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  1. Defeating 25 bandits is bugged for me because the first bandit camp won't complete the quest for me
  2. I'm stuck at 1 last cipher for the 6th biome for my platinum, Should I be checking the containment gates ? Even if I've done then before, or if ciphers even spawn in there
  3. Thanks, I need both of these, and haven't seen this room yet. Edit: got both of them, and scout log 30 was my last log i needed to find to finish the trophy for this biome, and I couldn't find any help for it online so I made a video in case anybody needs help with it too.
  4. Did u find it? I'm missing 2 cyphers on the 3rd biome and got the water one too
  5. The cyphers and audio logs are all set to a specific biome. IGN has a guide that will show u what biome they're in, but doesn't really show u anything else about how to find them. In case anybody didn't know, you can check your glyph progress for each biome in the databank menu under resources, and it's all the way at the bottom
  6. Im stuck on 18/20 on the 2nd biome and I've already gotten the 2 rare ones.. Do they spawn in the containment gates? Or does that count as a locked door
  7. How the hell did people get the trophy for beating the entire game without dying ? The controls are so inconsistent and most of my deaths are due to the controls or because of bugs