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  1. Platinum trophies lacks value currently in my opinion. There are platinums that can be obtained in 30 seconds, some platinums are easier than bronze trophies. I think it would be neat if Psnprofiles added their own unique trophy. "Diamond or Master" trophy. Or something like that.


    For a platinum to count as a Master trophy, not more than 1-2% of Psn players has earnt it, that way we know it's most likely not the easiest plat. Or - games that are known to be hard. Cuphead, evil within etc. This way Psnprofiles would be more unique than what it currently is


    I know there is a trophy cabinet where you csn showcase 3 rare plats which is nice, but it's not really 'noticeable', you don't really "feel" it. I think people have the right to brag for hard plats


  2. 1 minute ago, StacFace92 said:


    PSNProfiles doesn't get your hidden trophy data. It works out that a 'H' needs to be applied when comparing the number of trophies it can see on your profile vs the number of trophies PSN states you have. The only way your suggestion would work is if you synced your profile to PSNProfiles, then hid the trophies later, but they'd need to update PSNProfiles so it remembers what you previously had, which would likely be difficult to implement when not a lot of people would use it (normally, if someone is hiding trophies it's because they don't want them on their profile at all).

    But do you think it's better  that Console and psnprofiles is out of sync? I soon have 100 plats on console even though hidden, but 84 on Psnprofiles. I think it's terrible in the current way they've done. MANY people would agree with me that they don't mind showing it on Psnprofiles (because only trophy hunters visit there) but they want it hidden from casual players on console..


  3. 5 minutes ago, Lorajet said:

    I've already suggested that some of us with hidden trophies (because of sync problems or just because we hated the game) hate to be labeled with the terrible blue H.  But I think trying to separate the "hidden by choice" and "hidden by cheating" trophies opens a whole 'nother issue that would be hard to track on the site.

     I don't see the issue? They have all the data, they know what we've hidden. All I am saying is that we should be able to 'unhide' those trophies on psnprofiles in a different section for everyone to view if they so want to. The issue is that our progress is being erased rather than the H


  4. It's very demotivating to continue trophy hunting when you've decided to hide games and have it affect your profile/leaderboard etc.


    Reason I and many others hides games is because we didn't enjoy them, and we wouldn't want to ever recommend those games to people on our friendlist who goes through our library or see our name as recommendation when they go through PS Store. Because they might not even be into trophy hunting and end up making a really poor purchase.


    But I don't think it's fair to wipe all the progress we've put into those games from psnprofiles, because it's still effort we've put in and shouldn't be erased from stats


    My idea is: instead of saying "x trophies hidden" and removing all progress/levels from our leaderboard/profile. - how about allowing us to have another section of all the games we have hidden? And this way allow us to keep all our levels/stats etc.


    When you visit a profile, you see it as normally, but for people who have hidden games, they have a second page you can watch with all their "hidden" games


    Sorry I'm pretty bad at explaining, hope it makes sense. And - it's also pretty frustrating when I see myself as lvl 26 with 98 plats on console, but 84 plats and lvl 24 on psnprofiles.. :-/