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  1. You're overthinking it. The cool combo quest only counts when you finish the actual combo and yes when you see the light on the character's hands you know you're doing it right.
  2. Tos said post it here so here you go. On my first time doing Chapter 3-4 I got Kaga
  3. You can play with friends or random people through the world so the game has cross play. #StillWaitingOnMyCopy
  4. Yeah you can do the big monsters alone if you want. You aren't really forced to multiplayer unless you're gonna go for all trophies. This is monster hunter tho so you're gonna do multiplayer eventually lol
  5. Waiting on my Monster Hunter World copy to arrive and this totally how I feel right now lol

    1. ddracarys


      me waiting for GOT season 8

    2. VetoShizuko
  6. It was free on the japanese psn
  7. Seems like most of us would get the platinum just by playing the game like we've always have lol
  8. I honestly had more interesting screens for Vita more than PS4 but here's what I've done as of late.
  9. I really need to get back to it. I haven't touched any anime or game in awhile because Monster Hunter is so close lol
  10. Star Ocean The Last Hope International - The battle trophies in game is what kills it for me. Have to kill things with 4 HP, 7777 damage. Plus it doesn't help that I'm not too big on getting platinums as much as I used to lol
  11. MonHun hype is real. i wish it was Friday already. o3o

    1. Narutofreak1412


      I feel you ^^

      Mine got shipped yesterday, I can't sleep because maybe it will arrive in a bunch of hours if I'm lucky~

    2. VetoShizuko


      Indeed lol I haven't even checked on my order

    3. Narutofreak1412


      Looks like you got it now, have fun ^^

  12. Nichijou
  13. I just bought some DLC for Tales of Berseria and my ps4 is saying that it's installed but I'm not seeing it anywhere ingame o.o, Anyone know how to deal with this? 

    1. Xylobe


      Was it item DLC? I haven't played Berseria, but in Xillia there was a separate inventory category for DLC items.

    2. VetoShizuko


      Summer Holiday DLC. What I'm saying is that it's not in the DLC section in game

  14. Well it sucks but I guess I don't have a job anymore. Eh oh well at least I have more time for God Eater o3o

    1. Mcbeanstr


      :( Enjoy your weekend and then plan for the future
    2. VetoShizuko
  15. Maybe I'm just getting older but ever since I played MH3U I started not to care about trophies. All seriousness I think it got even worse cause ever since February I've been playing through the Xenosaga games and I think I had more fun with them than almost any of my ps4 games I own. Every time I turn on my ps3 or my ps4 I start playing a game then my mind just says f*** it. Eh maybe I should just keep playing my ps2 and watch more anime till I get back in the mood again.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. VetoShizuko


      Yes I beat all of them. III is my favorite out of the 3 with the 1st game being my 2nd fav.

    3. Masamune


      Same here, there was just something about the 2nd game I just didn't like much.

    4. Sigma999


      I was also in that mood in a time ago just playing my N3DS without having to wory about trophies was great and made me literally play the 3DS for months straight without caring much or even playing on PS3 . Recently i've been playing more PS3 and put the N3DS aside for a bit but i'll definitely return to it strong and motivated al over again .