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  1. If you hate this game so much, leave so much post putting shit or trash and just do not buy the game.
  2. We need answers ^o^
  3. Pensaba que ya tenías estos trfeos colega, has esperado a la última semana ^o^ eres demasiado español, animo!!
  4. The solution: madphaca (free) akafadam (used) MDFK (used) Mother Foca (used) Finally tell them that madafaka is a Polish word.
  5. I'm saying it because the nickname it has now is not offensive but it's ... stupid and childish ^ o ^
  6. Something like that happened to a colleague of mine, his nickname was TusMuertos (YourDead) and from Sony UK he was forced to change ID keeping games and trophies. The nick he has now if it is to put him in jail.
  7. ok, PSN auto-synchronizes trophies, what's the problem?
  8. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newel
  9. You have had years to take this trophy easily and wait for them to announce their closure and then until there are only weeks to give when the work is much harder than two or three months ago ... In these years I have found that it is normal to wait until the last day to do what you have not wanted to do before, there are games that close soon but with Killzone it is not the case and like in every game that closes there will always be players without their trophy impossible to obtain, such as the Darksiders II online trophy.
  10. I think I'll wait for the game to go down to € 20 and fix all the bugs with patches to give this wonder ^ o ^ '
  11. When I did it with the top 110 you already won the 1% trophy ... good luck and give it to the brave ones who are going to try it.
  12. I will wait for the xtreme legends and I play one after the other.
  13. when a game of mahjong with platinum?
  14. Do they share the same trophies? ... shit, I did not know it and I already bought it, if I know I do not buy it I already have the physical edition on PS3 T_T
  15. I have the tank class with almost ten cores at level six, but I was with the bio specialist in hardcore going up to 30 and when I went for level 20 I got a legendary with twelve cores, where I only have two cores with level six ... I have played with the tank for several days but the best that comes out of me and very rare is legendary with ten cores ... I had to leave the twelve where I do not care, this adds a week more joined level two cores. Yay! a twelve core weapon for my tank, awww yeah! Plat today! I play in novice world 2 in pripiat map.