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  1. Yes, working 11/2021 😁
  2. Playing FOB missions is a very fast way to get a lot of resources and is an very good online extension of Mother Base, get fast a good level to investigation.
  3. Tips: Always use, the two characters, the purple magic wand. There are three forms, the twig, the wand and the bone. If the magic is spent, unequip the wand and pick it up from the ground, it will be charged again. The berserker has an ability, at level 7, to take no damage from being hungry. Save the wand refills, a scroll, for the final boss. Every time you pass the screen the game is saved, save the savedata on a usb or in the cloud, if you die or fall into the water or into the void, you can load from that save and not start from the beginning again. In the same way, if you do not get food or they damage you a lot or whatever, you can leave the game and re-enter, it will be loaded from the beginning of the last phase and as it is random you can have different things.
  4. How To Have TRUE SOLO GODMODE in Zombies In Spaceland 2020 - Infinite Warfare Glitches
  5. 0 problems in two weeks.
  6. Kiss of Death · Mika Nakashima

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      Metal Gear Solid V - T.P.P. | Midge Ure - The Man Who Sold The World

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      HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD | Left earphone 2010, Right earphone 2021

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      l arc en ciel - blurry eyes (DNA2)opening 720p sub. japones-español

  7. I plat with DS3 controller, only use move for Yakuza trophy, very doable.

    1. Arin1979


      Por eso hay que sacarse los trofeos online primero 😋

    2. Arin1979


      Dead Space remake para PS5 😍

  9. I use a Dragon for destroy all when go to one side to other.
  10. Can change BR coins for get Dragon eggs ok, mounts, tomes... you can buy items for diferents seasons.
  11. Bomber Royale are good for get nice Dragons from T1 and T2, i don't know if now are T3. Need coins and the best choice is get first five for 1 coin, first 3 for 2 or win for 5? don`t remenber, go to store royale and get things for your mastery level.
  12. This is better, friend 😁
  13. Same here, two weeks and nothing.
  14. The weakest link End the competition leader 200 times. I make 203 winning the two races on double cup but don´t pop. Edit: OMG!! end is kill not finnish... need kill the leader race... 😅