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  1. The weakest link End the competition leader 200 times. I make 203 winning the two races on double cup but don´t pop. Edit: OMG!! end is kill not finnish... need kill the leader race... 😅
  2. I'm level 14 and no trophies.
  3. F for Genshin Impact platinum trophy...
  4. Estoy flipando con esta serie, voy por el cap. 16 y ya me comprado la versión coleccionista en BR. Festival de emociones.

    1. Arin1979


      Esta es la buena ^o^

    2. Arin1979



      HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD · 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ


    3. Arin1979


      ED FULL Lyrics DanMachi [Right Light Rise] [Kanon Wakeshima]

  5. Without online trophies, I would have bought the game, I really liked the demo.
  6. Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition (PS4) same list?
  7. put statistics in game, please 😏
  8. Waiting for a patch to globetrotter
  9. Space bork! Get to space! Vita version- Don´t pop for me 😭
  10. No more codes for PS4 😭
  11. ok, and the trophy for no save? easy game but hard in hard mode?
  12. I make 20,21 and 23 downs and nothing 😭