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  1. Wow thanks
  2. Finallly the force is truly with us. Happy gaming and happy huntings.
  3. Well it seems that it been fix as 3 people have recently got it.
  4. Batman Arkham Asylum
  5. Thanks but the only time I see in that section is the one spent playing, no speed run timer is there.
  6. Hi can any one point at to me where I can find my time so far as I want to know how long so far I have done, ps already up to CH11. Thanks.
  7. Doogey23 Have all systems but mostly use ps4 No
  8. Looking for more friends on PSN PSN: DOOGEY23
  9. DOOGEY23 Looking for players to do some races in GTA 5 cause it looks cool and some friends that don't bail
  10. Wow it actually works.
  11. Uncharted 4
  12. Number 36 Platinum Earn all Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception™ Remastered Trophies 14th May 2016 1:55:47 PM 26.14% UNCOMMON
  13. Uncharted 3 on PS4, and getting ready for the 2nd Release DLC of Black Ops 3.
  14. Platitum #35 Uncharted 2 Remastered version.