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  1. Would be funny if some regions have to do it legit while the rest are unlocking it simply by loading last cutscene. 😅
  2. Are there any indie games that have save transfer? F.I.S.T. forged in shadow torch devs (TiGames) said with the SDK they currently got it's not possible to have save transfer. From what i see mostly big AAA studios offer save transfer in some games.
  3. Ofc not. Starfield is confirmed to be Xbox/ PC only. As others mentiioned, Sony got bunch of games (Ghostwire/Deathloop) because the delas for these were made before Bethesda acquisition. They apparently even tried to get Starfield as timed exclusive but failed. With that said, Phil Spencer said that he is open to add Game Pass to any platform. It's just that Sony heads are weird and won't agree with such a thing on PlayStation... at least for now.
  4. Yeah he disappeared after i bought all his keys on Joffre St. and i wouldn't have thought it was on Coastal. I'll try to find him later. 👍 It's a pity many people are sleeping on this good game and it's hard to find any guides. Only few are talking about it.
  5. Yeah, i'm missing shock baton upgrades. Only this one is at level 1.
  6. Got that one poster, thanks again. No liberator trophy even though i have all areas at 100%.. My overall save file is sitting at 99%. And i'm missing Tool Enthusiast trophy for upgrading all devices (i don't even remember how to do it after lost quite some hours with these collectibles lol)😆
  7. Yeah i'm missing one poster (first one for the chain skin). Collectibles are kinda pain in this one.
  8. I see, thanks!
  9. @harv052 Where do you find Qi Explosion skill? I'm next to the final boss and went back to hunt collectibles, but noticed that i still don't have that skill.
  10. The game is cross-buy and you get both versions.
  11. Nah, seems like PS Plus games list leaked: Overcooked (PS5), Hitman 2 and Predator... F.I.S.T. is available for pre-order with -10% discount so it was clear won't be one of Plus games.
  12. Looking forward to this game. According to devs there are no difficulty options but they are looking to add harder mode after launch.
  13. Game crashed once for me on PS5 (disc model). Played around 13 hours so far.
  14. Amazing game. Played it on Steam last year and now got PS5 version as well. Dying is never frustrating, you always know something new is going to happen when you are back in beginning. New dialogue, unlocking new stuff etc. With how the story is told this is huge step up for roguelite genre!
  15. Good God, that ultra rare room on Crimson Wastes still don't appear for me after 20 tries... I thought Housemarque said with latest update rare rooms appear more often. Well, that's not quite true in my experience.