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  1. https://wrapup.playstation.com/en-us/9e1df85cccf9be4c0f62b19e4370262d8da2fff20a075f598794275149193a50/?emcid=ot-ha-456949 The Gta 5 Platinum took my soul harder then ghost rider does to his enemy's
  2. that's true lol the ps5 is not perfect console when comes to stuff like this especially trying to play prototype 1
  3. nope so because i delete my save that was not cross saved but that crashed too so i dont know if its a ps5 bug so i may have to play this on my ps4 so i get my platinum
  4. i recently cross saved my ps3 borderlands 2 save and everytime i enter sanctuary my game hard crashes and says my save is invalid so i delete all my saves and reported them back over and it still crashes so i cant play the game so can someone help me or find a way to fix this bug
  5. I can someone see and test if you can cloud save at a location something like in returnal it would drop the difficulty just a tiny bit
  6. thanks bro your lifesaver and sorry about the vague messages i was in a hurry
  7. So i have a ps5 right and ps4 so i wondering if i could somehow share my ps4 games over to my ps4 on a different account and have like my ps plus subscription and my ps plus games so how would i do that also link videos or websites so i could somehow figure it out thanks.
  8. are yall buying the game day one? because this looks kinda easy
  9. For me is has to be watch dogs 1 the disk space full trophy it took me 3 days and 100 hours waste of my time i wish i never play that game but i got the platinum which is all that matters
  10. Hi I've been using this platform to see what platinum and trophy I have but recently I've been having issues with my profile the problem is that when I go on my ps5 it shows 4534 trophy but when I got my profile it doesn't even show have of what I have and I dont even have the 4500th trophy on my stuff and its kinda frustrating so any admins or someone can help with this issue it will be appreciated thanks.