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  1. This is the only trophy I still need and I have attempted 40+ time to no avail on part 3. I have tried the tissue technique, tried using my fingers instead of thumb, and NOTHING I do seems to work. Out of those 40 tries the last has only ever lit up twice and I couldn't react fast enough to press the . Have never rage quit before but I may have to just admit defeat with this one!
  2. Don't mind me, just passing by! Nice use of Amaterasu as your cover photo.  Makes me wanna play Okami HD again. :D

    1. Carrie Kitteh

      Carrie Kitteh

      Thanks! Definitely one of my favourite games, I've completed it a few times now but always find it so relaxing to play 😌

  3. nice to meet you I always love hearing of couples/spouses that game together, super cute :3
  4. Half the bands you post I have seen live
  5. Uncharted. make love to: a mermaid with a woman's torso and fish tail... or a mermaid with a woman's bottom half and a fish head?
  6. I would love to be able to tattoo people but noo idea how i'd go about getting training! I used to have to tattoo people as my job as a radiotherapist but that was literally just 3 black dots haha
  7. BRING IT ON and yes, you need to update your thread moar.
  8. Thankyou so much everyone, I'm really flattered and you've made me willing to share loads more
  9. Ok so I finally decided to share some of my artwork. Just a hobbyist with no education in art so don't be too harsh with me! I'm not great at formatting so you'll have to bear with me while I try and get this looking decent I'll just share a few examples for now and keep adding to it as and when. All my art is done traditionally with no digital manipulation (as I don't know how) People: some commissions(and some slightly NSFW): Some gaming fanart (mainly old and crappy, don't judge): Other random traditional art:
  10. these are absolutely fantastic, GREAT job. I never use dA anymore but i logged in just to watch you
  11. the ones with the sun shining through are just sublime, good job
  12. Not sure if my PM showed up. But I've been in a great mood today :)

  13. Awesome! Are you going again this year? Oh god, they are amazing. I'd see them again and again. I was just sad they didn't do an encore at DL so that everyone could go watch Sabbath
  14. About time you changed your name IC :)