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  1. I'd say hard but quick, I find easy but long trophies to be kind of repetitive and some are purposefully made to make you play the game more and more times. Some are fun others are just useless, I'm thinking about the "quick and painless" trophy from Rise of The Tomb Raider asking you to kill 15 deers in the heart like that's just dumb. Also hard but quick trophy hunting it's more challenging, makes me feel prouder of the trophies I'm achieving.
  2. Uncharted 1 and Horizon Zero Dawn but mainly because they trigger my motion sickness and cause me nausea on the long run. Could not properly enjoy the story and got really bored and annoyed especially with HZD loooong dialogues lol
  3. My friend even though you're from NC I virtually offer you a beer a sign of gratitude for helping me! It worked! Thanks
  4. Thank you, I gave it a shot I don't know who else to ask. I'll wait, it says my account is blocked and asks me to reset my password which I'm doing again, then I'll wait a while to log in
  5. Hello, I wanted to do something, it asked my old password which I couldn't remember so I reset my password through the playstation online help section. I got the email, went through the whole process and created the new password. When I went to sign in on my ps4 I put the new password but it said it was wrong, tried again and basically i have to wait because there have been too many accesses. What is going on? Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thank you! It was very easy, I panicked for nothing lol. Downloading it right now Thank you all for your answers!!
  7. Hello, Today I've made my first purchase on the PlayStation Store: "The City that never sleeps", Spider-Man's DLC. How do I download it? I checked my library > Purchased and no DLC pops up. Nothing in the notifications ready for download. The DLC is checked as purchased, so I can't buy it again. I also checked my credit card but the transaction doesn't show up but I think it went through anyway, does it take time? Thank you.
  8. Hello, I've just played 10 score attacks and got the gold for each one of them however, the trophy did not pop up. I already had troubles with the "tomb raider" trophy so I'm aware that the game has some buggy trophies. Did anyone had the same problem? I'll still play all of the remaining score attacks and see if I can get the "way to go" and "golden child" trophies. What am I supposed to do then? Uninstall the game and install it again? 😓 Thank you.