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  1. It's all Relative Collected every trophy. Congratulations! WONDERFUL GAME, omg i don't know how i didn't play this piece of art years ago, it's a masterpiece, i love the steampunk world of Gravity Rush, the gameplay it's very unique and it's one of the few games when i haven't used fast travel because fly it's very fun for me, i love Kat it's so cute and sexy but Raven for me it's hottest love her gothic style but love both characters by the way, i want to play Gravity rush 2 maybe in one month i'm going to bought the game i want fo see all the ending because the history can be confusing but it's nice the characters and style it's beautiful, thanks Japan Studio :3 Was expensive omg 130 on ebay but it worth it's a cult playstation classic, every playstation player please try this game we owe that to Japan Studio an Keiichiro Toyama you are master, fun challenges, all all and DLC's very good, Gravity rush 2 here we go in some days!!.
  2. Injustice 2, please don't do it unless you are very lucky like me and get the "cat fight " trophy in the first hours because if not the grind it's awful and all characters at lv 20 OMG, the good part it's that you can let the cpu play for you but You need to check to press the x button to continue, it's my hardest and tedious trophy for the moment and if you want 100% You need a character lv 30, i got it with my favorite in the game red hood, but OMG just ve patient if you want this trophy
  3. Yeah but sometimes the ones with the least % are easy but are trophies that make people sloth that happens to me in Rainbow six siege
  4. Hi everyone what it's the hardest trophy in the Game? Since there it's no a guide i don't know what trophy can give me problems.
  5. One PercenterGo above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone DAYS GONE. AMAZING GAME, for me was one of the best PS4 exclusives and it's in my top 10 of PS4 exclusives, beautiful history love the romance of Deacon and Sarah, true and pure love like i have never seen before, solid gunplay and really sad but epic OST my favorite song from Lewis Capaldi at the credits made me tear The sequel its going to exist, we just need to be patience, its not cancelled, Sony for the moment didn't give the approval but we are gonna have it maybe in 3 years,keep this comment and you will see, the game sold very well it was profitable, im going to do the 100% but i need more practice in some challenges, fun platinum and for me better than Horizon in many things, Thanks Deacon and thanks Bend Studio, we are waiting for the next ride.
  6. I knew there Will be a sequel, i'm so happy right now <3, judgment was amazing like all Yakuza universe but this sequel watching the trailer give me goosebumps, i guess important characters are going to die OMG , September come faster please
  7. My mistake, i forgot Jefferson one the tower its not important, this post can be deleted?
  8. I don't understand why companies can't make games without bugs, i don't know what can i do, i just need the tower camp bunker when i reach to the map i press square but deacon doesn't say nothing and it doesn't give the ambush im on 93% , what can i do? in a new game the ambush keep? this is awful
  9. It's hard very hard and if you want 100% it Will be a pain in the A$$, i don't have the platinum hey but i have all the DLC survival trophy because 2 pro players help me but it's awful, and the base game it's hard too, i think it's the hardest Uncharted and alongside with killzone shadowfall, dreams, lbp 3, gran turismo SPORT , the hardest PS4 EXCLUSIVES games for platinum. But do it if you really love it
  10. Dark souls it's my favorite saga of all time including Demon souls and Bloodborne too, playing Dark souls for the first time and see The Artorias history for me was a wonderful world and character that has me in love with this piece of art, so "Abyss Walker" sounds great because we are always walking in to the Abyss of life. And the number 61 it's because this number symbolize the "Family" and my family means everything to me.
  11. Legendary Zombie Hunter. This is a great game, it's funny and Juliet has become in one of my favorite females in videogames, love blondes are my weak so very perfect i love sexy females in videogames, the black humour its good with all the dark jokes and the ost just with Arch Enemy nemesis they got me but the platinum for me it was difficult when it comes to beat dad scores, its annoying the 6 trophies of that but the rest very easy actually, i hope the sequel someday Warner :(.
  12. THIS, it's amazing, next will be Toro let's party and Siren blood Curse
  13. Amazing game!! long live Japan Studio
  14. Just give me a new twisted metal, a new Siren, i'm happy that Sackboy it's still alive at this point but common we need old sagas too, that's why i'm demanding as a Playstation fan and consumer