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About Me

Calm, cool and honest guy who likes to play games. Even more if they're co-op.
Also a huge fan of retro games, especially Double Dragon, Castelvania, Megaman and Legend of Zelda.


Favorite Games:

1. Metal Gear Solid/2/3/4 & Rising
2. Demon's/Dark Souls

3. Batman Arkham Asylum/City

4. Castelvania Harmony of Despair

5. Sengoku Basara 3: Samurai Heroes


I also watch a lot of anime, mainly Action-Adventure oriented like:
One Piece, Fairy Tail, Initial D, Accel World, Highschool DxD.


I live on a tiny island called [_______] and I'm currently 19.  B)  

Anything else, just ask away   :awesome:    :wave: