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  1. Thanks you so much man I finally got it and I got my platinum, what a buggy and grindy trophy list, it's a great game but still some crashes and bugs ruin the experience
  2. Hi do you know if I can get the trophy of Coxwell on independent servers or it should be on 64 map player? That stupid map never appears
  3. I love Sackboy and I want this game but can I get the trophies in co-op without online?
  4. For some reason it wasn't unlocked even finishing the game on brutal, I made the last chapter again on normal and I got unlock the skin lol
  5. I finish the game on crushing but didn't unlock the skin for the 100, it's a bug or something?
  6. Yeah still have my ps3 slim of 2012 and works very very fine
  7. Two step verification helps me with this now I can access, I'm going to buy drakengard dlc and all the classics I can because in 2023 I'm sure the store will disappear
  8. It says that my session closed, " try to opened again"
  9. Didn't work that
  10. Did you lose everything? I was asking
  11. Everyone has the same problem since the firmware update? How can I fix it?
  12. In my case I don't care about graphics, PS5 and XBOX series x will be the worst generation in years, overpriced games, just multi-player generic shooters with ugly characters, Netflix written stories... when I play old games even with ugly load screen times I feel happy because things were easy and more fun like now. Graphics should always be the last thing you saw in a videogame but obviously things like Stranger of paradise are not acceptable.
  13. This is dangerous, I like to trophy hunting but it's okay to take a rest, I did Dead by Daylight and Gta V in the last months and the grind was so hard that I decide to play on switch and play on ps4 to complete platinum to don't get bored of the hobby, remember that the idea it's playing the games not for trophies and you will be happy
  14. Thats very weird, maybe they change the requirements for slayer as a starter( like wow with the death knight) but in my case i create a female elven slayer without any restrictions, maybe are the requirements at this moment Yeah its 70 hours platinum so it's better to start faster if anyone needs help at any time i can help all of you, because im going to install the game to keep pics, videos and memories because its sad when a game close like that and this is a good mmo