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  1. Awww yeah!! Thanks man πŸ˜†
  2. Its the same than Okami.
  3. I go try it, the 30 killstreak is too much πŸ˜†
  4. Crossbow Slayer Get 100 kills with the Crossbow Crossbow Massacre Get 1,000 kills with the Crossbow Knife Slayer Get 100 Enemy Kills with the melee weapon Knife Massacre Get 1,000 Enemy Kills with the melee weapon Sniper Assist You've called in Off Map Sniper 10 times. Recon Assist You've called in Recon 10 times. Localized Detonation Assist You've called in Localized Detonation 10 times. Dead From Above Assist You've called in Dead From Above 10 times. Localized Infection Assist You've called in Localized Infection 10 times. Armor Pack Assist You've called in Armor Pack Drop 10 times. Primed and Weaponized Assist You've called in Primed & Weaponized 10 times. Don´t pop for me 😞
  5. Also Ninja Gaiden 3 sold the weapons by DLC when in 2 they were all in the game, the good thing was that in the version Razor's Edge already came with everything. I hope that in a revision of the DW8 they put everything that has to be and that they do not sell the things separately, the best thing in this case in not buying the DLC so that they know that is not the way.
  6. The trophies / platinum are not only to have a position in a list, they are an experience. That's why I like to go over my plates from time to time to remember how hard it was or how we boosted with friends for months for a trophy or how I thought I could not get it out and finally it came out. For me the position is the least, is what happens to you while you get the good of winning them. The history behind the platinums.
  7. Drive Girls 2, Bullet Girls saga and Seven Pirates.
  8. First you have to finish the NYM to unlock the hardcore mode. The NYMHC mode must be made legal since it has not saved.
  9. As in Far Cry 4, by spreading ash you end up killing a lot of people. ^o^'
  10. All Sports (Cars, Bikes, Basket, Soccer,...) except Everybody's Golf Atelier Saga πŸ’©
  11. If you enter the list and order it by rarity, you see it in order and you also know what trophies are rare. I do not care but I think it is unnecessary, because for example many games have several versions but you have to enter the list to be able to know, you should carry markers all games with different versions and not just a few (WW / EU / USA / JP / AS / CH)
  12. i go wait a few months πŸ˜…
  13. Make online now, don't wait for last day like Killzone 2.
  14. Bonus for April, aww yeah!
  15. OMG! a platinum in one second time, in vita are more fast maybe...