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  1. I'd like to sign up for this~! 😻 A good friend of mine used to do this event, so I feel like I'll be honouring her memory by joining~! Not sure how much I'll manage to do with a very busy work schedule, but I'll do my very best~! 😸
  2. ~~Badge Time~~ First off, I want to personally say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in this event. Mental health is such an important topic, today more than ever with the mental health of the general population taking a significant decline during the on-going pandemic. The fact that we were all able to come together like this to raise awareness, get a conversation going about mental health, and even donate money to various organisations as a community is just amazing, and I'm so proud of you all for taking part 😽 Anyway, without further ado, here are the badges for everyone~! I hope you like them~! 😸 I've organised the badges alphabetically by PSN username to make them easier to find~! (and a mass ping for the badges - @Beyondthegrave07 @Dead Weight @Neptuos @MissShake @Cassylvania @JourneySilvers @MrFudge @Morgana @Han_the_Dragon @DrBloodmoney @Dr_Mayus @enaysoft @kindajustin @pinkrobot_pb @Dzware @Anxiety @AK-1138 @ExistentialSolid @kingofbattle8174 @Violino @Zanreo @eigen-space @DeadlyPerfume @FoxyKatt_ @Briste @Inuty @ValenTris7 @SpaceCoresDad @rangers_lead5278 @Quixotesque @AuroraHistoire @Together_Comic @Jens @Tiffanniebaby @Jello @DamagingRob @gruffiiti @GuitaristZag @s68sc @Hisuiryu @oxford_wolf007 @ArchaeanHorizon @IntroPhenom @Weskerfan75 @WDB_Chaotic @TimeLordCrow13y @SupergiantStarr @JimboUrbanian @MattbluePT @edolusill @cocoeggs @Starrk_01 @Neocarleen @brosephstalin3fm @Im2Fast_4U @Cerlayjux @Poptartboy54 @Last-_-Judgment @Pieroluc) Also proof of donation (1, 2). I counted 90 badges, but even if there should only be 89, 90 is a better number to donate.
  3. May has been a pretty hectic month with work for Ellie, but at least I got both games completed~! 😸 I've just finished a 12-hour shift so excuse me if I'm rambling and make no sense, but I'll try my best Decided to play Doki Doki Universe since it was on the list of recommended games. In the game, you are robot doomed to be destroyed because you lack humanity, and the game tasks you with learning more about humanity in order to stop yourself from being scrapped. You do this by visiting various planets, which each focus on a different human feeling, and try to empathise with what the residents of the planet are going through. I wasn't a big fan of the game itself, but one positive take-away from the game was that it tries to teach you to actually listen to others. To not assume what they're feeling just because of what you see on the inside, but take the time to get to know them and find out what they're going through. This is a lesson we could all really learn - to take the time to listen to those around us, and not just make negative assumptions about people without knowing about their situation. There are a number of good examples of this throughout the game on various planets, but one of the main ones that stood out to me was a character who everyone disliked because they were acting like a bully and picking on all the other residents of the planet. But as it turns out, the character was actually severely suffering from feelings of abandonment, and was acting out to push everyone away to try and protect themself from being hurt again. This is actually pretty common in the real world, that we as humans will act out and try to hurt others in order to protect ourselves from harm (whether real or just in our heads). So the next time someone does something negative towards others - instead of judging them, let's all try to understand the person, and figure out what went wrong in their lives for them to act in that way, and see if we can do something to help. You never know if just the act of you caring about them is all they need to start to change. And even if they're not acting out at all, still try to listen to others and find out what they're really thinking inside. It brings us all closer and gives us all more humanity when we try to understand each other, rather than just live in our own little bubbles cut off from the rest of the world. -- For the #YouAreNotAlone badge, I played It Takes Two with my good friend @ExistentialSolid - and boy what a blast we had! 😻 If you haven't picked this game up yet, I would highly recommend it. It is honestly one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time - it's probably even better when you get to play with a great friend like I did, but I imagine it's still fun even with someone you don't know so well. I could go on a long tangent about how great this game is, and how I wish there were more co-op experiences like it, but that's probably just gonna distract from the point of this thread. -- Also, in regards to badges, I'm working a 12hour shift again tomorrow, so I'll try to get the badges done on Wednesday (failing that, I'm off at the weekend, so they'll be done then by the absolute latest). I've already got some of them done from half way through the month, just need to finish the rest. You guys have all done brilliantly getting your games completed, so I hope you like your badges. The money raised for charity will be worth it either way though 😽
  4. Sign me up, please~! 😸 I haven’t picked a game yet (thinking likely Ikenfell), will decide soon. And I will also join in on donating the $1 per badge earned (though, in my case, it’ll be Β£1 for simplicity), to Mind UK 😽
  5. Ehhhh Ellie has been totally forgetting to update here, sorry 😿 Anyway, completed two games from above - Lumo and Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire 😸 (both in January but uhhhh forgot to update) Getting there with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, kind of. Only one trophy left but it's still like 35-40h of grinding. Poor controller's button is gonna be all worn out by the end πŸ™€ Will swap Disgaea 4 out if that's okay? Two 200h games is a bit too many for a single tier 😹 (will add it back in to a later tier though, nyaa~) Replacing it with flow (PS4 version), and then Ellie can hopefully finish Tier 1 in a few weeks 😺
  6. Congrats to all winners, especially to @Sebastian - I know how hard you worked on that guide and your wins are all well deserved 😻 I’m sure the author of the previous CS guides is proud of you too~! 😸 I’m excited to see your GOTY 2021 😸 And a big thank you to all guide writers who take the time out of their lives to help others. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a guide, so everyone should be really proud of themselves, regardless of whether they won or were even nominated. 😽 I’m sure your work has helped many people, and I look forward to seeing all the many amazing guides that everyone will write in 2021~! 😻
