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  1. I realize which trophies look off, and as I already mentioned I played the game for a long time without syncing trophies. The only trophy I legitimately needed when I came back was being the boss in that tower, or whatever. I only vaguely remember the game, it's been over 5 years since I really played it. The reason I went back to it was that someone offered to help me kill the boss so I could finish the game. When the trophy unlocked on my new playstation, the crafting and quest trophies stacked. It's really a simple enough explanation. If you want to believe that the time stamps can't be explained in any other way besides that they must be hacked, that's on you not me.
  2. Yes. It's been hidden for years because when it was flagged there was no dispute option.
  3. If you're referring to my LBP2 2 playstations comment, then that was when my older brother lived with me for a time. One was mine and one was his. My phat playstation broke after he moved out, so I had to get a new one. I got a new one shortly after mine broke. My group on WKC2 was already bored though so the few days I was off was enough for them to move on.
  4. I don't care about rank, but if I don't hide the games then the rank disappears entirely. Other trophy hunters view that as a fucked account, so I have them hidden. I have almost 460 games played. I really don't care about 2-3 that look off. The flagged message I got made it sound like hiding the trophies wasn't enough to unflag the account, so here I am. I played WKC2 in 2011. I know there was at least a year or so before I came back to it because my friends stopped playing the game when my original playstation broke. I didn't have a group anymore.
  5. I don't care about leaderboards to be honest. I just don't like being flagged because I participate in events involving trophies and completing games. And yeah, when I originally paid for ps+ the free games weren't interesting to me so I just used it for backing up my saves. Also, if you remember on PS3 the trophy syncing took a long time manually if you had 8k+ trophies. I just didn't care enough at the time when I was playing a big game like WKC2. I only cared about making my hub awesome for material gathering.
  6. Aeirou LittleBigPlanet 2 I used 2 playstations for this one. I played the whole game on one playstation that I never sync'd and moved the profile over to another playstation and sync'd it. Too closely resemble people save swapping so it's flagged. White Knight Chronicles II I started this game on a fat playstation that overheated. I didn't care about trophies at the time, but I was only missing one trophy for beating a boss when my playstation overheated. I had the save backed up on ps+, so when i got my new playstation i eventually revisited the game.
  7. Finally earned the 100% on GTAV for PS4. Now to finished Resident Evil 7.

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      God damn, that must of been a huge grind.

    2. DamagingRob
  8. If you hold the left side of the touch pad down, you bring up an interaction menu. In this menu there are options to mute the mics of everyone except friends and crew automatically. This only works in the open world though. You'll still hear everyone in missions and heists normally. I usually just kick the people are are making annoying noises or talking about whatever weed they're smoking. It's not difficult to get by as a random joining what you need in MP without friends. It will require a little patience on your part to get through the heists with randoms, but it's doable. I just finished grinding money and I'm basically soloing online as well. As for modders, modded accounts sometimes get a port from PS3 but there is very little they can get away with on PS3. The biggest thing you have to contend with is people randomly killing you in the open world. to that end, you can enable passive mode. While in passive mode, other players can't really damage you. You wont be able to use any weapons though, or participate in random world events.
  9. I blame auto-aim. If the missions were harder for them to complete, a lot of them would get bored from all the dying.
  10. I'm gonna FUS RO DAH my way to the Infinite Warfare release.

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      LOL again. "I will cwucify Wobewt!"

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      oh shit your stuck in an infinete loop playing the 1st level....AHhhh

    4. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      Can't wait to jump back into CoD multiplayer. Was glad to read that they were trying to keep the mechanics similar to BO3, I got used to it.

  11. 100% Drawn to Death, finally. 10 Ultra rare trophies. Pretty excited about having it done.

  12. Slowly but surely working my way towards the Star Wars Battlefront platinum.

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      Haven't seen you around here for a while Aeirou. :hmm:

    4. Orlay_


      My lurking skills are strong.

  13. Destiny, GTA IV, and a brand new PS4 to play... too many games to play.

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      too many indeed...

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      too many indeed... you havent been "active" since "Last Active May 21 2015 09:03 PM".......

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      Because of all those games lol

  14. I've never played Dark Arisen. I played the vanilla game and stopped around 112. My Pawn's name is Olivia Wilde and if I remember correctly she's set up as a mage. Friend Request me to use her for free, but be sure to include a message so I know what I'm being requested for.