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  1. Yeah ordinary enemies are kind brutal. When you learn patterns it will be easier, but there are combination of enemies that makes you cry and ragequit like you said) There is video on youtube how hard was original ng2, where gamer cant even beat first wave of enemies. Of course learning movements of enemies will make you better and if you can plat dmc 1,3 you can for sure plat ng1, 2, but it will be harder in all aspects. Bosses in ng2 are hard to master too, I didnt have so much problems in all dmc series, because there are almost everywhere cheap ways to win. If you ll play ng2 on ps3 there are some online trophies. On ps4 everything offline I believe. 3d ng is bad, not as bad as dmc2, but after ng1 and ng2 (both are masterpieces) you will not want play this game.
  2. I played dmc 1-5, and ng 1-3. Except dmc2 and ng3 these games are the best in genre. Platinum trophy in ng1 and ng2 are harder then all dmc plats, because in every dmc game you can find really cheap strategies to win. In ng1 there is wall run tha works everywhere and ng2 there some exploits too,but overall they are harder that everything dmc can throw at you. And dont play ng3 , that game is trash like dmc2. Ng1 and Ng2 are fantastic games with cool gameplay and hard enemies.
  3. i think ai in wipeout hd is more smart then in this collection. Overall collection is harder, because some events in 2024 are brutal. Some requirements were changed in hard way in comparison with vita version. Fury isnt that bad.
  4. I completed wipeout on vita, ps3 and ps4. All i can say is that game is 99% pure skill. 1% of luck goes for one battle event in 2048 campaign. If someone thinks its luck thats only mean you have to learn a lot about this game. There are lots of shortcuts, most of them are usable only with boost in right place. You must learn when to use weapon or absorb it, when to barrel or not, when to use useful perks. Every race even with super bad rng can be finished with your win. Wipeout is the best and most enjoyable racing game on ps.
  5. 1-3. Spelunky 2 Amazing game. The bedt roguelike game on ps4. Gameplay is fantastic. 1-3. Nuclear throne. One of the best roguelite games. There are some crashing bugs, but overall its really good. One of the best and smartest AI in the games I saw. Great music too. Replay ability is over 9000. 1-3. Risk of rain 2. One of the brst roguelite games on ps4. Wonderful world and story. Ror1 and Ror2 have super great soundtrack for the game. 4-10. Prey. This game is amazing. Great atmosphere and gameplay. That game deserves some love. 4-10. Soma. One of the best stories in genre. Everyone should play this game. 4-10. Bloodborne. Hmm nothing to say except that this game is gorgeous. 4-10. Destiny. I spend a lot of hours in first game. It is veru interesting to explore planets and play raids. Kingfall is the best for sure. 4-10. Resident evil 2. Great remake with fantastic atmosphere of horror. 4-10. Outlast. Haha its funny to watch streams of new players. Dlc is super cool too. 4-10. Gta5. I like very much 1, 3, 5 games of this series. Graphics are amazing and progress from 1st part is unreal.
  6. The trophies will be from ps4 if you remote play from ps4. And there is no different trophies lou on vita
  7. Wow Congratulations! i highly believe that this game is a big piece of unoptimized s****. But anyway its interesdting to read this topic and watching the progress of comunity. The same I can say about first zegetta. Haha its awesome achievement.
  8. I was using glitch like in the guide, sitting in the box on the first floor, and 1 heavy was always alive and he was near me. And yeah he can oneshot you with melee attack. Thanks! Yeah wonderful guide, you explained practically everything that game can throw at you, even plan b if something goes wrong. Totally agree your guide makes it 8/10 no more. Not so good playing shooters with ds4, so was not sure if I can finish this. And pretty good explanation of every skip and how to make them. As you said theys are all practically 100% safe and easy if you know what you are doing. Your guide for sure deserves more views and likes)
  9. Hey Bro, thanks a lot for this guide. All sections are super easy and safe with your videos. Thats the most overrated platinum I believe. The same difficulty as Shadow warrior or Killzone shadow fall on elite. The only difficulty is the length of the run, but you can pause anyway. 95% of your time you are camping and stealth. The only hard part is the last fight, thats the only place in the game where rng can kill you with bad spawns. I advice to run straight to the bunker after killing 6th heavy, not like in your video, where you are running in circle. In penthouse I advice to kill heavy with charge after the music starts. Its super easy and safe. If you dont kill him, things can go wrong. And the 1st skip was kind bad in your video. So you can wall run like in my video. After sprint press jump and when you are in high position, just spam jump and Billy will go up by himself.
  10. A few advices to get unstoppable trophy. 1) go after this trophy after you have unlocked all crowns for melting. Why? Because you ll have a lot of experience in the game. You will know how to deal with throne1, throne2 boss fights and how to kill elite cops, the worst enemies in game. They can easily kill you in a few seconds. 2) unlock golden bazooka for melting. It will be your starting weapon. You need it in 6.1 to become a skeleton. Its the easiest way, believe me. 3) store guitar in vault. If you dont know how to do it, then you need to play more. Copy your save file to usb, in case if you die. And you ll die a lot for sure. The same trick works with gun gun, if you accidentally die in the vault while farming for golden nuke on hard. 4) take crown of hatred. It will be hard with melting and bazooka? Then you need to play more. 5) Mutations. For easy run you need: rhino skin for survival , long arms for better range, strong spirit for survival , rabbit paw for survival and farming, second stomach for survival and farming , euphoria for survival and farming. Better in the same order. These mutations will help a lot on skeleton. Extra feet, hammerhead, plutonium hunger, scarier face (for boss fights), stress are good too. 6)Take guitar in 3-2 an go to 6-1. 7) dont kill the last necromancer and farm two or three levels on skeleton. How to do it, you can find in guide. Its quite easy and fast. 8)go to 1-2 l1 vault and farm rads till the end. Be careful not to kill guardian, I accidentally did it in ny run. 9)the order of mutations on melting and skeleton are the same. If you take hammerhead on melting then after transforming in skel you ll save that 20 or so wall tiles destructions. If you take back muscle on melting, you will save your ammo on skeleton too. 10) Fish can roll -)
  11. I can confirm this doesnt work. 7 forsaken exotics to go for me.
  12. These two trophies are quite easy. But does this method of buying the same exotics from Xur works for dlc trophy? Forsaken exotics are super rare, only got one from around 26 exotics I have. Hope some day Xur will sell them, so I can check this method. Actually the most annoying trophy in the game.
  13. Yeah low scorer looks tough. You must know all mechanics of the game in the first spelunky to make zero gold run. Speedrun in 10 minutes dont look hard, because anyway you can always rob a shop and get all good equipment.
  14. The first two seasons were really great. It was interesting to play and react to different things. Yeah they are cool. The 3d season was pure garbage. Actually I was almost laughing at those stupid dialogs. Actually I was thinking it cant be something worse then 3d episode. But then came 4th season. And I understand why this gaming company is destroyed. There is no action and story in 4th season at all. Only infinite stupid dialogs with the same morons and no true walking dead action. Im very disappointed with 3d and 4th seasons. I cant believe that after amazing first two seasons came this pure garbage.
  15. Visual novels were expensive at least, and without guide some of them were difficult to finish, because Japanese language. There were no stacks to them. They were not a big problem. And now you cant even joke about Hannah Montana. And Icant imagine more worse things to trophy system in psn, then that already had happened.