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  1. Oh man.... I think I bought too much stuff for black friday.... But hey getting FF 14 for 20$, the last copy of Lords of Shadow collection, Crysis 2 free (Dat GS promo is too good), 1 year ps plus sub for 30$ and a new 8 gb memory for the vita for 10$ is too good to miss out :D

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    2. Aexuz


      I bought 5 years of ps plus for $150 and saved $100 thanks to black friday and I don't even live in US just ordered the codes from Amazon :P

    3. NightWing127


      that ^ :D I only bought 2 years of it.

    4. MxWhiteKnight


      LOL Aexuz, my whole shopping list was 180$ xD But well worth it...

      NightWing..... This is probably to hold me until the summer... although I don't know if I should buy Lords of Shadow 2 at launch or not..... :\