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  1. Happy pride month to everyone 🌈❤️. The theme looks lovely, thanks for sharing!
  2. oh my bad, got worried for a second! 😂
  3. What do you mean by unplayable? This game is on my wishlist and would like to purchase it someday.
  4. Definitely the easiest. Also, the Deadly Obsession difficulty is not that bad, you're most likely to die because of climbing/jumping than from enemies. The annoying thing is, as others have mentioned, the checkpoint thing which doesn't make the game difficult but just annoying as you have to replay whole sections. Also get all combat-related trophies on your first playthrough as enemies, unlike Rise, don't respawn.
  5. So even if I got the message "Grazie per la partecipazione! Inizierai a contribuire a Days of Play - PlayStation® Player Celebration quando avrà inizio l'obiettivo successivo." I won't be able to participate? That's a bummer
  6. Not necessarily, I had to scroll a loooot in the leaderboard to find a set that didn't have the 'one life to live', but it's there you just have to spend some minutes looking for it.
  7. Overall I agree, I mean if I think about the fact that when playing the campaign I hardly ever killed an animal just for the sake of it, yes those trophies related to killing deers, boars and chickens felt over the top. Score attacks were tedious, to say the least. I played them accordingly: I found guides on youtube and played while watching them replicating each exact move. I recommend doing the same because on some levels you have to move in a specific way (such as in The Copper Mill); the tombs score attacks I did them on my own bc they don't require that many points so you can move on your own. I recommend using score multipliers, especially the 'toxicity' card which is a lifesaver and it gives you tons of points. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I loved exploring the manor, figuring out the mystery related to Lara's mother and father. Way better than the other dlcs, with a more engaging story.
  8. I really love the guides for games. They're easy and intuitive to follow and have helped me a lot to gain difficult trophies. Also, the layout of the site is what really drew me in. The way games and trophies are organized and how your page shows and keeps track of your progress is really neat.
  9. This is something I do as well but with trophies not sure if by activity you meant forum activity. Nonetheless, it makes me sad to see people stop playing because I think that maybe it could happen to me as well. I hope nothing bad happened to anyone maybe people just get bored and moved on, but I agree with other people there's no point in deleting inactive profiles they are doing no harm. A little bit harsh here. JoesusHCrust is not advocating for deleting inactive profiles, he just asked whether and if the site deletes profiles. I think it's a legit question.
  10. As for games that I will never play definitely MMORPGS, Jrpg, anything that has zombies in it, and strategy games. That’s just a big NO for me, I tried watching gameplays for some of these games but I just find it so boring and tedious to get through. Regarding games I would like to amazing at but don't have the skill etc, any run and gun game, for instance, Cuphead, I love the design, the graphics, the gameplay but I know I would rage quit a few hours in the game or rhythm games I just LOVE them, but they require a lot of patience as you get better with time.
  11. The final boss in Horizon Zero Dawn... it's been so long since I've played the game I don't even remember its name. Boy, the thought of going back to fight that thing is just tedious to me... the "funny" thing is that I played the game on easy and I can't even beat the final boss lol... eventually, I'll get back to it, I like to finish what I started.
  12. I don't have a Playstation Plus, so I can't get multiplayer trophies
  13. Hello, I've just played 10 score attacks and got the gold for each one of them however, the trophy did not pop up. I already had troubles with the "tomb raider" trophy so I'm aware that the game has some buggy trophies. Did anyone had the same problem? I'll still play all of the remaining score attacks and see if I can get the "way to go" and "golden child" trophies. What am I supposed to do then? Uninstall the game and install it again? 😓 Thank you.
  14. Finally got it. Maybe some levels don't count for this trophy? I did two more gold score attacks and it popped up.
  15. I'd say hard but quick, I find easy but long trophies to be kind of repetitive and some are purposefully made to make you play the game more and more times. Some are fun others are just useless, I'm thinking about the "quick and painless" trophy from Rise of The Tomb Raider asking you to kill 15 deers in the heart like that's just dumb. Also hard but quick trophy hunting it's more challenging, makes me feel prouder of the trophies I'm achieving.
  16. Uncharted 1 and Horizon Zero Dawn but mainly because they trigger my motion sickness and cause me nausea on the long run. Could not properly enjoy the story and got really bored and annoyed especially with HZD loooong dialogues lol
  17. Hello, I wanted to do something, it asked my old password which I couldn't remember so I reset my password through the playstation online help section. I got the email, went through the whole process and created the new password. When I went to sign in on my ps4 I put the new password but it said it was wrong, tried again and basically i have to wait because there have been too many accesses. What is going on? Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question. Thanks for your help.
  18. My friend even though you're from NC I virtually offer you a beer a sign of gratitude for helping me! It worked! Thanks
  19. Thank you, I gave it a shot I don't know who else to ask. I'll wait, it says my account is blocked and asks me to reset my password which I'm doing again, then I'll wait a while to log in
  20. Thank you! It was very easy, I panicked for nothing lol. Downloading it right now Thank you all for your answers!!
  21. Hello, Today I've made my first purchase on the PlayStation Store: "The City that never sleeps", Spider-Man's DLC. How do I download it? I checked my library > Purchased and no DLC pops up. Nothing in the notifications ready for download. The DLC is checked as purchased, so I can't buy it again. I also checked my credit card but the transaction doesn't show up but I think it went through anyway, does it take time? Thank you.