  7. So many amazing guides here~! 😻 I'm so honoured that I was considered alongside guides of such high quality~! Reading through some of these has given me ideas on how to improve my own guide writing too, so a massive thank you to everyone who has written a guide this year~! You're not only helping players of the games, but also inspiring other writers too~! 😸 Honestly, I think every single guide listed in the opening post deserves to win, but I don't think me just reposting the whole list as my nominations will be helpful, huh? 😹 Overall GOTY The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough This guide is so amazing, honestly. I'm still on the first Cold Steel game, but I already know how complicated it is to get the Platinums in these games, with so many things to keep track of on every chapter, so guides like this must be so complicated to make πŸ™€ And yet the guide flows so well and makes it so simple for the readers. And the amount of original content in there is amazing too. There's a reason this guide is nominated in three different categories, and it deserves all of the wins 😻 Gameplay Troll and I - Collectible Guide Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Full Collectibles Guide (I wish more authors would timestamp their videos like this, and I've taken note to do this myself for any videos I make in the future, so thank you). Walkthrough This was very hard to narrow down as there are so many great entries here. The work every single author has done is incredible, honestly. I've totally been taking tips from all of these guides to improve my own writing 😹 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Spirit Hunter: NG - Platinum Walkthrough Niche Another category I really struggled to narrow it down, and I just can't narrow it down any further than these three (though honestly, even narrowing it down to these was incredibly tough as each of the others are perfect in their own way, and it's only minor things that separate them for me). I am Bread Trophy Guide Moonlighter Trophy Guide Subnautica Trophy Guide DLC Another category I can't narrow down to two, so it's gonna have to be three again, sorry~ Driveclub - Tour DLC Trophy Guide Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - DLC Maps & Monsters DLC Trophy Guide Persona 4: Arena Ultimax - Additional trophy group "Margaret" DLC Trophy Guide Formatting The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Divinity Original Sin 2 Trophy Guide (this one was almost my GOTY, it's so incredible, honestly, I could learn a lot from this to improve my own guide-writing) Imported BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Trophy Guide ηœŸγƒ»ε₯³η₯žθ»’η”Ÿ III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER Trophy Guide Original Content House Flipper Trophy Guide Trails of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough
  8. 😸 ~Badge Time~ 😸 Badges are here for you all, nyaa~! With all the badges Seb won, maybe Ellie should have just done a free art commission instead 😹 Congrats though, you deserved all your wins~! Hope you really like Astro bot though... There is a unique badge per event, but I understand probably no-one wants to display all four badges (or maybe don't want to display any at all), so uh...just pick your favourite or something, Ellie won't be offended~ Pings for all participants: @Sebastian @jemmie @Stand_User3 @Beyondthegrave07 @Flex_Da_Brent @Warpedsavior @Berendsapje @UnboundedCash99 @Jello @ShogunCroCop @VigilantCrow @Dzware @Arctic Cress IF ANYONE WANTS THEIR FORUM NAME INSTEAD OF PSN NAME, LET ME KNOW AND I'LL CHANGE. ~CWC Overall Winner Badge~ ~Couples League~ ~Rainbow League~ ~Trophy Archery~ ~Team Deathmatch~ Naptime for Ellie now...
  9. Ehhhh I'm not 100% sure but it's quite a bit of grinding, including 300 match wins So like, I'd do a lot of grinding for the Free version (which has trophies, so I can show they're earned in the timeframe), then jump over to the full version, where those trophies would auto pop, but there'd still be a lot of grinding left for Platinum. 😸 Guess I can just use the free version trophies if that makes things easier? 😹
  10. An event where Ellie can play games and raise money for charity? Sign me up, nyaa~! 😻 First set of games: Lumo (currently 82%) Disgaea 4 (PS3) (unstarted) Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire (unstarted) Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (unstarted) Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (unstarted) Uhm, I just have one question about Dissidia though. Rules say no auto-pops, but I want to do the Free version and Full version - but doing Free version first will cause some trophies to pop in full version after - is that okay? I'll be doing both after Jan 1 anyway so game will still be done fully from scratch. I can swap it if it makes it too confusing 😹
  11. Throwing my hat in the ring at the last minute~! I realise I haven't been around PSNP very long, but I've been writing guides since long before creating my account, so hopefully I'll still be considered (at least for future positions if not the current round, especially against the other strong applicants here). Anyway, most points in the OP should be covered by the guides I've already written here since joining (a third is in progress), but to answer the other points: Capable of communicating criticism and able to advise in a helpful manner I'm a member of many art communities where we give each other feedback (both positive and negative) on a daily basis, so giving helpful advice on areas of improvement is nothing new for me. Able to be available at least a few times a week to work on staff duties. Guides takes hours of work to review and can be a considerably lengthy process for even simple guides. The more detailed a guide might be, the longer it may take to review. I'm currently studying, and have a lot of free time. I will be honest and say I'd like to continue writing more guides as well, so my time would have to be split between writing more and reviewing others, but I'm happy to manage the workload and do several reviews per week as required. Access to the PSNP Discord for easy communications between both staff and community I'm active on Discord but not currently a member of the PSNP server. I'm happy to join it though if I'm accepted for the position. A basic understanding of HTML (some things we do are in the guides cc viewer) / A basic knowledge of Image editing (sometimes we need to resize images to fix errors) I've had to do this on a number of occasions when writing my own guides, so I'm definitely familiar with both the HTML editor and fairly advanced with image editing too. Of course, if there's anything unclear or further information required, I'm happy to answer either here or on Discord (nyanchovy#8484). Thanks for considering me, and good luck to everyone else! I'm sure whoever is picked will be a great asset to the PSNP community 😻
  12. Second guide published, nyaa~!


