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  1. Milestones: Trophy number 69 👻 , 666 ✝️, 777 🎰 Years 1, 5 and 10 since register in PSNProfiles Platinum more delayed or more hard
  2. Can you obtain trophies with the free game?
  3. No dificulty, no kills, no 100% ... mmm tricky! 👻
  4. Nothing in Spain 😭
  5. When D3 goes to € 20.00 simply because I have too many waiting to play and buy it now it means not being able to play it for another year or two.
  6. And buy a second controller for PS4? These are the three methods to getting the trophy: Method 1: Plug in a second controller and press on the Player Select screen, then select 2 of the Team Charms, and start the Act and the trophy will pop.
  7. Afro Samurai Heavenly Sword Overlord 1
  8. Por desgracia aunque no es culpa tuya en esta web no permiten desbloqueos de terceros ya sea alterando el orden, consiguiendolos demasiado rápido cuando no es posible u obteniendo trofeos que son imposibles. Debiste salir del juego, borrar tu cuenta y volver a instalarla para poder borrar esos trofeos en vez de actualizar. La única opción que te queda es esconder la lista de trofeos y tener más cuidado con esas cosas, la próxima vez que te salte trofeos sin hacer nada no actualices.
  9. Gravity Rush: Raven Story, thats we need 😍
  10. Platinum, bye bye 😆
  11. New Romulus Vol. 5, Ch 5
  12. If you see in youtube you can view local mode for zombies, also zombies got cheats mode i don't know if got trophies with that.