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  1. Wrong
  2. I have tried several times today, leaving through the normal doors, entering safe areas ... suspect that from March 2 until today and is the only one who jumps the trophy ...
  3. Apollo 440 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub

  4. Ku Minerva - Estoy llorando por ti

    1. Arin1979


      OBK - Historias De Amor

      Rebeca - Duro de Pelar

  5. Gat, Rama and Daisy
  6. The same as with "Dragon Fin Soup" but worse, since this game costs € 4.99 and patching a game is not free.
  7. I wait for the first platinum, dont want another Dragon Fin Soup.
  8. PS4 and Vita
  9. 'Aces of the Multiverse' es un juego que se practica en múltiples realidades paralelas. A un lado están nuestros personajes de ciencia ficción, que compiten en un emocionante torneo. Al otro lado están los jugadores, quienes, desde su propio universo verdadero y con la ayuda de su smartwatch Xplora, pueden desbloquear nuevos personajes, equipamientos y estadios. 'Aces of the Multiverse' is a game that is practiced in multiple parallel realities. On one side are our science fiction characters, who compete in an exciting tournament. On the other side are the players, who, from their own true universe and with the help of their Xplora smartwatch, can unlock new characters, equipment and stadiums.

  11. Aces of the Multiverse, extra game for Spain.
  12. Starlink: Battle for Atlas 9,99€ 😍
  13. Aww yeah!
  14. Screenshot-2020-01-15-Resumen-Play-Stati

    Nice 2019

    1. SinisterPledge


      Man I love Spanish. 👌


    Indila - Dernière Danse (Clip Officiel)