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  1. Hi need someone to explain to get this trophy, currently my accuracy is at 45% how do I get it up to 70%?. I have tried to complete the game on a new save file but it hasn’t change. Do I have to delete all my save file and restart again, please help thanks in advance.
  2. Hey I had to start a new game and when you do I had to say no to the question of carry over stats and idols over and yes I used the Barok which I needed to complete the speed run trophy as well, btw Thanks for the help.
  3. Ah thanks for that, but also can I use the Barok or the normal guns?
  4. Wow thanks
  5. Finallly the force is truly with us. Happy gaming and happy huntings.
  6. Well it seems that it been fix as 3 people have recently got it.
  7. Batman Arkham Asylum
  8. Thanks but the only time I see in that section is the one spent playing, no speed run timer is there.
  9. Hi can any one point at to me where I can find my time so far as I want to know how long so far I have done, ps already up to CH11. Thanks.
  10. Doogey23 Have all systems but mostly use ps4 No
  11. Looking for more friends on PSN PSN: DOOGEY23
  12. DOOGEY23 Looking for players to do some races in GTA 5 cause it looks cool and some friends that don't bail
  13. Wow it actually works.
  14. Uncharted 4
  15. Number 36 Platinum Earn all Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception™ Remastered Trophies 14th May 2016 1:55:47 PM 26.14% UNCOMMON
  16. Uncharted 3 on PS4, and getting ready for the 2nd Release DLC of Black Ops 3.
  17. Platitum #35 Uncharted 2 Remastered version.

  18. Krispy Kream Doughtnuts
  19. off topic, but who's going to watch the Rugbu Union game tomorrow? Australia vs New Zealand in the final.
  20. Jumping between FIfA16, Pro Evolution Soccer2016, Guitar Hero Live and the Uncharted Series remasted
  21. Same been watching since 1998 and been supporting the Minnesota Vikings. They thought they can outsmart the Patriots Defense but they fooled themselves lol
  22. FIFA 16 2 trophies away.
  23. But most of the people from Aus just started watching it this year
  24. Finally someone created a form just for Aussies and New Zealanders, can't wait to play games with my fellow mates.