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  1. Girls' Last Tour Vol. 6

    Manga Finished: Girls' Last Tour




    This story is something you would not expect when you see a show, a game, or a book that has post-apocalyptic themes into it like the Walking Dead, STALKER, or even the Metro series.


    Rather, Girls' Last Tour's main flavour is a juxtaposition of two diametrically opposite genres: science fiction and slice-of-life, which are then coalesced into a single parfait of a story.


    Now you would think these two elements are incompatible, in terms of their respective elements, but GLT's author managed to perfect this very art of juxtaposition and brings a post-apocalyptic tale that completely separates from most stories with post-apocalyptic themes. Instead, GLT does not focus with the common themes of a post-apocalyptic fiction in any medium, which often includes bloodshed and constant war for resources. However, GLT still has one post-apocalyptic formula that is within place: survival for resources.


    In terms of how post-apocalypse is portrayed, Girls' Last Tour is not the case.


    The main premise revolves around two female characters, Chito and Yuuri, as they travel around the wastelands of a forgotten civilization within their Kettenkrad. As mentioned earlier, the emphasis of GLT's story is not about constant war for survival as the central plot. Rather, the central plot is about two girls who travel across the ruins of human civilization within their vehicle, in hopes of encountering survivors during their "last tour", which is where the slice-of-life part comes into play.