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  1. no they are the same
  2. I just got the platnium and the patch 1.03 doesnt void the trophy before you die and return to the main menu
  3. I just got all trophies today i wasn't able to get 100% score on my first run of desert of knarren however after i beat the game and getting 100% score in every level onwards i was able to use chapter select to replay the entire chapter and get the highest score so it seems that you are able to miss a 100% score and go back for it
  4. I had the game crash on me 3 times when i was in the open world at max alert and was farming for dna.
  5. While this game doesn't have trophies The matrix Awakens an Unreal Engine 5 Experience tech demo will be delisted on July 9th
  6. Metal Gear Rising Revengance currently at 64%
  7. For the 3 online trophies how long do they take from starting the game.
  8. Im also getting the same error code ; (
  9. Earth defense force 2025 can be completed offline with 2 controllers
  10. The wii u i can get but the 3ds eshop damn
  11. Took me 3 days of farming the docks to finally get the Chubby bones enemy to spawn
  12. I would say yes go for it i did a similar thing with my trophy backlog in may of 2020 i said to myself lets see if i can get to at least 90% in may of 2021 i was able to reach that goal when i started out it felt like a impossible task starting at around 68-70% my advice would always be to try and stick with one game at a time if you have any online trophies knock those out first as so if your playing another game you wont have to rush to that game just to get the online trophies in case of a server shutdown announcement.
  13. Ty for the Tip @TheIrishBrit
  14. Im stuck with rayman when i try to change to princess it will auto switch back to rayman
  15. Well damn wish i knew a bit eariler oh well
  16. Well we now have a constant cheater getting impossible scores on All lum challenges Regardless of being Daily/weekly so now we will need to Go up against Cheaters and Pro players when trying to get a platinum cup
  17. On vita when i tried to save the game it crashes alot a tip i used when playing the game is to press the home button then the game again and keep doing that til it saves
  18. For vita i would assume there gone being that some levels needed to use the vita functions
  19. You can only access offline content anything online including Published levels or playing online levels gone forever
  20. wouldnt you be able to lower the price or make it free Sometimes you made a permanent price drop to around 30 games for a dollar on the vita
  21. Would it be possible to make all remaining dlc free or would it be a problem with the licenses
  22. Great the 2 dlc trophies i had for Lbp 3 ps3 are now near impossible without the online coop
  23. You can play with 3 other players online including you making 4
  24. This post right here will be very useful to new players when i was going for all the enemy trophies it was very hard due to the fact that the trophy names and images dont specify the enemy you need to kill for the trophy
  25. I have also had this problem when i boot up my vita says i need to reactivate it again