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  1. General rule of thumb with the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade games: d-pad directions + X do something. Typically LEFT +X is the best "cheat code" And as I mentioned this last night yet somehow my comment was deleted ... this isnt a glitch. See my "rule of thumb" above ...
  2. Well good for you. Myself and others havent been so lucky ...
  3. I dont remember if this was a thing on previous versions of Vice City but for 100% you have to complete Checkpoint Charlie (Boatyard asset missions) with both boats. So if you're like me, and had everything on the 100% checklist marked off, but we're still only at 99%, here's something to make sure is completed.
  4. Now, obviously the short answer is yes, QA still exists in many companies, and many devs do extensive QA so as to make sure they put out the best quality product. However, I'm looking at how Madden gets worse year after year. I'm referring to how terrible this GTA Trilogy is. There were a couple other games I had in mind when this topic really started to get on my nerves the other day but I can't remember at this moment, not to mention all the other games that I've never played, or even heard of, but considering how many glitch compilations there are on YouTube it just begs the question ... what gives? What's the deal? I get that some games are just put out regardless how big of a piece of trash they are but as I mentioned before why does Madden get more and more broken each year and EA puts out 50,000 updates? And with each update to fix one thing or 50 things, they screw something else up in the process? And then to charge anywhere between $60 - $100 for this trash?! Why are we paying so much for games that we're basically testing for them and have to bitch and moan and email and tweet to get fixed?! This GTA trilogy ... I get they are remakes, rebuilds of old games but jesus christ I dont remember the originals being so damn broken! So many hit boxes for items that arent animated; so many pause menu crashes it's ridiculous! I've gotten to the point of saving the game after each and every little half assed mission so as to make sure I dont lose anything! Idk, just seems like we pay so much money for broken games and then we're given bullshit excuses as to why it's broken and/or how long it's going to take to fix it. Like, why are these things not found and fixed before a game comes out?!
  5. Anyone else getting Busted! by bullshit super cops and/or invisible cops? Multiple times I've been Busted! while driving at high speeds, twice I was Busted! while jumping onto a bike where there was no cop remotely close to me and one just teleported in. The final straw ... I just got pulled out of the air during Brown Thunder from above the V-Rock building ... BUSTED IN MID FUCKING AIR! Considering the amount of glitches and crashes from III and VC, I am downright "scared" to play San Andreas with these half assed efforts of Rockstar and Grove Street! Absolutely piss poor!
  6. It's 90% easier to achieve than before and could've been a bronze ... a far, far cry from the pain in the ass, or rather, smack in the face than it was before
  7. Your complaint here didnt age very well did it ...
  8. Welcome friend. A rep up vote would be appreciated. On my game I think it glitched itself because the first "jump" i was credited with stunt rewards wasnt an actual unique jump or stunt attempt of any kind: what i was actually trying to do was transition from the concrete wall to the grass above the Portland to Staunton Tunnel on my way to hidden package number 1 and found the old glitch spot and fell through the map. // Glad I got to play the trilogy again with another set of trophies, and look forward having a PS5 someday and doing it all again, but honestly, the quality of these games has been very disappointing: so many glitches, so many missing items (hit boxes for item but item not animated) and so many pause menu crashes & crashes in general. When I played the trilogy the first time on PS4 there wasnt nearly as many issues. Hopefully, someday a true Trilogy remake is done and hopefully the GTA IV remaster/remake is of better quality.
  9. Above (@GarryKE) is correct as there are already a couple vids out there that show that not all NPCs are loading properly. I had same issue: first attempt, no trophy at end of mission, reload prev save point and on 2nd attempt there were definitely more NPCs than the first attempt and trophy popped upon final kill. Only difference is that in first attempt I tried all kills prior to bomb placement, and in 2nd attempt I just performed kills during bomb placement. Not sure if that's solution or coincidence. Either way, if trophy doesn't pop, just need to try it again.
  10. Assuming you completed the story mission that unlocks the assassination (phone) missions or that the update took care of whatever ... ?
  11. So apparently I wasnt doing drive by's in the proper manner ... hitting SQUARE to look left or O to look right and then throw/drive by with L1 ... I was flicking the stick to move the camera instead. Either way, pizza boy done, trophy popped.
  12. I was trying to do the same since Friday. As I mentioned the drive by function so as to throw the pizzas wont work in mission but as soon as I kill the mission, drive by functionality works again. On Friday as I was playing, the update auto downloaded so once it finished, I reloaded the game with the update and same thing, pizza boy drive by still not functioning properly. Also I noticed that during this, the NPC's who are to receive the pizza are turned away from the street, facing the opposite direction. So, in my experience 1.00 or whatever and 1.02 are both broken when it comes to pizza boy. I'll do a mission and come back to it, same result. Edit: Quick 5 minute delete and redownload and while the NPC seemingly may be turned more in the right direction, still no drive by functionality in mission.
  13. So, before I started the first story missions, I did some taxi stuff and Wambulance, packages & jumps ... went to do Pizza Boy and cant do a drive by in mission (drive by function doesnt work on pizza scooter during mission, will function if i kill pizza delivery mission.) This yet another glitch, not fixed by the update, or is it no longer required for 100%? Or is there a story or side mission that needs to be done first before doing pizza boy?
  14. Load a past save and try the mission again. If the trophy doesnt pop you'll probably just have to try it again in another game. That happened with me with Wreckless Driving ... finished all the jumps, the game as a whole and started a new game. Luckily for me, I could do a jump at the very beginning, but Chunky Lee is pretty early on too so shouldnt be that bad.
  15. Since no one replied, I'll just say that I finished the jumps and the game, and nothing happened, so I started a new game and right at Give Me Liberty I hit a jump and Wreckless Driving popped. Not sure what that was about, but at least it wasnt a potential Purple Nines glitch.