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  1. You can also hack some turrets, and walk into the fire with your alts for score per kill and even for a kill streak
  2. There is a boosting group, so if you want I can add you to the psn chat. I couldn't add you right now, probably because of your privacy settings
  3. Hi guys, I am currently playing on all the levels above. I would love it if you guys played my level as well!
  4. I just noticed that you can beat a friends score 30 times on a single challenge. Just have one friend set a low score, and be better than that score 30 times on the same level.
  5. I searched around a bit but could not find information about the technical details of this trophy. Does anyone know the answers to the following questions: - How many players are the minimum required in a league to get this trophy? - Do I have to attend every race to get this trophy (so if one race was done by someone else and I was AI and thus still get points, will it still count)? Thank you in advance
  6. I will be playing this as well. Send an invite and mention Rayman. PSN ID: bikkertje