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  1. Lol if admin will answer to all stupid questions, he ll become mad. There is a topic already for hundred years where you can see for what things you ll get banned.
  2. Im using wifi ancd turning off internet connection worked great
  3. It can work with any daily money bonus. 5kk is until 28 may and took for me exactly 5 minutes lol. With 150k bonus it can take few hours and so on.
  4. AHAHAHA it works, thanks a lot. Haha those who grinded hundreds hours will be in eternal pain. This is one of the best tips I saw on psnprofile.
  5. Actually this game is so boring and pointless. I tryed to play this game 3 or 4 times, but I couldnt play this piece of trash more then 20 minutes. The same goes for re5. RE4 is great, and its pretty scary in some places. But I dont like re5 and re6 not because they action/shooter games, but because they are boring and gameplay is far from good. Thanks god Capcom revived series with re7 and two remakes.
  6. If you read carefully the reply, they said "currently". From my experience with the game periods when online is off are 3-4 monthes. After that they eventually turn it on. So Im sure online will be playable again.
  7. Servers for this game are off for a long period of time, but then someone bring them on. So its not the first time they are off. Just check them from time to time and accidentally they will work. I waied for about 3 monthes till they work again. So dont give up and just check them.
  8. So, is there are any other questions or whats the deal?
  9. Answer is actually in my first post. But I can repeat again: you can open all difficulties by beating previous difficulty in prologue.
  10. Tyrantraxus Devil May Cry 5 Answer for noobs: if you kill boss in prologue you open next difficulty.
  11. I believe it was pure luck, but I did the following things: 1)start adventure always with archipelago 2 )on my first attempt in first save slot 3d world was "2 worlds" 3) started immediately another game in 2d slot, boom 3d world was winter lvl with Wes. So not sure it will work again, but thats how I got Wes. Play with robot, he is overpowered character, actually you cant die with him if you experienced in the game.
  12. Great, exactly what I need! So we need two run with Chris now for unlocking costumes? I believe one no save run for sure. And what insta death there are in game: 1) shark boss 2)two rocks in the cave 3)Lisa fight 4)anything else? And HUGE thanks again for video 😀. Another great guide from you!
  13. Your guide with commentary is way better. Funny jokes (Barry is a good guy for sure lol), useful tips and info make your guide really interesting to watch. I played a lot RE1 back in days, but almost forgot everything, so your work helps a lot. Btw why are using Jill in only knife run? I saw you have already video with Chris knife only invisible enemies run. Was going to use it)
  14. This is my list in no order. These games gave me the most enjoyable expierence and a lot of fantatstic emotions in my gaming life. 1) Baldurs Gate (PC) Arguably the best RPG of all times. I finished this game a lot of times and every playthrough was different in my behavior. But the funniest were for sure evil runs with killing everything you can. Take in your party 1)Xan and Montaron 2) Edvin (the best mage ever) 3) Kill Minsk again and again (I need trophy for this in ps4 version) -) 4) Sarevok is neutral good in comparison with my acts "evil laugh" 2)Fallout 2 (PC) The 2d greatest rpg of all times. Again you can act as you want. Bad or good? Of course bad line and agressive answers to NPC are the funniest for sure. Destroying all New Reno citizens gives you a lot of good carma. Take in your party some good companions (meatdog for sure have place in party) and have fun in this peaceful and friendly world. 3)Final fantasy 7 (PSP) Was playing this game first time on psp. Story is a true brilliant. The best JRPG for me. This game gives you a lot of wonderful emotions. Watching an old film with Stallone "Clifthanger" I always hope he will save that pure girl. So... you know what I mean ;-( 4)Hitman (PS) First part gave me the most fun. You can play as damn cool killer. What can be better??? Those missions in jungle are fantastic. Nowdays graphics from hitman are poor (who cares), but first time it was released this game gave me one of the best gaming expierence. 5)Dead space (PC) The best atmospheric horror space game. I love first Dead space, I love all necromorphs, except one for sure. The first time I met regenerator I turned off my pc immediately after loosing all my ammunition lol. Those sounds, locations and for sure story are fantastic. 6)Dustforce (PC) The best current gen platformer. Spending hundred hours in this game. Graphics, sondtrack, deep mechanics and gameplay are truly masterpiece. There are tons of custom lvls made by players so the game has infinite replayability. Also there are leaderboards for all levels where you can watch all replays!!! 7)Destiny (PS4) Destiny with end game content is a great game. This is the world where you want to return a lot. Pvp, raids, strikes and others activites are really fun. There are tons of different and cool weapons and you want to test and use all of them. Graphics are amazing in this game, This is a wonderful experience to visit so many places in solar system fighting against powerful enemies. 8)Resident Evil (PC) This is the most famous mansion in gaming history for sure. Those scary jumps and pretending tricky "dead" zombies lying on the floor frightened me a lot the first time I was playing this game. It sounds funny now. Also we have Tyrant and Wesker here. What a company! Who could know they will become so popular nowdays. And I hate that fat big spider for sure in one of the rooms... 9)Darkwing duck (NES) What a beautiful platformer game. I finished this game many many times. DD has fantastic replayability. Music on all levels is so good. Those rhythms i remember even now. All bosses and level designs are amazing. 10)GTA 3 (PC) First GTA was so fun, but then came this GAME. Yeah GTA in 3d, wow, just wow. This is revolutionary game, one of the greatest breakthrough in gaming history. Open world in gta is a true gem. Yes we have gta4 and gta5, but exactly gta3 gave me the greatest impressions.
  15. If you want a quick road in 1999 mode farm a Winterhield in Battleship area, so you actually bacome a god with this thing. There are two gears near each other. So if you didnt get shield restart checkpoint. It took 20 minutes for me getting this gear. Also usefull gears are Blood to salt (for indoors fights), Firebird, Urgent care. You got burning halo from the 2d gear too. Another good place to farm equipement is in Hall of heroes, there are two gears in store rooms. For sirens spam charge with burning halo and hit her with some volley gun or hand cannon bullets. For last fight use return to sender as said in previous post. Actually you need full upgrades for charge and return to sender skills, nothing more. For weapons buy damage upgrades for cannon and sniper riffle. If you get killed spend 100 dollars to respawn. You ll have plenty of money and with respawn, enemies that you killed before will not respawn with you. The only hard place of the run is the beginning where you have the worst weapons in the game.