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  1. It wasn't a nonsense for people like these we have these kind of policies and it will be difficult to change until Playstation moves to Tokyo again, California has an absurd MORALITY when it comes to videogames, that's it, Uppers now it's not gonna be here for your fault and the man that replied with a tipycally sjw answer, lmao not surprising, i'm not gonna win an strike for this, just think about it, are videogames so don't be "scared" for japanese games lmao.
  2. I write what i want, deal with it i'm not the only one tired of this , "incel" the Best thing you can say for support censorship, don't talk to me , i don't want this people in my life
  3. Just don't bring your stupid morals, i don't care if some girls doesn't like that games, that games and Senrán Kagura are made for us , for males that don't cry for videogames and many girls can play that too ( We shouldn't care if girls like or not lol) , don't talk for them , for people like you we have censor in the west not just Sony , many companies because "muh it's creep", no it's not, it's their culture, in Japan women are women and act like WOMEN that's it, i hope more games can have the intimacy mode of SK to see snowflakes crying for fake MORALITY when America it's a country full of pornography so don't be hypocrite and shut up , i prefer this over gorilla Abby or Returnal man xddddd More games like these and less games Made by fake westeners (mostly américan society). For luck this asian with english versions doesn't have any censorship so players like me can enjoy it very well. Japan it's never gonna change and i'm proud for them , start respecting other cultures
  4. Awful month, tennis really? Plants vs zombies? This is 2012? Or something?
  5. 2000$ PC gaming but they beg console games because they don't have EXCLUSIVES lol, PC gaming it's the most tóxic community ever
  6. Hey everyone i have Senran Kagura beach peach splash and it's my first game in the saga and i love it, i want to know if this has the intimacy mode? Hoping that Soyny hasn't put their hands and if it has the mode i will buy it
  7. Every Assassin's creed it's a big pile of shit, AC revelations was good for the world of Constantinople but all the games are genéric, shitty story and historical innacuracy, just look at valhalla the "VikIngS" you can found lol. For me it's the most overrated saga of all time, trust me i don't have fun in any Assassin's creed, the stealth it's not so good as many think, combat it's awful and yeah i'm talking about old and new games , all main characters are made for stupid hippie designers who smoke crack and the voice actors are people with child traumas who read the lines, worst of the worst but it's not surprising coming from Ubisoft. Tomb Raider 2013 it's a very normal game i don't understand why Lara Croft it's still relevant , it's more ugly now, i need to play the other two but after playing Uncharted this reboot was normal with a shitty multiplayer. The Attack on titan Game it's very repetitive and it's not so much fun after hours, but i need to do the platinum in some moment believe that the money spend in it was worth it. Vampyr it's a disaster , again i need to finish the game and make the platinum, it's not so bad honestly but the map it's aids , you can lose very faster because the design it's made by an junkie, combat it's good like soulslike style, story not so bad but very normal game. For the moment this in PS4 just this, in PS3 there are others Why this stupid game its mature ? Lol
  8. Noooo please i hope this can't be real, more agenda on Playstation games, WTF it's happening with Playstation ? Just give us games man, Jim Ryan needs to be fired, Netflix? Are you serious? We don't need this, they are so desperate to fight against gamepass but Netflix it's not the way NEVER
  9. Jim Ryan can fuck himself , i hope he gets fired sooner or later, he it's ruining Playstation , i want, we want the generation of PS3 titles not the same kind of game all the time and more anime and japanese games without censor BS, i hope we can get a japanese leaders again because they understand more the games and players than americans ...specially californians... Iugh A new Siren, a new Ape scape , a new Twisted metal, a new Gravity rush... Not just tlou 69
  10. The co- op requires online?
  11. Just another day at the officeEarn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered Platinum #32- This is one of my favorite Call of duty ever, i played this game 10 YEARS AGO and brings me nostalgia to do everything again , the levels, the characters, the story , the multiplayer with the geat maps to hide and seek... Captain Price it's my favorite character and the platinum itself can be hard with veteran difficulty, One shot, one kill and Heat were fucking crazy,i spend 2 hours in each mission but i finally did it so it's very great all in this game, i wish Activision can make more COD like these and not just the futuristic ones. Long live Marines!!!
  12. Well this is going to be long, just two people are trying to fix the servers of Titanfall 2, so they don't care anymore about the game, Apex legends it's obviously more profitable Fuck EA
  13. Far cry 5 with 63% and i don't want to spend more time in this game honestly, the only dlc i want to try it's the Vietnam one but i'm tired of Ubisfot games so i don't mind leaving the game at 63%
  14. That's a Wrap!Unlock all bronze, silver and gold trophies. I must say that these types of games are not my thing, I have the platinum of Detroit Become Human and I wanted to try this only because they gave it in PLUS, I never heard of this game, nor did I know that such a game existed and well the true ending is fine, the actress it's beautiful and the characters are really normal, a story that is more suitable for a miniseries than for a game, but the London Studio has to do something, right? I hope that Sony gives London Studio better resources to do other things, these types of games are personally tiring and making them platinum is only 6 hours, we spend more on JRPG and sandbox but for some reason, these games for me are more tedious even if they are short, the story it leaves you with many questions, the decisions don't change a lot, I just recommend the game for 3$ or if you like so much this type of game, it's as i said a 5 of 10.
  15. For the moment May and July are the worst plus month of the year OMG what a crap of games, plague tale only on ps5 and WWE battlegrounds what a sh*tty game, nothing like March.