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  1. Ok awesome I do have 3 PS3 so if I can get War Party done first I will definitely go for the online trophies... thanks for responses šŸ¤—šŸ¤—
  2. So Iā€™m looking at the leaderboards for Far Cry 2 and see the top couple people have platinumed it in 5 days which seems insanely fast. With the possibility of servers closing I was thinking of doing it but the guides all seem to say like 50-75 hours of boosting online trophies... if people are getting the platinum in 5 days there must be a faster way.... does anyone know how long and the most efficient way to get online trophies finished? Thanks
  3. I am not positive if you need an account but I tried on 3 accounts and found that if you have a WB account it popped a lot sooner... I got it in 30 minutes after starting on an account with WB account linked
  4. Ok thanks everyone! I am glad to hear the lobby is no longer glitched
  5. So I was thinking of starting up RDR and I read the online lobbies are either hacked or glitched to where a bunch of trophies start popping faster then usual, will this get you flagged? Which will make the platinum unattainable for those of us who are just playing? Thanks
  6. The Evil Within is my favorite horror survivor game, as far as Akumu goes just make sure to max out flash bolts for ch6 and take your time, stealth is key