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  1. Glad that the devs are smart enough to avoid matchmaking. There're way to much people in Legends who dont even understand the basic mechanics and GoT is far away from being complexe etc. I played with people who struggle on bronze/silver or are already KI Lv. 108 and still struggle on gold. The best ones are those who play as a ronin and never heard of healing.
  2. Me and my friend did a lot survival gold and we had a lot low teammates who arent even matched the requiered level and only made 3-4 kills per round. He and I still carried the whole survival round so yes it is completly possible to beat it only with 2 players.
  3. Ng+

  4. PS3 games as long as the PS3 gets the support.
  5. From 11 to over 200.
  6. It'll be some shity Rata game. Personally it will be Demon Souls or God of War.