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  1. I have done this on both of my accounts and can confirm it is the gen that spawns in the center building
  2. I got it on both of my accounts on PS4 with no problem
  3. Thanks bud I got it the other day with lunge attacks
  4. They were injured but definitely not obvious to me because I gave the nod to one of the survivors to heal the person and then smacked them again. Then I let them escape as a thanks lol
  5. This worked!! Thanks I had to lunge attack 3 times and it popped!!
  6. Ok thanks I appreciate that I will try hitting them instead
  7. That’s how I understand it too, I think it might be a little buggy
  8. I have done like 20 plus grabs off a totem , even random people let me try lol still no trophy. Hopefully tomorrow
  9. So it says pull interrupt 10 people from cleansing a totem….. I have done this about 20 times and no trophy. Does anyone know if this is glitched or does it have to a hex totem? Thanks
  10. Thanks I ended up getting it finally but almost had to kill 10 of them, not sure if it was bugged for me or what but I made sure to always kill them downstairs away from the laser gun. I know I never lost any to the rail gun because I took them downstairs to avoid it, I finally got the trophy after about 10 kills so not sure if it was bugged or the AI possibly put the last bullet the same time as me lol just glad it’s over
  11. It says kill 3 super tyrant for the trophy but I have killed at least 5-6 on the dlc map and no trophy. Does anyone know if it has to be 3 in one go? Thanks
  12. I have been trying this trophy for an hour on the bridge right after you get the shotgun and NO LUCK AT ALL…. That’s the only video I can find on this trophy so I was wondering if anyone has a much more reliable method? Thanks
  13. Ok thanks for clarifying that bud
  14. Me and my friend are going for this trophy now and having some issues…. I was hoping someone can clarify that if you ROCK THEM does it void the trophy that match? Because we have got a flash KO after the victim is rocked and no trophy. Thanks for anyone who can confirm 😊🏆
  15. As of today June 25 2021 I tried with 3 accounts and can’t get into the Map servers