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  1. Don't shoot the messenger man And Thanks for the heads-up! Just got To P.D now
  2. So I've heard theres an ending for not dying to the wife even once. I'm about to play this blind and want to know is it obvious how to avoid and easy first time around with the encounters? If I die can I close application to start earlier or will the trophy void? If someone remembers the wife sections and could give warnings that would be helpful too. Thank you all, excited to start this.
  3. Am I allowed to either pause or go to my ps4 home screen or will it still count that time as used? Thank you
  4. Hey man just curious, this is still considered getting it legit right as no extra addons or cheats were used? I did it this way last year and have been paranoid about if I should've just done it in two playthroughs, thank you!
  5. Won't be able to play the DLC for a bit and wondering how you all found the rivals trophies and what I'm to expect from it in general. Was also curious if the trophies will require anything to the level of patience and teamwork of communicating with a mic like the raid did. Thanks!
  6. For example, if I were to get RE: Village or Spider-Man Miles Morales on both PS4 and PS5, would they have separate trophy lists for each console? Or are they merged together? Thanks in advance, been curios for ages.
  7. Awesome, cleared my question up perfectly, really glad to know. Great game btw! Really enjoying the platinum hunt and can't wait to start the second
  8. Thanks everyone for letting me know, such a relief i can go back and try again if i make mistakes.
  9. I missed some of the Chapter specific trophies and I want to try those and then restart if I mess up too much and waste time from a pre-chapter save I'll make after beating each chapter. My question is if I reload from those saves will the speedrun timer continue from where that save left off or will it negate the trophy? Thanks
  10. Awesome, just what I wanted to hear, thank you man!
  11. I've recently finished the factions trophies to get them out of the way and now want to move on to the actual game. My question is if I beat my first playthrough on normal and my second one on Grounded+, would i get all the Easy - Grounded and Easy+ - Grounded+ trophies within 2 playthoughs? Thanks
  12. I know I'm really late but thank you for the warning!
  13. To The Top VR, The platinum and another trophy are just higher than crash 4 platinum on my PSNP account even though it wasn't that hard to platinum it once i got used to playing, just a bit long