game on PS4 but got busy with other games at the time. Finally, I have finished God of War 2 for the PS3. Overall, it was a very fun old-school experience that I enjoyed throughout the single player campaign. My only grips with the game were that the challenge of the gods had two annoying challenges being 3 and 7, which both took many attempts. Also, the fact that getting 20 cyclops eyes is a bit much for a trophy as you don't encounter them enough in the campaign, only completable through the first challenge. I will definitely play more games in this series in the future. Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  7. Bakugan Battle Brawlers (PS3) - Platinum Trophy Bakugan Emperor (10.13%) This is an interesting game as it is a licensed game based on a childrens toy series from around 10 years ago that should have been a cash grab, but it turned out to a decent game experience. Despite the game mechanics not being very in depth with some weird RNG in some parts, it was very fun with the difficulty being decently balanced across the story mode aside from a few very hard boss fights. It was very nostalgic to go back and complete this game, reminding me of when I played it when the main real-life game came out years ago. The game was enjoyable despite the flaws. Glad to have this platinum done after 4 years and 9 months! Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  8. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PS4) - Platinum Trophy World's Finest (19.01%) After leaving this game incomplete in June of 2016 before I started trophy hunting seriously, I have come back to this game after receiving it in the mail today to finish the last two trophies for platinum and then towards its DLC. I didn't expect to get another platinum after getting the platinum for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood today but that’s how things turned out. From what I remember it was pretty good for a Lego game and thankfully for the clean-up I had to do wasn't as tedious as I expected as I was at around 92%. Thankfully, my save was not glitched out of the 100% as I feared from hearing others post about on this website Glad to have this platinum done and now onto the 100% as I bought the DLC from a recent sale. I might end up playing the PS3 version soon to re-experience the game in full. Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  9. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PS4) - Platinum Trophy The Old Blood master (16.73%) After enjoying my time with Wolfenstein: The New Order for the PS4 and getting its platinum trophy I decided to order this game and get the platinum soon. Overall, a very short but fun prequel to the game I mentioned above. Stellar gameplay and gun play that makes you feel like a badass, both in stealth and gun blazing. The uber trophy trick still worked for this game, which is good. In my opinion, the final level was easier than New Order with more opportunities to run past enemies. The final boss was a bit easier due to only having one phase. In terms of the gold medals for combat challenges most of them were easy after a few tries and a good strategy. The workshop is an exception as unlike in other levels, it is required to get many combos otherwise, you will be short maybe 1000-2000 points and due to the difficulty being on 'I am Death Incarnate', you can die very quickly. Glad to have another amazing Wolfenstein platinum in my collection! If you were wondering, maybe with like 100 platinums added onto my account from my trophy hunting and then I will consider Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (PS4) Platinum and 100% but for now, Mein Leben for the base game sounds too difficult for my current skill level. Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  10. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4) - Platinum Trophy Wolfenstein master (18.77%) Like both Doom (2016) and Far Cry Primal, I completed Wolfenstein: The New Order for PS4 that has been uncompleted and in this games case since 2016. This game is about alt history of the nazis winning WWII and fighting in a resistance against them. It was a very enjoyable experience with great gunplay and varied locations. I did the uber exploit where you only finish the last level on this difficulty, it still was very difficult due to enemies killing you very easily if they sneak up on you. So, kudos to the people who completed the entire playthrough, it would be nail biting and a bit frustrating depending on the gamer in question. Glad to have this platinum in my collection! Just ordered Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and will play that soon as I enjoyed this game a lot. Good luck to anyone attempting this platinum trophy!
  11. Far Cry Primal (PS4) - Platinum Trophy Apex Predator (27.57%) In starting the clean-up of my profile, I gravitated towards this to play after only earning one trophy back in 2016. I have just completed the platinum journey for this title and overall, I had a very enjoyable experience. It was refreshing to play an FPS that didn't have a lot of guns or was a walking simulator. The caveman combat using many tools such as fire and wood to create powerful weapons in the times of the caveman era was enjoyable. It was a bit grindy in the end through in terms of exp but mainly getting the last 34 upgrade tokens for abilities. Forewarning through, I played on my PS5 and had occasional freezing issues mainly when teleporting back to base camp, resulting in the game locking up and I needed to shut down the application via the PS5 menu. I don't know if it is an issue playing on the PS5 but I thought I should mention it just in case, it also happens on PS4 as well. I do recommend the game to anyone looking for a unique FPS experience!
  12. Sorry for the post after a very long time, I have bought this game from the US playstation store as it is unavailable in my home countries PSN store and I want to finish it. I am wondering if I can still do the online trophies for this game despite trying to earn them on my Australian PSN account linked to psnprofiles? It is just something I want to confirm, as looking online doesn't give me the exact answers I needed about whether playing a US PSN game online would still work in my region. I have just recently finished the 100% for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels for PS3, so I want to finish out the series. Thank you
  13. Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels (PS3) - 100% Completion Number One (Gold) (12.03%) World Duelist (Silver) (8.62%) In my journey to complete all the remaining Yu-Gi-Oh! games on PlayStation consoles, I have finished the 100% (no platinum sadly) for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels with the completion of expert mode. It took me 1 month and 1 week to finish all of the trophies. Unfortunately, I had to spend a pretty penny on many of the DLC packs as getting cards in this game is tedious and time consuming. The game even locks some cards behind the DLC! In terms of decks I used, I first built towards a rank 4 deck got up to midway in the GX duels, but I realised it wouldn't be enough to complete the rest of the game and even expert mode, which lead to slowly constructing an turbo Exodia deck done as fast as possible. This meant I had to buy certain DLC to get specific cards I needed and many hours of grind on easy opponents. Eventually, I built a burn deck as I had many of the cards to make a inconsistent yet solid deck, which I used both this and my Exodia deck to get me the wins and this expert mode completion. This by far is one of the most grindiest trophies I have ever done. Don't even get me started on the scattered information of what each DLC pack contains being spread across many different links. I and a fellow trophy hunter have consolidated this information in one thread on this website to help others who need this information as well. I thank them for their help in finding the other two DLC decks I missed. The online was difficult, not because of what you need to do, which was 15 wins and 30 games in ranked but finding someone as not many people play the older yu-gi-oh titles. I had my session up on this website for days and then finally found someone, allowing me to get the online done in a couple of hours for both of us. It was also very laggy but at least it was still playable enough to get the games done. I also must thank the fellow booster who helped me with the online trophies I am going to start Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D Decade Duels Plus for the PS3 very soon once I get the online trophies done for it, which will be even more annoying than this ones in this game as I will be needing three other people and it has an even more dodgy server, with known connection issues. Also, another 100+ hour non platinum game but I still want to do it. Good luck to anyone attempting this 100%!
  14. Doom (2016) (PS4) - Platinum Trophy Thy Flesh Consumed (11.31%) After 5 years and 1 week, I have achieved this platinum trophy and have the game currently at 89%. Overall, an extremely fun FPS about slaying demons on mars and hell. The multiplayer trophies in the base game were simple enough but I am still chugging along getting the exp need for specific armours on this mode for its DLC for that 100%, making it tedious. The hardest trophy was by far: 'A Toe into Madness' (13.34%) for completing The UAC on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty due to dying in just a few hits from any enemy. Going to try aim for the arcade trophies and the remaining multiplayer trophies that I have left. Good luck to anyone who wants to go for the platinum and especially the 100%!
  15. Thanks for providing any information that I missed as certain parts of either game’s DLC isn’t documented too well, being spread across many different websites and such. I want this thread to provide as much information on the dlc as possible and for it to all be in one place, so any help is appreciated.