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  1. Bruh, did we all let paul die 😂
  2. What u could do if u haven't already is getting bronze on all of the circuit experiences as that is super easy and can net you 100k-400k in like 10 mins
  3. Gta 5 while the servers are still up (good luck)
  4. Ahhh ok I didn't realise that, i am in eu as well
  5. U can get it from the in game store still
  6. They said they don't want to disclose any possibly false info When I first asked they said they would pass it on to the game team
  7. It is no problem, if this does come attainable i will only have the 1 game that is impossible due to servers
  8. I have posted the link I have been sending 10's of requests to them everyday and used the server closure as a reason for them to fix it I spoke to mudesir
  9. I have persistently messaged ea about the trophy and they said they're in the process of fixing it. It won't let me insert an image
  10. Just contacted ea support asking if they'd fix it seeing as the servers are closing soon and they just said that they would pass my question to the game supporters and I won't hear anything from them and they would post an update if it does get fixed
  11. Sorry false alarm
  12. It just got patched, scratch this i got it wrong 😑
  13. one of the people who run this site have said that you will no longer be punished for getting this trophy as you still need to fufill the requirements of this trophy since the bounty has been placed as it is not the trophy instantly popping as you can still be killed with a bounty and not get the trophy
  14. Yes, they did I checked their profile
  15. I own the standard game, season pass and royal pack will that do?