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  1. thanks, sorry i didn't knew how to read the score, i got it after Freefallen feat
  2. Hey, i don't understand this stupid trophy i do a lot of this feats but for some reason doesn't work and it's very confusing how i know that i complete one? the yellow letters with my id or how? it's hard to know and there are no videos for example "Maximum carnage" i have killed many enemies with rpg but doesn't count, how i know? Wait i'm uploading with triangle and now the green letters apear so that's how it works?, point break doesn't unlock
  3. I have study the german case and man i don't understand how you can have movies like "Melancholie der Engel" but not Dead rising lol, it doesn't have any sense the first example its extreme worst in all ways than a videogame... snowflakes and governments should keep their heads in ther asses and stop annoying people, it's 2021 we can go back censoring, not even nuns, boomers and monks are the ones who complain lol, are the 15 years old twitter warriors with the brain washed with garbage, i hope in some moment all this stupid thing can be a dream and in 5 years or less we can laugh of these people and how the stupidity peak was reached, it's a cultural americanization of being offended but i know it will stop, the hope it's on Japan, China and South Korea.
  4. Sir you are right, and you being german knows how it is to have censorship in videogames , i don't have empathy and i don't care about that, my patience has reached a peak and i don't tolerate these people , they are creating the contrary effect, they are creating people who doesn't support that causes and it's their own blame for being such annoying. Censorship it's yes or it's no, that's it. As i said i hope all the offensive content and stereotypes can be in the game and in other games.
  5. Don't defend this, it's cringe to see people defending censorship lol, it doesn't matter if it's a small change just learn to not be offended, the character it's not even a good person , i don't care if people gets offended and many people doesn't care too, this kind of people can be offended because of a skirt lol but not with massive murder, i hope you don't complain because of China censorship will not allow things like life is strange , i mean that will be double standard right? You defend censorship or not defend censorship, there it's no middle point.
  6. I accept the challenges form incoming messages and to watch the score you have to go to towers and towers results will show you that, for some reason sometimes will crash but still try until you get it
  7. I hope really HOPE that Rockstar doesn't make any changes on history and characters because of the same twitter hippies of always... Rockstar it's the last western brand that haven't kneel down to that psychos yet, all GTA are made for being controversial and a satire, i hope all the jokes offending all people can keep in the game, we are in 2021 the censorshit it's not acceptable in any form, people (californian mostly) should learn to see the difference with games and real life, i bought the originals for warning of this. Nothing needs to be changed, the characters are murderers lol, why someone would complain for a flag? doesn't have any sense lol, flanders society World history it's ugly, violent and bad, that's the real world, if you censor characters like that you are giving to the future audiences the idea that we have always been living in peace with love and flowers singing "imagine" and it's not like that.
  8. It's freaking buggy , so the solution was that a friend sent me three tower challenges, i finished all of them, he saw the score inside the game and i did the same , sometimes it crash but that time it works, i got the meesage that i won very random and finally got it, my advice it's you need someone that send you 3 challenges and he needs to wait in the menu game and both of you need to watch the score inside the game at the same time
  9. uh no, i hope they leave the ip dead, i dont want to see new ugly characters in the saga, Nathan its Uncharted and Uncharted its Nathan
  10. But they could save even more money for games, small and medium games... all producers just want marvel actors for new hollywood movies
  11. i hope all this movies and series fail and they lost a lot of money so they can focus on games,GAMES, i want games, we want games...
  12. Sports champions and Infamous 2, man i want to go back to 2012
  13. My grandfather says I'm too reliant on technology. I called him a hypocrite and unplugged his life support
  14. Life is strange 💩, a netflix series cliche, don't know what people like about that , Fallout, i tried with fallout 3 on ps3 but it doesn't got me i just like the dark setting but i can't, Wolfenstein, it's ultra generic and characters doesn't have soul, all bioware games are bad for me , ugly design of characters and world, bad gameplay, bad stories...
  15. Goty 2022 - ∞