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  1. Kind of assuming here, so I thought I would check with everyone first, but are the online servers still up and running for this game?
  2. It must have to be 5 in a row because I've won 6 now and trophy hasnt popped
  3. Considering how little the costs are to maintain a server, and the massive profits EA makes, it makes their argument of server upkeep complete bullshit, and your argument about newer releases almost irrelevant. Not everyone had/has plenty of time. Not everyone gets to game as much as they'd like, if at all. Before Corona, I had played barely anything for about 2 years. One of the last couple games I even played before that period happened to be FIFA 18 and that was because my soccer-fiend friend reintroduced me to the FIFA series. The larger issue are these games that are platinum blocked due to time sensitive or online/multiplayer games. Not everyone gets to buy the brand new game on time, not everyone wants to play with people online. The point is EA could gain alot more favor with its customers if they stopped being so blatantly obvious with their love and greed and lust for money and did things, such as keep servers for older games open longer than 2 or 3 years, to show they were appreciative of the people who buy their own priced, broken bullshit year in and year out.
  4. Nothing prevents them. The problem is that EA is just a bunch of money grubbing assholes who dont actually care about gamers.
  5. Lol, yeah, on my way to Giant Achievement there were def a couple moments of almost throwing the controller or smashing anything within reach. But I would say that Giant Achievement was not nearly as bad as BO3's Personal Decorator - that was a completely unnecessary grind, absolutely hated it. Countless hours of just running and gunning & saving; running, gunning & saving - just ... ugh.
  6. Lol, your GTA IV would beat my GTA IV if you went back and did that one. Looks like plenty of others to choose from too. GL lol Damn, yeah you got two that are 12 years plus. With my GTA IV, it's funny cuz the whole reason I wanted a PS3 was because of GTA IV. Then I didnt even get a PS3 until the summer of 2010, and when I did all I did was play Tiger 11 & 12. Wish I would've finished those off in time, or just had the ability to go back and finish them. Is there a thread for most disappointment or regret of a title that you were unable to platinum? Cuz I've got 4 so far, no 5: Tiger 11 & 12, Burnout Paradise, Black Ops II & NFS The Run. BO2 & The Run especially hurt because those were the main two games I was playing in 2015 (mostly BO2) right before they both became Plat blocked in early 2016.
  7. 10 years 9 months 1 week 3 days 21 hours between 1st GTA IV trophy and Platinum. I think I have a pretty unbeatable gap there, lol. Anyone?
  8. Cool, man. Thanks for the help!
  9. Game came out how many years ago and I've hardly ever looked into it, lol ... But then again, it took me damn near 11 years to get back to GTA IV. I don't have the PS3 version so that's good to know. I do have PS4 version, though, haven't started it, is that still open for Plat or no due to that same trophy you listed?
  10. So GTA V will become platinum blocked on the PS3 in December? How many MP trophies are there? I always thought it was like "here's GTA V over here, and then we took that online MP model and over here we have this similar but separate GTA Online over here"?
  11. I think the sites got region locked all of a sudden, which makes no sense. Used a VPN, chose London, England and used both cdkeys & play-asia without issue.
  12. When I first heard about GTA servers, something I saw pointed me towards GTA IV, but correct it is not GTA IV servers. However, I've come to understand that it's the GTA Online servers which is a separate from GTA V, no?
  13. Thanks and done. After playing the AS version, those showed up as NA, so yeah, seems like PSNP tagged it wrong like you said, or however it works.
  14. Thanks and done. After playing the AS version, those showed up as NA, so yeah, seems like PSNP tagged it wrong like you said, or however it works.
  15. Game: GAPS BY POWGI Region: NA & AS Issue(s): NA game trophies are showing up as AS and vice versa (PS4) Comments: I first purchased and played the NA and EU versions of this game and noticed that the trophies for the NA game showed up on my PSNP trophy list as AS. Later, after finishing the AS version, those trophies then appeared on this list as NA.