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  1. Clearly you haven't looked at the trophy guide
  2. FRI 02/12 (03:00) So yeah, bought and downloaded the fucking PS4/PS5 MVP Edition back in November. Finally got around to playing and in the first exhibition game with 2 controllers, I should have had Move Master, Throwing Dots, Comeback City & Situational Aware and not a single one popped. Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?! I was so fed up with seeing glitch vids and people bitching online, was like, it can't really be this bad. Through the years people always complaining and I've never had any issues like I'd heard about/seen. But now, in my first actual sit down to play the game and trophies arent popping?! WT actual F !!! Cant be expected to buy a hardcopy when I've already paid for the download. What's the deal ?!
  3. Couple months ago I played US through with no issues. Today, I played UK version with the only issue being that the 36 trophy didnt pop until I finished with the 36. The AS version, I finished in about 4:30 getting both speed trophies, obviously, but in the next play I didnt either a laser nor a saw death trophy. I then played and picked up 35 and jumped into a saw and neither die with 35 nor saw death popped. WTF?
  4. I just played a couple full games, 15 min quarters, normal speed. In the first game I had numerous opportunities but couldnt get the right button in time, got 2 right and ran out of time. In the second game I was on it a little better and got 3 right before the half. No real reason to guess if you've got it or not as your player will be surrounded by a big green ring if you get it correct, cant miss it.
  5. What is so hard to understand about this? There is no work around to this trophy. The league system was shut down in December 2015. No league system, no ranking, no placement. The trophy is unattainable. Unless you got Big Leagues before December 2015, no cannot legitimately Platinum BO2 anymore.
  6. Can confirm downloadable game from PS Store is bugged and Prom King will not pop. I did not know about this when buying the game (08/21/20), I just wanted a stupid putt putt game at first. Two & 1/2 months later I found a relatively cheap seller on ebay. Disc arrived 3 days later, today 11/07/20, I deleted the game file from my library, inserted the disc, cancelled the download of the 1.01 update, played 10 tournaments and pop, Prom King and 100%. In the end, no way was this game worth the $20 I spent on it. Even the $4.99 on the PS Store is overpriced, and I see it's on sale now as well. Somebody else mentioned about reaching out to the game devs, I went to their website and tried contacting them to no avail. Regardless, if all you need is Prom King, definitely going to need a hard copy of the game. Happy hunting!
  7. Any trophies concerning taking a photo (dreamshot) or photos, and sharing them to a wall or with friends from original version are not included in the remaster. And we only got one new trophy, a bronze for completing the Seacrest Tour race.