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  1. New images, but basically the same list as last year. And those myTEAM trophies are back !!!
  2. The Giants finally won a football game .
  3. You got the Bills winning the AFC East ? dude.
  4. My most anticipated game in April is MLB 14 The Show. Shame it's not on the list tho.
  5. Brooklyn
  6. I got 2 cats but they are no where near my PS4. As my PS4 is in my room & I never let my cats in my room
  7. I'm a Yankee fan, so I obviously want the Red Sox to lose. but The main reason I want the Red Sox to lose is because of those beards. omfg those beards They all look so bad. Just stop, just stop.
  8. I'm an all New York guy. Baseball: New York Yankees Football: New York Jets, New York Giants Basketball: New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets Hockey: New York Rangers
  9. glojnhaz nk,ujmjm
  10. I had absolutely no problem with Jak 2. I played it, enjoyed it, and platinumed it. That's it.
  11. # 25 Battlefield 3
  12. 2K14 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Crew mode is back!! So excited !!!!!!!
  13. The worst thing that happened to me was, I think it was August 23, 2011. I was playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and I felt something my house shake. I ran downstairs and asked my mom if the house if falling apart. She didn't feel it. I then went on TV and heard that the entire eastern part of the US (I think down to Virgina) felt a mini earthquake. it was the weirdest 5 seconds of my life.
  14. 1.03 is live. Downloaded it and played a match of Interrogation.