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  1. Gravity Rush: Raven Story, thats we need 😍
  2. 6.5 I think I have it for sale right now, in a few hours I see it and I tell you. Edit: Yep, i got 6.5 New Romulus, give you mail and send you for 6M. Arin@Arin1979
  3. 2409 Vol 8. Ch 8. 2409 Vol 8. Ch 4. New Romulus Vol. 5, Ch 5
  4. If you see in youtube you can view local mode for zombies, also zombies got cheats mode i don't know if got trophies with that.
  5. Star Trek Online has two trophies about collecting lore, you can get one of each per character every 20 hours and can get repeated, which can be months with just the lore trophies. In addition, one of the lore trophies needs materials and to get those materials you have to do specific missions.
  6. Until the 24th you have time πŸ‘»
  7. Rocketbirds 2 and 2064 for me, at least 2 plat πŸ˜„
  8. Toon War in PSN Trailer Ok, platinum trophy list added. πŸ‘»
  9. 11,59 € pre-order
  10. Blast Agent, nice game and easy.
  11. Destiny 2 (PS4) God of War III: Remastered (PS4) Knowledge is Power (PS Plus Bonus – PlayLink) Here They Lie (PS Plus Bonus) 100% Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition (PS3 + PS4/PS Vita) 100% QUBE Director’s Cut (PS3 + PS4) 100% Foul Play (PS Vita + PS4) Plat in 2016 Sparkle 2 (PS Vita) 100%
  12. I only want game with plat and have not bought 😁
  13. No plat no fun πŸ‘»