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  1. Right, and I don't believe they restricted it either. I'm pretty sure you could get trophies (at least at the beginning, but maybe also all along) through the EA Access Trial. But I do assert that you could not get the Platinum Trophy through the 10 hour trial, because some FOTF trophies (and thus the Platinum) were locked out of the EA Access trial due to progression restrictions. A few people are claiming that they did—or they believe people were—getting the Madden 20 Platinum solely through the trial. That's all I'm contending is untrue.
  2. So, please do correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm NOT 100% certain on this—but I'm fairly confident that the Platinum could not be unlocked with EA Access last year regardless of whether or not trophies were active. Reason? Again, unless I'm mistaken, the EA Access trial restricted how far you could progress in the story mode, "Face Of The Franchise". At a certain point in progression on that mode, the trial restricts your progress and says you have to wait for the full release to continue. This cut-off IIRC is PRIOR to story-related trophies. For example, the gold trophy "QB1" is earned when you get drafted to the NFL in Face of the Franchise. Again, unless I'm mistaken, the EA Access trial did NOT let you progress that far, regardless of the 10 hour time limit. Therefore, how could anyone have earned the QB1 or Platinum trophies that way? So unless I'm totally off-base, I'd dispute anyone who is claiming they earned the Platinum last year solely through the EA Access trial. For those pointing out that the Platinum for Madden 20 was earned prior to its commercial release..... of course it was, plenty of people are playing early with review copies. Review copies were out in the wild before even EA Access went live on Madden 20, and trophies were fair game.