    This time for Jotun, a collab with Ellie's friend @ExistentialSolid. Hope it's useful to people~!


    11 games played, 2 guides published. Ellie is on a roll, nya~!

    1. ExistentialSolid


      It was great working with you Ellie! I've really learned a lot!

      For those of you that check out the Jotun guide, if you have any suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to let one of us know!

    2. VigilantCrow
  13. 🎼 Kinda bug and kinda snack 🎢 🎼 Try to catch 'em in your trap 🎢 So excited we get Bugsnax free on PS+, nyaa~! 😻 was planning to buy it as soon as the PS5 came, but free is even better~ 😻 SM Remastered / Miles Morales look like good choices too, though~ 😽
  14. In case anyone wants to know where this is, head to Guyun Stone Forest, nya. It's in the northmost island, which you can reach by heading to the island below it (south-southwest), nya. To get there, you can use an anemo character to blow the windmill clover thing on the island with the Geo Hypostasis. Other than that, you'll need a fair amount of stamina to swim, or can use Kaeya-kun and use his ice move over and over to walk across the sea. Dig up the mining spots on that island, and one will be a big gust of wind, nya. Use it to reach the island in the screenshot above, nya. There, there's a stone heart. You'll need a co-op partner though, nya. Both of you have to stand inside the heart then the chest will appear. Also there's an eagle flying around the same island if you want to get that trophy too, nyaa~! Note: If you need a co-op partner, please use a Boosting Session as per the site's rules, rather than posting here:
  15. First trophy guide published, nyaa~! 😻

    Hope is useful for people~! 😽

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      Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. You can check which guides people created, it's underneath the milestones list.


      Good going by the way!

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      Good job! Keep up the good work!

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      very cool. im sure lots of people will find it very helpful