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  1. Hey sorry but I need this trophy so you don't need a friend for this? I can get this trophy with a second account?
  2. It's possible to get pure white tendency without the help of others?
  3. I have to say I didn't follow the guide for this game and now I don't know what to do, I got the londons burning trophy and everyone it's death but I don't find the weapons that I need for some characters there's a way I can find the weapons or a I need to start a new game?
  4. I mean why the percentage it's so low?
  5. Perfect I'm gonna try it, but why it's still so low even getting all the online stuff?
  6. Shit, that assemble trophy man, reminds me of the same trophy in a lobby in burnout paradise lol, if I cant I'm just gonna play it in another account to don't ruin my list because it's one of the best fighting games ever
  7. Hi I just wanna know if all the online crap can be done easy on 2022? And how long it takes
  8. Yeah but still he creates the character and some people will make a big backlash still so I think it's not gonna happen, I would like to see a vampire or a werewolf
  9. That's never gonna happen, with the history of the director, the developers wouldn't like a big backlash All the maps with water each time someone's choose the shark as the killer
  10. Don't go for destruction all stars lol, shitty ass game and shifty platinum it's the worst combination, just bots , no one plays that crap
  11. Thanks you so much man I finally got it and I got my platinum, what a buggy and grindy trophy list, it's a great game but still some crashes and bugs ruin the experience
  12. Hi do you know if I can get the trophy of Coxwell on independent servers or it should be on 64 map player? That stupid map never appears
  13. I love Sackboy and I want this game but can I get the trophies in co-op without online?
  14. For some reason it wasn't unlocked even finishing the game on brutal, I made the last chapter again on normal and I got unlock the skin lol
  15. I finish the game on crushing but didn't unlock the skin for the 100, it's a bug or something?