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  1. Thank you for the information. Just finishing my first story play through now on Hard. Are there any boosting groups or discord’s anyone is in?
  2. When I’ve seen trophy lists for this game it looks ive seen people with ‘GTA 4 The Complete Edition’ whereas mine just says GTA IV. Are there separate lists for GTA 4 standard + DLC. Is anyone able to confirm? I haven’t done the dlc yet and not sure if I need to track down the dlc physical or just buy the complete version.
  3. Crap.. I'm coming round to the idea of doing this now. Does anyone know how much the dlc is? Saw the dlc trophies take 5 hours ish and I have access to two other PS3s so maybe could get them quicker. The Shadows trophy is definitely offline and doesn't need social club.. I just need patience and practice? Need to finish off GTA V trophies, GTA IV add ons and RDR1+add ons just in case now. Doing LAN doesn't worry me and I haven't played it and could buy the PS4 version to get those. Anyone in a discord for Max Payne 3?
  4. I loved the first two games and when seeing the news today I was thinking 'better do that now'. But after reading the comments and having played the first two only on pc I might skip this one. Just grinded through Far Cry 2 and dunno if I can face another massive grind followed by trying to get Shadows trophy before online goes.. (if that's the thing). Is the DLC free on PS3 like it is on Steam? No.. don't answer that...
  5. What did you use the turbo controller for; revives? I'm getting towards the home stretch now. 7 guns left but multikills, revives etc all done, lvl 18 and a bit. Looking forward to finishing.
  6. So you just create 25 maps yourself and rate those? ------- So using my main account I created 26 maps. Followed 'Mapper' guide and then added an extra camera per map and 'Save As' Untitled1q to Untitled26q. Played each map, first 15 were Uprising and last 11 were deathmatch. 5 minute rounds, only my main in the game as host and selected 'Cancel Match' and rated triangle and x after each one. Didnt get the trophy, I know it is buggy so maybe it's that. However for me creating my own on my main and then rating them didn't seem to work. Trophy says download and rate so maybe I missed a step and should have created my 25 maps, copied to USB and then brought them back to my main account again?
  7. Thanks guys, I've managed to derail to level 1 but I don't know how ppl can get 1500 with just one additional guy. I might need to borrow a friends ps3.
  8. I'm trying to get the Warlord trophy with my alt PS3 and having difficulty getting 1500 xp in 15 minutes. I'm using the basic guns and they give 30xp per kill. Including the running to my character to be killed I can barely get 1000 xp. Should I be using a melee weapon?
  9. I just had a go at doing this with one alt and wasn't close to getting 1500xp. One of my controllers is a bit old so was hard controlling. The game timed out at 15 mins so now I have my main at rank three and both accounts are still in the lobby. What do I do from here? Does the 1500XP have to be in one round? Also who is the alt captain? Does he appear when all spawns are captured? Did you earn your 1500xp in one round?
  10. Hey guys, having a bit of troble getting this, seems to be easy for everyone else but it's proving harder that Test of the Wild was for me (goes to show how much focus was carrying me). I can't get a graug or a beast hunting mission to spawn until I'm halfway through killing the captains. I'm at 8/12 captains (three remaining so need a death), 7/8 branded and 0/5 war chiefs at 32 minutes. Had a couple of goes at getting the captains from here but usually leaves me with about 12 minutes for the 5 war chiefs and to bring them out the missions are quite stealthy. So starting again and trying to get a graug early doors. I have been branding early but going to kill first and then brand. Any tips on getting a graug?
  11. What method did you use for test of the ring? I can't get a graug to spawn after hours of trying. I haven't played the dlc but I wouldn't have thought that would've affected it. (Playing GOTY edition)
  12. I'm going through my preparation ready to start this trophy and was watching this video After he gets the recommended WC the next two WCs he kills don't seem to count as war chiefs.. both I think have their heads bitten off, is that before he didn't kill them himself? Edit: he didn't kill all the bodyguards so they were promoted denying him the war chief kill, must've missed that in the guide. Just got the trophy.. abused the save system, 35 mins. Hardest trophy done!
  13. So I'm nearing the end of my race to get the Up For The Challenge trophy. Have 8 challenges left to do; finish a couple of camps, destroy a couple of convoys, lower a couple of regions, I've counted remaining insignia and scarecrows and I'm looking good.. apart from the scrap challenge. I've had a quick count tonight on remaining locations. I'm on 151 and looking at the map I have 75 remaining. I've completed the survey crew challenges for the four strongholds and I've been checking my scrap locations.. I have 115 of 191 and have completed 151 locations, it matches. But I'm one location short from counting them on the map. I haven't finished the story missions or side quests yet so the missing one might pop up in a mission but I would've thought it would be already showing on the map. It's not in gastown as far as I'm aware.. I've been in the city and the pipes for Deep Friah. What a treat it would be to start again... -------EDIT--------- Found it, it was unmarked in Chumbucket's area. Phew.
  14. Up to the Task finally popped in the early hours of this morning. Just need to mop up the racing trophies and a couple of others and I'm done. Had a glitchless run really. Sound went a couple of times and had an endless storm but these fixed themselves when reloading the save file. It's been a fun game, I loved finding the hideouts and pondering which one I'd chose to live in. Too many ppl are crapping onto the floor.. give yourselves a drop guys.
  15. A lot of people mention about backing up the saves to USB/Cloud.. is this necessary outside of your system blowing up? Yikes, sorry about the Choke, I haven't done that yet so I'm going there right away. I've heard that if you uninstall the game and reinstall it and load your save it can cause the missing items to reappear.. you might wanna try that?
  16. So going for Plat and enjoying the game so far. On about 1200/2000 for Dividend, done the glitch container fine, at 31/191 (67) Scavenger locations.. plodding along nicely after a week of so starting it and haven't been dumped yet by the GF. Where do you guys stand on completing the regions? I was looking to get the flames for the Magnus but I have to rid Balefire of all threat. I've been trying to keep threat above 2 in that region and (at 3 in GutGash and barely started Pinkeye). I've heard it's best to keep the threat there for the challenges. Are the flames something I should skip? I'm hoping to get Up To The Challenge before the middle of October as I have died a couple of times, and at one point I destroyed a Gang Sign with a sniper shot but the base didn't register it until I got inside it (showed 0 initially) and I'm a bit worried I might get done by another glitch like many have. There are so many requirements for this trophy to hard to figure out if I'm already in trouble lol.
  17. I've found I was getting 130-140 scrap for 12 hours offline (actually in rest mode with game closed) with just the Jeeta crew. Built the second crew now. I'm probably being daft but I'm playing the game normally.. if I drive past an interesting spot I'll loot it. Checking my stats and challenge figures and I'm good so far. Bit worried I might bugger up another challenge.. I lost a war cryer after leaving him hanging and when I destroyed the oil pump he was gone.. but they don't appear to be a challenge.. I've got plenty of time however to restart if I mess up. I've died a few times (from snipers mostly) but wasn't lootng anywhere. I have five auto saves going atm
  18. How long did it take you? Also, is the order you recommend doing things in?
  19. Is there any point in the WB Play thing? Is this needed for the online trophies?
  20. I haven't played this game but I'm up for trying for this trophy. So is your plan you get the requirements for the online trophy before you go out and explore the rest of the game? Loading the game, getting the scrap, repeat until you get 2000?