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  1. one of the people who run this site have said that you will no longer be punished for getting this trophy as you still need to fufill the requirements of this trophy since the bounty has been placed as it is not the trophy instantly popping as you can still be killed with a bounty and not get the trophy
  2. Yes, they did I checked their profile
  3. I own the standard game, season pass and royal pack will that do?
  4. Is that possible on ps4?
  5. If i was to buy the royal pack would i be able to get it?
  6. Someone has just obtained the trophy so are things looking up??
  7. Surgeon simulator
  8. Try finishing heavy rain as it is only 20 hours and a great game
  9. MAJOR uncharted fan and likes to show other rare plats
  10. I was going to read through the thread then realised the 500+ comments so just thought I would ask now. Does buying the season pass disable buying comrades or If I purchase the episodes individually can I still get comrades
  11. Hey it has been nearly 4 years since your comment so i am checking if you have got the 100%
  12. Need for speed rivals: upgrade master, upgrade every item of pursuit tech on a vehicle if you have gotten a good way through the game this may seem quite difficult as there are multiple levels to each piece of pursuit tech however the first car they give you only has 4 different types and all max out at level 1 so you can easily get this 5 mins into the game
  13. #81 farming simulator 19 this was THE MOST boring game I have ever played and the only reason i did was because I got it from ps plus and accidentally earned a trophy time 24 hours enjoyment 1/100 difficulty 2/10 (when you learn what things do what) I recommend this to those people who have trouble sleeping
  14. Done, that was the most boring game i have every platinumed now try bloodborne as you are pretty close and it's a great game
  15. As a challenge try finishing surgeon simulator (it isn't too bad once you learn the controls. or for an easier one attempt nfs most wanted