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  1. Effortless Evil seems to be bugged for me. I've done it twice online using the Necromancer and it has not popped. The first time I avoided spending points so I couldn't even spawn the boss. I figured this might have bugged it so I did it again whilst fully levelling up the boss and of course not summoning it. It again did not pop. Both times at the results screen I saw '0' next to 'Bosses summoned'. I'm thinking that Necromancer might be bugged for this trophy but I don't want to waste my time playing another class to confirm that as I'm levelling up Necromancer for the other trophies. Has anyone done it whilst using Necromancer? EDIT: I just did it in a private match with Necromancer and the other person instantly going down without me doing anything. It popped. I assume there must be something that is getting counted as possessing a boss when it shouldn't. Maybe the survivors?
  2. I just hit level 50 through legitimate play without making use of the quitting method. It seems like everyone else that currently has the trophy made use of that tactic, so I thought I'd give some figures to those that are also playing naturally. PSN has my time played as 90 hours. I did spend a decent chunk of it at the Elysium. The Bloodhunt tracker has my time played as 40 hours. I believe that's time spent within matches actively playing, which was 300 solos and 120 trios. I have an above average time alive, which actually resulted in it taking longer to level up. You could probably hit level 50 with more games but less time if you don't survive for long. Their estimations were clearly wrong. Whilst you can get the other trophies within 15-20 hours, this one takes much longer if you're not quitting matches as you spawn in.
  3. Still doesn't sync on my side. They must be for other regions and not EU.
  4. I've sent a few emails and I also posted a discussion on Steam. I haven't heard a word back and it's been more than a couple of months now. It's honestly ridiculous. The only good news is that a new stack for the game exists (it just went live), however it's not for EU.
  5. December 2nd. More info here: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/11/29/dauntless-launches-on-ps5-december-2/ And here: https://playdauntless.com/news/next-gen/
  6. I'm sure there are people out there that might be interested in the new game but haven't played the original DLC yet and this is perfect for them. Plus there's some new content for those of us that have! It probably doesn't warrant buying and playing through again just for that reason though, but it is a nice touch for those that will anyway. Here's some info on the new content for those that are interested: "Each Vault Hunter also has a new cosmetic Vault Hunter Head to collect in addition to their usual duds! That's not the only added content, either. You'll find plenty of new toys to play with, including Kite Shields that push enemies back when broken, Loot-a-pults that launch random loot across the map, and even a couple of fan-favorite BL2 missions transported into the world of the Wonderlands. There's more added content to discover, but we'll leave that to all you intrepid adventurers." (https://borderlands.com/en-US/news/2021-11-09-tiny-tinas-assault-on-dragon-keep-a-wonderlands-one-shot-adventure/) New rainbow chests were also shown in the trailer so that's what the last sentence is probably hinting at. I wouldn't be surprised if there's even more new things though! And maybe even rewards on the new game for having played this? 🤔
  7. There's hardly any information on the PS5 version of the game so I thought I'd share my findings for those that might be interested. The PS4 version of the game has options to quick join, browse and create games online. However, the PS5 version for some reason only allows you to create games. There is also no in-game way to invite friends, which there is on PS4. This means you will need to invite/join friends through the PS menus for the online trophies and you cannot do them by joining random games like you could on PS4. I tried to have someone on PS4 use the quick join and browse functionality but they were unable to find any games that I created. Despite invites listing PS5 and PS4 compatability, they also did not work. I assumed there would be cross-play between PS4 and PS5 but I must have been wrong. If you're doing the online trophies, you'll need to have friends with the PS5 version of the game.
  8. A 12GB update just released. Here are the patch notes: https://www.lemnisgategame.com/update-notes/1-2-25474. There's no mention of trophy/achievement fixes but hopefully it's in there. If not, I hope they're working on it for a future update as I'm really excited to play this.
  9. The game released mid-September so it's now been over a month and there's still no trophy list for EU. I was hoping there was just a delay and it would get uploaded some time after my initial post but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm going to start chasing them as well.
  10. I've downloaded Quake on my PS5 and it seems to be correctly called that wherever I look. I downloaded it from the UK PS Store if that matters. Have you tried redownloading it?
  11. This list is only for the NA stack of the game. The EU stack, and possibly other stacks, aren't currently active. I personally have the EU version and I've locally popped the trophies but I'm unable to sync them. It's a quick fix on their side and hopefully they do it but it's already been few weeks since the game launched. I just thought I'd give a heads up to those that might be buying this game 🙂
  12. That's true. Maybe the list is super simple because they won't add new trophies and wanted to have a small amount that are always possible and don't restrict them from making big changes each year. I am expecting to see DLC trophies for each mode when they're added though. I just don't understand why the title isn't simply 'eFootball'. Then in-game you can have it with a 2022 logo and so on and update that each year. It just doesn't make sense to me that we might be playing this in 2024 on a 2024 update but on a game called eFootball 2022... I hope they've actually thought about this stuff.
  13. From the PS Store: "What's more, yearly updates to the game will now be season-based, so no more new titles every year." They've mentioned this few times in various interviews and so on. I'm just confused why the game isn't just called eFootball though. Maybe they'll launch 2023 as an update and it will have a DLC trophy list?
  14. This was... unexpected. I recently bought the game on sale but I won't be playing it before the PS5 release. Hopefully it's a free upgrade so I can play the PS5 version whenever I do start it. If that is the case, I also hope I can play with those on PS4 but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't support that. I'm still quite shocked this is even happening but I won't turn down enhancements for any game 😀
  15. There's already some information on their DLC plans at the below links: https://hotwheelsunleashed.com/news/hot-wheels-unleashed-post-launch-content-plan https://hotwheelsunleashed.com/dlc Here's a nice picture with most of that info: I'm personally a big fan of some of the IPs they've got planned as DLC. I just want to know if they'll be adding trophies alongside these expansions or not. It's really difficult pre-ordering games these days when they include future content but we don't know if we need them for the 100%...