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  1. Is this glitched or mislabeled? I've easily beaten over 10 levels under 90 seconds - even trying to get the three eggs in them but still no trophy
  2. This game just came out yesterday but there are no trophies...the Xbox/ version has achievements on TA, not sure if it's delayed or something?
  3. Yea I saw that last night, super disappointing. Then it was like "want to join an already in progress dungeon" - uhhh no? Do you at least get to keep an artifact?
  4. How do you beat this stupid mode? Gran Turino just won’t die in the time limit, and he’s not even half way through this mode. What did people do to win here? And hacks?
  5. For Throwback - where is this and how do I get the trophy?
  6. I'm at 84km on the same set of wheels, and no trophy for driving 50km....what gives?
  7. Just did it for Mile High Club, on patch 1.14, and it still works like a charm. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can play any level on recruit, and then there is a way to quit the game and load the last checkpoint on Veteran to get the veteran trophies - I just did it for Mile High. Enjoy!
  8. How do you get the 'I Get Around' trophy?
  9. Is there a video that shows when to use the glitch for survivor? Coming up to the ending and want to use it in the right place...
  10. I know it’s early but think any of these are kissable? Like if training is locked after certain chapters or not enough sub quests in end game? Edit: missable
  11. That's awesome, I hope it's cross-buy.
  12. It's awesome, honestly, it's kind of the DBZ game I always wanted (since I'm not a big fighting fan). I purposely don't use healing items to make battles more intense and so the bosses are legit tense and difficult. It's great to see all these scenes recreated from 90s animations to 2020 gaming graphics - I'm just smiling the whole time I'm playing this game. For context, I'm just starting the chapter to head to Namek.
  13. I love your guides! Thanks for the confirmation.
  14. Wait really? That doesn't mess up stuff? I have only like 4 skills to get but need like 12 ability things...
  15. I really hope this game is good.
  16. If anyone has any questions on the trophies, there are a few guides over on True Achievements:
  17. Can we get the trophies tied to that expansion? I'm assuming the new update will have new trophies.
  18. Can I even start the game on that mode, or do I need to unlock it? Should I start a new game on it before learning the mechanics and what not?
  19. That's what I've done, though I wish I didn't...normal is pretty easy, especially later on as you get more weapons and stuff.
  20. Can you drop the difficulty after beating it though? The gold trophy is just to beat it on Survival, I can do that, then drop it down to East/Normal to get fast travel and the rest of the platinum?
  21. Hey @Karmoosh_2-Fit did you figure this out with the 10 levels? Not popping for me either.
  22. Are any of those DLC's part of a free update or anything? or is it all behind paid-DLC?
  23. Hey all, looks like a Steam user wrote a guide for this game. I believe the Steam achievements and Playstation trophies are 1-to-1.
  24. Knockout League, it's basically Punch Out with cartoony characters, and you need to figure out their patterns to defeat them. You will be sweating buckets playing this game - it's a lot of fun.