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  1. Shout out to Sony for putting up good sales through the summer. . . . Already burned 50$ in about 8 games, Jesus.

    1. Superstarmaste1r


      And people say steam is the only one that has great sales. Pffft

  2. Summer Classes are wonky AF. . . . . .

  3. You're better off deleting everything and starting from scratch, than waste a couple of hours "trying" to fix it. Just delete it all fam. This game is pretty short anyway if you take it seriously and do the content. (From my PS2 days, I recall at best it's about 8-10 hours? Maybe more if you try to get the packages legit with no guide).
  4. I have to say Legend of Heroes Cold Steel is PREEEETY damn fun. Seems like I'll have a nice time sink during the semester . . . .

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @Tomoko: DON'T! Buy it for full price! Support XSEED-sama!

      @Mx: Wouldn't say it's per usual =D Sora can be finished within 50 hours :D But yea, know what you mean :D

    3. MxWhiteKnight


      50 with a walktrough. But I'm going in blind as hell. I didn't even read the artbook xD (it warns for spoilers and advices you clear the game first).

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Sora, not Sen =D

      Sora is Trails in the Sky =D

  5. It's still baffles me how people can defend the Wii U's crippling status. The only reason it's relevant is because of Old Nostalgia titles and the highly waited Bayo 2. I ALMOST bought a Wii U just for Bayo 2. Same as how I bought a New 3ds for MH4U and that was almost 10 months ago now. Still only has that game and Persona (which I bought the same day too, seemed nice to have 2 games at any moment since MH4U was never in stock over here I bought it digital). What killed the Wii U was the inability to recognize that while motion controls where kinda cool, no one seriously wanted them included in every game. Had they gone back to a real controller without depending on that iPad ripoff and focused more on a better console (34 gb is reaaaaaaaally small. Ps3 on launch was what? 20 or 40 the smallest?) the Wii U would have been this generation's Xbox 360 that launched a year/ year and half earlier and was a big contender all through it's lifespan.
  6. This game was my first real FPS RPG thingamajigger game. It made no sense, and was completely immersing. I have to say that unless you as a player character start to care for what happens in the game. You will never understand the charm of it. I mean it's so random how you may find a death claw then out of nowhere Soldiers will come out and help you and then walk away. Or vice versa, you're fighting mercenaries and then a random death claw appears and kills them all. It's compelling a gaming experience. And no matter how many times you play/beat it it will never have the same moments. It's always something different.
  7. Sweet Baby Jesus! Haven't been here in a while. . . . Hope you guys are doing well. Too bad I can't trophy hunt as much these days but hey, it's fun when you get to do it once in a while now.

    1. Vacio_Luna


      I remember your name and nothing more! Welcome back stranger.

  8. Um.... Oh you mean what people USED to DO ANYWAY back in those days? Seriously... get a Faq and Boom! You just have the plat because that has everything and back then we had no rewards. Just feelings of accomplishments and bragging rights. No but seriously, this is just a 4/10 plat. It brings nothing new to the table. All you need to follow is a guide if you want the plat, although the blitzball things are a time consuming challenge just as it was back then.
  9. Blame the crappy games of this gen, especially Wii games and shooters and some crappy games that tried too hard to NOT be hard (DmC for an example). Games used to offer a challenge at the cost of time. The more time you spent, the more you learned. The more you learned the less you died. The perfect example of this is Castelvania, Battletoads, Ninja Gaiden and Double Dragon in the NES. I was lucky enough to grow up playing them. Granted battletoads is nearly impossible to beat. (Seriously). Help is a good thing, especially on 3D games. But some games either dumbdown the gameplay or they just give you too much power by helping you too much and then there are the games that walk you through the whole thing never once giving you options, and even if they do they don't change a thing. My most recent example is Dante's Inferno. Amazing game, I love it. Great story and great source material with all of their myths (Giants and all from greek mythology). But, no matter what difficulty you play, if you rush Holy to level 5 (which can be done by the time you're around the 3rd or 4th circle) you can buy the Holy Armor lvl 3. And then you also gain access to the relic that gives you mp (which requires holy lvl 5 to equip to later level up, see the connection here?). Holy Armor negates all damage and you have mp regeneration. It just breaks the game flow. Even as a GoW copy, it has nowhere near the same challenge as GoW. I remember that if you screw up your weapon levels in GoW2, in Titan difficulty you might as well restart. It's that challenging and you have to be very strict with what you buy. Sorry for the long post, but I just hate, hate these games that require no challenge or patience to beat. And then we (The ones who want a nice challenge for their 60$) don't get what we expect because it had to be watered down just to fit this new gen of people. That's the reason why I love Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising. You NEED to have patience for those games, so you can learn what to do, and from it you get better. But, that's just me, I'm accustomed to getting a challenge from my games.
  10. My name was #7 or 5 on one of them... So close :0 But hey, Re-Rolling next year
  11. Dang it, I was just about to make this too But hey, Free Stuff!
  12. So..... after almost 2 weeks after buying FF14, I now have the time to fully enjoy my free month and start it. But... Idk where to start lol.

  13. I haven't been here much unlike in the summer. Since this semester was life changing but, hey I'd like a shot at it. #Rolling!
  14. Online Co-op. Seriously. That would make it one of the best games in the series. Because honestly, sometimes you get bored being alone, but if you're with a friend it's much better. At least those are my 2 cents
  15. Oh man.... I think I bought too much stuff for black friday.... But hey getting FF 14 for 20$, the last copy of Lords of Shadow collection, Crysis 2 free (Dat GS promo is too good), 1 year ps plus sub for 30$ and a new 8 gb memory for the vita for 10$ is too good to miss out :D

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    2. Aexuz


      I bought 5 years of ps plus for $150 and saved $100 thanks to black friday and I don't even live in US just ordered the codes from Amazon :P

    3. NightWing127


      that ^ :D I only bought 2 years of it.

    4. MxWhiteKnight


      LOL Aexuz, my whole shopping list was 180$ xD But well worth it...

      NightWing..... This is probably to hold me until the summer... although I don't know if I should buy Lords of Shadow 2 at launch or not..... :\